2018 in review: They fought the law & the law won

On this last day of 2018, we’re taking time to look back over a year that’s brought victories great and small in the fight to debunk the Hampstead SRA hoax and those who’ve continued to promote it.

This time last year, Rupert Quaintance was serving the final weeks of his prison sentence for harassment, and Sabine McNeill had been sprung from remand in prison as her friends were able to raise the £20,000 bail bond within several days.

At the time, we wrote,

If 2017 was a year of legal breakthroughs and the final debunking of the hoax, we fearlessly predict that 2018 will bring further rounds of arrests and charges, as police and courts begin to realise that “do nothing, cover our ears, and wait for the nutters to go away” isn’t a realistic approach to protecting innocent people from the wackadoos online.

It turns out that we weren’t far off: 2018 has been a year of arrests, cautions, and of course, trials.

Sabine found guilty of stalking, restraining order breaches

The biggest story of the year has to be Sabine McNeill’s four-week-long trial, following nine months during which she was remanded in custody for breaching bail conditions on multiple occasions.

Sabine was found guilty on four counts of stalking, as well as six of 17 counts of breaching the restraining order which was put in place by HHJ Worsley following the collapse of Sabine and Neelu’s trial for witness intimidation in July 2016. Her sentencing hearing was cut short due to another trial taking place prior to the hearing, but will conclude on 9 January at Southwark Crown Court.

The full impact of Sabine’s conviction has yet to be assessed, but we think it’s fair to say that 2019 will tell the tale.

Arrests during Sabine’s trial

Two arrests took place during Sabine McNeill’s trial. On separate occasions, Paul Rogers, who goes by the name “Eddie Isok”, and Belinda McKenzie were both accused of breaching the reporting restriction which continues to protect the names of several witnesses in the trial. Both Rogers and McKenzie were arrested from the court’s public gallery.

Rogers was tried the day after his arrest and received a two-month sentence, suspended for one year. Belinda’s trial was delayed until following Sabine’s sentencing, so we expect that she will go before HHJ Sally Cahill QC on 9 January. More to follow on this.

However, it’s worth noting that this is Belinda McKenzie’s second arrest in connection with the Hampstead SRA hoax—her first, which took place in early 2017, resulted in no charges being laid.

Angela raided, equipment seized

In a year dominated by Sabine McNeill’s adventures, one other story stands out as worthy of mention: on 17 August, officer from Kells Gardaí raided Angela Power-Disney’s home, seized her computer equipment and two cars, and invited her for an interview at the station.

The police seem to have warned Angela that it would be in her best interest to curb her seemingly insatiable need to continue harassing those she believes are associated with the imaginary “Satanic cult” in Hampstead. However, since the raid Angela seems to have stepped up her hate campaign, in defiance of both the law and common sense.

Speaking of common sense, she also seems to have convinced herself that the police are scouring her tech equipment for evidence against those of us who’ve been watching and reporting on her activities. Dream on, luv.

Wesley Hall arrested, legs it for Spain

One of the more dramatic moments of 2018 has to have been the self-filmed arrest of Wesley Hall, who was apprehended while boarding a flight to Spain. We won’t soon forget the videos of Wesley, bouncing along in the back of a police van, trying to find out from the driver what’s going on and where he’s going.

It turns out that his name was flagged on the passenger manifest as “wanted for perverting the course of justice”. His tech equipment was seized and he was taken from the airport to a police interview with DC Steve Martin. Wesley claimed to have given a “no-comment” interview.

Before charges could be laid, he left again for Spain, this time seemingly for good. However, this wasn’t the end of the matter: in September, we were alerted to a very strange Facebook post from Wesley, in which he claimed that threats had been made against his daughter, and that he had been “victimised” by an evil doctor and his wife, who had sent him to Spain to seek out farmland on which to grow cannabis for an up-and-coming CBD oil business.

It didn’t take much poking about to discover that Wesley’s story was as full of holes as a holey thing with lots of holes in it.

In fact, it transpired that Wesley had been blackmailing the doctor’s wife with threats of suicide; the alleged threats against his own daughter had been nothing more than doctored screenshots from someone who was attempting to help bring Wesley out of hiding, the “hunting for farmland” story had been yet another of Wesley’s tall tales, and now the police were more interested in him than ever.

Deborah Mahmoudieh leaves the field

In February, we learned from professional blabbermouth Angela that one of the more prolific Hoaxtead campaigners, Deborah Mahmoudieh, had been arrested and cautioned about her online activities.

Angela’s rather garbled version of events was difficult to untangle, but the bottom line is that we’ve heard nothing about Hampstead from Deborah since then, for which we are all thankful.

Frankly, it’s refreshing to see a Hampstead promoter who is able to curb her own behaviour when it’s pointed out that it could land her in serious legal hot water.

Neelu loses her home

In a sad yet inevitable turn of events, in October the bailiffs finally came and repossessed Neelu Berry’s house for failure to keep up her mortgage payments. It’s always difficult to see someone deprived of their home, but in Neelu’s case she and “equity lawyer” Edward W. Ellis worked hard to ensure that the authorities had no other choice.

Neelu failed in her last-ditch attempt to prevent her house being sold at auction, but being homeless didn’t stop her from attending Sabine’s trial at Southwark Crown Court, immediately prior to haring it out of the courtroom when she realised she was about to be done for violating the trial’s reporting restrictions.

What to expect in 2019…

The year will begin with Sabine’s sentencing, which we’ll be watching closely. One aspect of her sentencing which has already been implemented is the Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), which will see all her references to Hampstead removed from the internet.

While this might be a “too little too late” gesture, we hope it’ll be just the beginning of the courts’ understanding that the material posted by the Hampstead hoaxers goes far beyond the bounds of free speech, and into the realm of harassment and stalking.

We think it’s fair to say that Angela has now firmly entrenched herself as queen of the Hoaxtead dung-heap: we learned during Sabine’s trial that she had sent her newest sidekick, Paul Rogers, to court to do her dirty work for her, and it’s pretty clear she’s been working with confirmed nutters like Andy Devine and the alleged Rev. Dr. Anthony G. Pike, in an attempt to rev up the Hampstead hoax yet again.

This behaviour, in addition to her seemingly compulsive need to keep harassing people she claims are involved in baby-eating in Hampstead, will contribute to her downfall, though we’re not currently taking bets on how long it will take the Gardaí to charge her.

We’ll also be keeping an eye on Wesley Hall, who has started up his antics again—claiming that he’s being “gang-stalked” in Spain and that his life is in acute danger.

We expect that while 2018 was a year of arrests and convictions, 2019 may be the year when the entire hoax comes crashing down, bringing its last supporters with it. Stay tuned!

80 thoughts on “2018 in review: They fought the law & the law won

  1. I hope this year will be a good as last (well you know what I mean, its only a few hours away now)
    I wonder how long before the others have their day in the dock, can’t come soon enough for me!

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  2. I chuckled over Your predictions for the year 2019… Be prepared I hope you like surprises.


  3. [This used to be a strange bit of hyper-religiosity from one Archer Vangelis, about whom we have written (briefly) in the past. However, it contained a great many attempts to name a person whose name is now permanently protected by court order, so even if the comment itself hadn’t been utter gibberish, it would have put this blog in contempt of court. Deleting the post entirely would have meant deleting all the comments which followed, so I’ve decided to simply do a bit of corrective editing. —EC.]

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  4. I am so happy to welcome 2019 very soon here in Oz and I thank The Lord that a dentist decided to remain open during the Chrissy holidays so fools like me could get TWO teeth drilled and filled. The feeling of having no pain is such a joy. I shall be opening a bottle of very good (ALDI) Champagne in the coming hours (just one? you must be joking).

    What a year it has been in respect of Hoaxtead. I would hope that one of those Criminal Behavior Order thingies may be applied in respect of everyone although not sure how these things operate.
    I’m starting early so Happy New Year to all.

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    • Happy New Year, Sam! I’m so glad your tooth issue is fixed. Must have been so miserable for you.

      And yes, it’s really been quite a year, hasn’t it? Tide has turned, got ’em on the run, etc. Here’s to more of the same in the new year!

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    • Best wishes for health and happiness in 2019, Sam.

      And please pass on my new year wishes to that nice Miss Fortescue-Smythe when you see her too 🙂

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  5. Oh Lord EC, I went quite off track there I’m afraid. I meant to congratulate you on your synopsis of the year, it’s great to see people being held responsible for injustices. They need to know that they will be held responsible for everything they put on the internet, thankfully governments are slowly but surely catching up with the dangers of keyboard warriors & the harm they cause. It took a while but things are moving forward & internet laws are changing & being updated constantly.

    Here’s to 2019 & plenty of justice being meted out to the innocents that have been so maligned by lies.

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  6. I’m really looking forward to 2019 and the promise of measures to halt the hoaxers.
    Thankyou again EC for all you have done and thankyou all who have contributed to this blogs efforts and evidence gathering.
    Wishing everyone the best for the coming year in their own lives.
    For the hoaxers; I hope for swift and just desserts.

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    • Thanks, Sheva! We have so many people to thank for helping us gather and understand evidence, and you are definitely well on that list! As you say, time for swift and just desserts.

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  7. A Happy New Year to all!

    In breaking news, the inspiration for the policing and investigative methods favoured by Jon Wedger, Ray Savage, Clive Driscoll and Mike Veale can now be revealed!

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    • I only discovered the “Mind Cop” series of sketches today while reflecting on the career of criminal profiler Paul Britton, the forensic psychologist, criminal profiler and former expert witness whose evidence free, speculative imaginings lead the Met Police to instigate an unethical honey trap in order to snare Colin Stagg, a completely innocent man, for the murder of Rachel Nickell.


      Mind Cop is a satirical parody of Britton, but could just as easily parody any one of a number of SRA promoting current and former cops.

      There were definitely elements of the satanic panic in the farcical “investigation” into the terrible murder of Rachel Nickell.

      Deluded police under the spell of a charismatic “expert” ploughing vast amounts of public money into a wild goose chase, innocent people’s lives ruined and the fiasco providing cover for serious crimes to continue undetected.

      Colin Stagg was a socially awkward man, a loner with an interest in the occult and paganism. Fortunately for him he didn’t face the same terrible fate as the Alabama 3, who were unjustly imprisoned for many years all for being a big different and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His life was still ruined for a long time by the actions of the police and the press.

      It seems to me that Mike Veale and Keith Pedder, the author of this appalling tome https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rachel-Files-Keith-Pedder/dp/1904034306
      have a lot in common.

      They were both senior cops who felt able to determine the guilt of suspects without recourse to evidence. Both continued channelling scarce resources into doomed investigations because they were absolutely convinced of the guilt of people who were completely innocent.

      further reading


      I hope that 2019 is the year when lessons are finally learned in the fields of law enforcement and mental heath. It would be wonderful if all the batshit crazy training courses on SRA and DID lost their CPD credits and relevant professionals were sent of rational, evidence based training instead. Given the political forces operating behind the scenes I am not holding my breath.

      I believe that we are definitely going to have our work cut out for us in 2019

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      • Wow, that Telegraph article is shocking, SH. When people who should know better—certain police officers come to mind—make up their minds as to guilt or innocence based on hunches and confirmation bias, it can only end badly.

        I hope that 2019 is the year when lessons are finally learned in the fields of law enforcement and mental heath. It would be wonderful if all the batshit crazy training courses on SRA and DID lost their CPD credits and relevant professionals were sent of rational, evidence based training instead. Given the political forces operating behind the scenes I am not holding my breath.

        We can only keep speaking out about this sort of thing, and hope that eventually we’ll be listened to.

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      • The whole profession of “criminal profiler” is a victory of good public relations over dismal performance, but Paul Britton’s record of pulling stuff out of his arse makes him even more fraudulent than the better-known fabulists at the FBI.

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    • @ 15.40 he starts to talk about older brothers bullying younger brothers and mentions that his 5 year younger cousin felt bullied by him. He goes on to claim that he never intended to harm anyone. He appears to be attempting some damage limitation in relation to revelations about his own abusive behaviour towards a younger cousin.

      Thing is Dunny, if you genuinely have no intention of hurting innocent people, you would get rid of your ridiculous “London has a secret” backdrop. You would get on your knees and beg for forgiveness from the innocent, falsely accused people of Hampstead, especially the two children whose photographs you have exploited as part of a criminal enterprise to make money from child abuse.

      Disgusting, creepy, odious excuse for a man. Seems to me that he can join Abe and various other hoaxers who all scream “child abuser!” while having something to hide themselves.

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    • I thought it was Bill Bailey at first (no doubt I as a relative newcomer to this site am not the first person to say that). Apologies to Mr Bailey.

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      • I love Bill Bailey!

        He would be awesome playing a character based on Dunny in a play or even a tv series exploring Hoaxtead themes.

        Ruth Jones as characters based on Mel V and Hoax Girl

        Julia Davis as Araya, “Sherif” Sands, Ella and Belinda.

        Janine Duvitski as Sabine would be fabulous.

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        • Alison Steadman as Angela Power Disney

          Matt King (Super Hans) as The Weasel

          Robert Webb as Sacha Stone – there is so much more to be written about that particular scammer – he could have his own spin off TV series about the deeply unpleasant yet hilarious world of new age grifters.

          Steve Coogan as a variety of hoaxers including in drag playing APD if Alison Steadman can’t make it. June Brown (Dot Cotton) would also be great as APD (perhaps we should put the role out to tender?) LOL

          I sincerely hope that Robert Webb reads this blog and be inspired by the grotesque characters herein to write funny sketches that will change the world, help stop the rise of the far right and make people piss their britches laughing.

          There are so many other conspiraloons and scammers out there, each with immense comedy potential. Come on British comedians, step up to the plate and help us thwart the assorted hoaxers, scammers and predators using your awesome powers funny!


          • I remain convinced that Sacha Stone’s sidekick Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Branagh is one of Barry Humphries’ characters.


          • I’m going to leave identifiable stuff out as I don’t want to give away any details that may lead to doxing whilst these unhinged individuals are still walking free. I’ve mentioned before that been writing published satire for over 28 years; I’ve been on a sit-com writing workshop; wrote a treatment for a sit-com set in an IT call centre six months before the IT Crowd aired (boo!); and I’ve sub-edited a script for a sit-com prior to it being submitted to the BBC (it wasn’t picked up, although to be fair it was rubbish!)

            I’m afraid it wouldn’t pass the first reading by a commissioning editor. There are rules (and it does kind of ruin it when you know them so I’ll keep schtum). Even sit-coms where the characters are despicable have to have some level of empathy (e.g. lovable rogue, hapless idiot. misunderstood motives etc). I can’t see how it would be possible to do it with this cast of characters who are just plain horrible people with no redeeming qualities.

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          • @ Sage

            I have never worked as a comedy writer but my hope is that some of the comedians / writers I have mentioned will find their names here and become curious about the hoax and find out more for themselves.

            For legal reasons any show or sketches would have to be loosely based on the hoaxers, but they do provide mountains of comedic material it has to be said. Also, to me the most important element of the comedy, apart from making people laugh, is the power of comedy to help ordinary people understand evil people and thus to change the world for good. South Park’s take on Co$ was a major nail in its coffin. Also Peep Show has done more to educate people about the dodgy nature of life coaches (it’s portrayal of Mark as a life coach was horribly accurate) than just about any other thing ever.

            Regarding your last point, about even horrible characters needing to show redeeming points, I have to disagree. Have you ever seen the magnificent Nighty Night?

            Julia Davis as Jill is one of my all time favourite comic characters and had no redeeming aspects to her character whatsoever.

            I give you Jill

            Seems to me that Jill would fit right in with the hoaxers and reflects their unique blend of narcissism, sociopathy and scheming perfectly.

            If you are experienced at writing satire then maybe you could do something in radio perhaps? If you are good but the commissioning editors are turning their noses up, do it yourself. Radio is something I have discussed with various people, including EC, as a way forward, partly because production is inexpensive and accessible. If you have comedic skills that have been unrecognised then start producing radio sketches. I have already discussed some of my satirical ideas with EC, I just have a load of other stuff to deal with right now.

            I would encourage anyone with relevant skills to get their teeth into this material.

            The fact is that there is so much outrageous behaviour out there from various universes of new age grifters and CSA / SRA hoaxers that there is material aplenty for everyone to use to comedic effect. I am aware of other entire universes of grifters and quacks who have never even been mentioned in this blog. Any of of the Hampstead hoaxers or the scammers known to me could be used for inspiration for all kinds of comedy material, we have an undiscovered comedic gold mine here, where truth really is stranger than fiction.

            If a drama or comedy writer had written sketches with the themes of Qanon, Hoaxtead, the satanic panic, etc. people would think that it could never happen in real life and yet it is happening.

            Seriously Sage, you are a great contributor here, you have an extensive knowledge of the hoax, I would very much encourage you to work on some funny material.


  8. Great reporting as always EC wishing everyone all the best for the New Year ahead. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that justice is served right across the board with the hoaxers. I’m sure it will a interesting year with a few convictions.

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  9. Just to explain, I thought my earlier post would appear under the one with the clip of Mr Dunn (where I mentioned that he looked like a certain British comedian).

    I wish YouTube had stayed as a video sharing platform – well it still is I know but some of the videos it shares are – strange (to me at least). I heard an American podcast with Rupert Quaintance at one time and I thought “Well, why didn’t they just deport him?” – I hadn’t realised he had been waving a knife around when children were leaving school. He was gulled I guess – somebody else loaded the (figurative) gun and primed him to be irresponsible outside the school.

    I’m not very good at making summaries so I admire EC’s ability to put salient points in a readable and cohesive fashion.

    Whinge over, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. What will happen, well we’ll see – I hope there is some justice in this world. People who have been falsely accused should not have to be “looking over their shoulder” all the time. I know that there are probably people of all faiths and none who visit this site but I’m linking a page of some bible verses (to do with a “poisonous” tongue) that some of the hoaxers might do well to think on. https://www.openbible.info/topics/your_tongue_is_poison I’m not saying I haven’t said silly things in my time, I have and I’ve been taken in (duped) in my time also though I hope I can spot the tell-tale signs a bit better nowadays.

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    • Thanks, and you’re right, I think all of us have probably been taken in at one time or another. It’s learning from the experience that counts, in my book at least.

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  10. I stumbled across this superb blog when looking for information on a certain Irish woman called Tracey who came over to Alder Hey to stir and lie outside the hospital. (Googled what I’d overheard was her name and up popped your posts aobut her whihc made for VERY interesting reading) Spent a long time reading this blog and the details and determination shown by you all is amazing and hopefully 2019 will find this hoax come crashing down as you say. I’m just hopeful that certain figures connected to the debacle at Alder Hey will now also see justice find them.

    A happy and prosperous new year to you all


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  11. Happy New Year to you EC, Scarlet, commenters and lurkers.

    Interesting to note that much of the year has seen some hoaxer or other in prison!

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    • Good to see that Fiona O’Leary is on the case.
      The strength of the Crank Magnetism among the Yellow-Shirt mob must be at least 10 Tesla.

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    • Love Barth’s Notes and its religious bent.
      I loathe these medical quacks though. Especially since last year going through a bout of chemo which was a huge success. I love the medical industry and the way they strive to create new drugs that are effective (certainly in my case). I know the health system in the US is quite terrible if you aren’t well off but even then I sort of love Big Pharma as with all it’s faults it still strives to prevent the terrible illnesses that now plague us and realistically they can only do it if they make big profits that will fund research.

      What’s bizarre about those who support Quacks ( APD, Neelu etc) is that each and every one of them ignores how these pretenders profit off illness and simply make-up “cures” that cost them zilch.


  12. David Aaronovitch made an excellent BBC Radio 4 documentary on Hoaxtead. I did wonder whether he was up to date on recent developments so I tweeted him and was pleased to get the following reply:

    @DAaronovitch Replying to @AnOwlCalledSage
    Yes. People have been keeping me in touch. Thanks though.

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  13. Happy New Year to everyone and a big thank you to EC and Scarlet.
    2018 was quite a year for hoaxer-busting and it was great to read about it in one post! Hope there is more good news to report in 2019.

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    • By the way, in case you don’t know (and don’t worry, I had to Google it too), ‘GFY’ is internet slang for ‘Go fuck yourself’ 🙂

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    • I’m no angel ( I know- hard to believe) and smoked joints when i was young (1923 – great year) but everyone I know who has indulged for decades does have a changed personality. I stopped at age 24.
      I was disappointed to hear a lady I’m very fond of who I know has been lighting up a joint for the past 60 years now has Emphysema as a result which is not an illness I’d wish on anyone.

      Over indulgence in anything, even something pleasurable should be avoided ( try and tell that to Clarissa Fotheringale-Smythe though !)


    • Great stuff! Please pass on my thanks to Agent M when you see him/her

      Let’s hope we can keep this trend going, btw – I’ve just reported the racist Cat Scot for this disgusting piece of antisemitism:


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