Belinda McKenzie & Jon Wedger spotted at D&V Party conference

Yesterday several readers contacted us to let us know about a very interesting video which had just appeared on the “Democrats and Veterans” YouTube page.

The video features former Met DC Jon Wedger, about whom we have written in the past. What interested us this time was not his canned spiel, but the fact that we instantly recognised the person who introduced him to the audience.

She only appears in the first 1–1.5 seconds of the video, but it’s unmistakably Belinda McKenzie:Belinda McKenzie 2018-09-25 Democrats and VeteransLest any doubts remain, Wedger pats her on the arm and says, “Ah, thanks Belinda” as she ducks out of camera range and he begins his speech.

This tiny vignette raises so many questions for us:

  • What is the “Democrats and Veterans Party”?
  • Why did they invite Wedger to speak?
  • What is Belinda doing there?
  • Why is the donkey holding a flag?

First things first: the Democrats and Veterans Party was founded in 2018 by Gavin Felton, a former UKIP member; the party’s current leader is John Rees-Evans, who took a run at the UKIP leadership in 2016, when he came third with 18% of the vote. He tried again in 2017, coming in fourth.

According to Wikipedia,

Rees-Evans differed radically from the other candidates, advocating the introduction of direct democracy first within UKIP and then seeking to use it with intention to cause massive reform of the entire UK political system.[7] He also supported capital punishment for child killers and sexual abusers of children, but only if the victims were “pre-pubescent” and looked under the age of 18 (the age of consent in the UK is 16 years), saying that 13-year-olds were “fair game for the current punishment”.[8] Rees-Evans has said that he opposes same-sex marriage.[9]

He has been described as “the last of the Faragists”, and it seems fair to say that his fellow UKIPers felt that he was too extreme for their party.

We confess that we first heard of Rees-Evans following an unfortunate episode at an anti-UKIP rally, when he answered a question about his party’s stance on “whether some homosexuals prefer sex with animals” by launching into a story about how a randy donkey had attempted to rape his stallion.

The Donkeys Democrats and Veterans Party platform includes immediate withdrawal from the EU, direct democracy (which would involve putting proposed legislative changes to national referenda), anti-immigration policies, and programmes to care for veterans.

The party’s slogans reflect a populism similar to that of the current U.S. regime’s (sans building a wall to keep Mexicans out, though we make no guarantees that they won’t adopt this at some point):

In a 2015 interview with Vice News, Rees-Evans described his vision for the country:

His childhood was a happy one, but it was pretty disciplined. “If my mother called me, and I walked, I’d be smacked with a horse whip,” he recalled. “A riding crop. Not a whip, a crop.”

I suggested that this sounded pretty painful. “It is. But you’re not going to commit the same offense twice unless you’re really stupid. So if my mother called me I would run. As far as she’s concerned, a child shouldn’t keep an adult waiting.”

Rees-Evans made sure he was never late for his mother, and he was rarely punished. “Because I believe that she knew that I was totally obedient, that meant that she could give me far more liberty,” he said.

“That is the way that I think a country should be run. Where basically the individual should have freedom to do whatever he likes so long as it doesn’t damage somebody else. But the moment he does damage to somebody else, he should be severely dealt with. Not kind of punitively or spitefully or aggressively, but just as a matter of course, just to enforce procedure and to remind him of the seriousness of his breach.”

Oddly, it seems that Jon Wedger has thrown in his lot with the D&V Party: the party’s webpage features a 50-minute long video with Wedger doing his usual spiel, under the heading, “How We Fight Paedophilia in Britain“.How we fight paedophilia in Britain D&V PartySo Wedger’s presence at the party’s conference isn’t surprising.

However, we still don’t know what Belinda is doing there. For one thing, Rees-Evans’ stated policy of capital punishment for child sexual abusers conflicts with Belinda’s past statements that paedophiles should be placed in the zoo until they repent, and then they should be reintegrated into society.

Also, whatever happened to Belinda’s grandiose plans to launch a “Children’s Party”? (Gosh, was that only last year?)

Oh right, that.

Funnily enough, we do remember Belinda mentioning to her friend Mark Chambers a couple of months ago that she was now working full-time. Could it be that she has decided to throw over her plans for a “Children’s Party” and instead work on behalf of the V&D Party?

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

94 thoughts on “Belinda McKenzie & Jon Wedger spotted at D&V Party conference

  1. We need a government that puts it’s own people first

    What is the Party’s position on punishing the misuse of apostrophes?

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  2. So we have an ex copper with unfounded allegations and a canal fetish, a known allegation spreader who was warned by the police over her role in hampstead and ukip all cosying down together. does wedger know about the knight foundation fiasco ? i see potential for a huge fall out if people get the background on some of those involved. we can be grateful for the internet, without it we’d have no idea of the stuff being presented at gatherings of this ilk.

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    • I’ve wondered for some time what Wedger would make of the backgrounds of a great many of the people he seems to think are perfectly fine, so long as they act as conduits for his “whistle-blower” shtick. So far, he hasn’t really seemed to notice, has he?

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      • How long till a journalist notices the ex met hero whistle blower playing his act out is in bed with some unsavoury types ? can’t see any real police, politicians or child safety activists being impressed with his corruption routine. he obviously suffered a breakdown and this is his bitter revenge.

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        • The friendly American guy a few of you may know of named CW Chanter has put out some advice on who people should be following if they want honest information. A shout out to Hoaxtead Research and Sheva Burton (go to 1:24:28).

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  3. The thing about these type of people, Belinda/Wedger is they’ll jump on any bandwagon as long as it gets them noticed. They really believe that they believe in it too. Belinda said once about the Star Child Project that it was the most important discovery ever too her mind. She believed in the Hollie Greig story even though she first said some one must of made a terrible mistake, then she stood outside the Royal courts of Justice in London spouting off about the Police Woman and the petrol Station. Then a couple of years later, she was outside The High Court in Edinborough admitting she’d never read the actual Police report about Hollie and she’d never heard Hollie name anyone. She also sat n court in Aberdeen at Tim Rusteig’s Trial and said, Well if he threatens people like that he deserves to be in Prison. She also said a certain person was a well known paedophile because she’d seen the printouts from public information. Belinda and Wedger will make things up just to make things more believable..

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    • There’s a video of Belinda somewhere. She’s in the streets with a megaphone and she names one of the Hollie Greig accused – out loud – for all to hear. This was a man who’d never been convicted of anything and she had no evidence. I had an urge to go to the end of her street with a megaphone and accuse her of all and sundry. She’s just lucky I couldn’t be bothered and tbh I’m too feckin’ DECENT to do something like that. Incidentally, I was on the fence till I saw that video but she firmly proved to me that she was at minimum extremely unreliable and doesn’t give a toss about who’s lives she ruins. It was at that point I started wondering why she does what she does. I’m still wondering. Mad or bad? I’ve no idea.

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        • I’d like to find the one where she’s in Hyde Park shrieking about putting paedophiles in the zoo, but it seems to be missing in action. At one point a heckler objects, and Small Paul Barbara tries to shush him. I looked for it yesterday, to no avail.

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        • Belinda at 28:40
          “So the naming of names in this case, has actually been the key thing to make it public. So, y’know, there’s an argument for saying we need to be able to name names even if people are wrongly named.
          There is a risk that they’re wrongly named.

          In that case, they can do whatever is available to do to clear their names. They can even bring prosecutions and libel actions against people who do name them. So there’s plenty of ways you can clear your name but as Lord McAlpine said yesterday.. some of the dirt might stick. There’s no smoke without a fire, blah blah blah”.

          Yes, she actually said that! What a nasty woman.

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  4. Too busy promoting t shirts, mugs, bill maloney, sponsored walks, the RAINS list and batshit bulltarded crap. He’s obviously not well and needs psychiatric help, not the likes of belinda and ukip’s cast offs. i see his mugshot higher up on the wall of hoaxers now he’s nestling up with the queen of the castle foundation. what can you say about a board of 3 people that has a convicted child abuser, someone remanded and facing trial and a woman criticized as evil by judge and spoken to by the police. poor old numb nuts is showing remarkably poor taste in his associates. i had his number when him and the Gnomehunter giggled about their interest in the abhorrent RAINS list.

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    • I’ve publicly asked jon wedger about belinda’s association with c x knight and the knight foundation on twitter just now. i wonder if he’ll respond or simply ignore and block ? i have doubts about wedger’s intentions beyond promoting himself as a whistleblower who never named anyone and mostly fundraises himself anywhere he can.

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    • The Satanic Temple is built around empathy and compassion for fellow human beings, they get involved in these sort of community events, but have a sense of humour of playing on the negative stereotypes painted about Satanists and Satanism. Thanks for the link.

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  5. Near the start of his speech, Wedger claims that husband and wife are exempt from criminal conspiracy charges. I’m no expert but that doesn’t sound right to me. Can anyone confirm/refute/elaborate?

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  6. Sort of, but not quite as you’d expect from this charlatan. If there are only two people involved and the other person is the first person’s wife, husband or partner, or if they are a child, or an intended victim of the offence.

    So if there is any third person involved at any stage, the rule does not apply. Also this doesn’t mean they cannot be charged with the underlying offence.

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  7. Vulnerable people not only have to watch out for the paedophiles, but the predators such as Belinda McKenzie hoping to leverage their suffering for money, fame and power.

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  10. Wedger is clearly a fraud and probably quite thick. Why doesn’t he do what every other cop who takes early retirement when they realize they don’t have the brain cells to rise any further and grab the cash and go & open a bar in the Philippines or Spain?

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    • Wedger is not too dissimilar to another ex-cop (who is far more cunning) who has made a career out of the Savile shenanigans but whose career is going to go into meltdown any day now.

      There are plenty of serving cops who have been biding their time ready to dish up the dirt on these f*ckwits who devalue all the hard work of working police (serious investigations involve a dozen detectives beavering away) by claiming sole credit such as in tragic cases like Baby P as Wedger has outrageously done.

      These fools think that a few favorable tabloid mentions mean they are on the road to some sort of success but never realize that the media is in a unique win-win position- it will build you and just publish your fabrications and turn on a sixpence, rip you to shreds & destroy you when it suits.

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  11. This is interesting given the appalling real threats and vile things posted about the innocents of Hampstead. Perhaps a private prosecution? (which the CPS is obligated to take over if there is a chance of success).

    County councillor, 72, ‘who called Diane Abbott a monkey and called for Theresa May to be hanged for treason’ is charged with communications offences

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  12. Well ,well Karen Irving ! I know people who know you well in Canada .Hint , they are from Belville . I would like to know why you targeted me . You almost certainly saw me taking on Sabine McNiell in 2014 when she started her shit . Why did you then set up Hoaxtead facebook page ? Where you called everyone who spoke to you a “sock” ? You are an opportunist and I know that you do not know RD . But you DO know fellow Canadian passport holder XxxxXxxx .Who was jailed in UK as a PAEDO and deported to Canada . Xxxxx , where she now lives . Why are you the friend of a PAEDO ??? Why have you attacked me , in a very personal way ? Why are you using vulnerable , mentally ill people , such as Stephen Keys and Sheva Burton to do your dirty work ? You are really a vile bitch . I’m sure you won’t publish this .But I will . I think that you are beneath contempt .You have taken this case to use for your own glorification . Also you order people to call me “Witchepoo” .I AM WICCAN , and not of the Gerald Gardiner old shit either . I am from generations of “Wiccans” .I am proud to follow the Majickal path , as well as the metalsmithing path , I can also knit , crochet and macrame BTW .Why have you targeted me ? Do not say it’s because of Angela , you had some problem with me before that . Barnet SS are aware of my presence and the others connected to me ‘s presence in this matter .They have spoken with us and know why we are here . Why I have something to do with Angela is beyond your remit , as I have said before . I would invite you to tell me WHY you have attacked me and WHY you are using vulnerable people , whom are known to the British authorities , to do this . You do know that you can be in a lot of trouble for what you are doing . This isnt Canada .where you can people farm and use mentally incompetent people , and INDIGINOUS PEOPLE , for whatever you like ,YOU DO KNOW THAT ,don’t you ??? PLEASE , you clearly have a problem with me .So come face me publicly , an camera . So what if your hair is purple .Ann of Green Gables was green and I fancy a Lily Allen pink . So come explain yourself PUBLICLY.


    • Sigh.

      All right, Heather, let’s take this from the top.

      1. I don’t know anybody from “Belville”, nor Belleville, either.
      2. This blog did not “target” you. We questioned some of the things you and Angela discussed on her various videos, and noted that some of them were either malicious, incorrect, or both.
      3. In 2014 I had no idea who SM was, and I certainly had no idea who you were.
      4. I didn’t set up the Hoaxtead Research page. Scarlet Scoop did. I really hope you’re not stupid enough to buy the story that Scarlet is my daughter, but just in case, she’s not.
      5. I don’t call everybody who speaks to me a “sock”. I have called your Pru Halliwell and Suzy Jones accounts “socks” because that is what they are. You have others, but I cannot be arsed to look them up right now.
      6. Oh look, an actual correct fact! You’re right, I don’t know RD.
      7. I don’t discuss the people who contact us on this blog in confidence. And I’ve seen no evidence that your allegations about this person are correct. I believe that the reason you persist in attacking them is that you fear they might give me information about you. Fear not—they haven’t.
      8. I don’t “use” anybody to do my “dirty work”. I don’t do “dirty work”. I merely report on the goings on amongst the people who promote the Hampstead hoax.
      9. Am I a vile bitch? I’ll leave that to others less poisonous than yourself to decide.
      10. I have never ordered anybody to call you anything. If you attract negative attention, you might wish to examine your own behaviour.
      11. Your religion is no concern of mine. However, I do wonder why Angela, who seems to eschew anything non-Christian, nonetheless attempts to make use of you in her videos. Or are you making use of her? Probably mutual, no?
      12. Congratulations on your grasp of hand-crafts. I’m sure they must provide you with a great deal of enjoyment.
      13. I never heard of you before you appeared on a video with Angela. Honestly, you’re just not that famous.
      14. Is Barnet SS aware of your existence? That’s nice.
      15. “People farm”? I’m not really sure what that means.
      16. Are you equating “mentally incompetent people” with “Indigenous peoples”? That’s interesting.
      17. I’m not going on camera with you. I might catch whatever it is that ails you.
      18. I’ve explained myself publicly. If you would like to hear more, you can find me on some of Flo Destroyer’s After Dark livestreamed videos.
      19. p.s. You’re still blocked from this blog.

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    • Hi Pru or “Hag #2” as you are known, would you like to show proof of John Kilrush saying he fucked you when you were six as you claimed on his Facebook page which is pretty ludicrous seeing as you are old enough to be his grandmother.

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    • Pru. You really shouldn’t mix Gin and internet, especially while its still daylight. You know how it fry’s your brain and causes you to blurt out all sorts of crap that only makes sense in your booze soaked head.

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    • @Pru, aka Heather Brown, aka Suzy Jones

      Thank you for finally admitting that you’re a practising witch. I’m sure your fake Christian friend Angela will be delighted 😜

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      • Sorry CP, I’ve just checked Ogilfail’s ‘blog’ and it seems he’s too busy posting fake pics of “paedophiles” being set on fire and saying they deserved it (presumably without knowing who the f*ck they are).

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  13. BTW you are dividing the opposers to Xxxx’s shit t by what you are doing . You are a SELF OBSESSED OLD BITCH . I bet you wont publish this .BUT I WILL .Look forward to my next broadcast with Angela .It will tell a lot about you Karen Irving ,PEOPLE ABUSER .


  14. In ‘How do we fight paedophilia in Britain’ Jon Wedger says ‘In 2003 the Government brought in The Bad Character Act which meant that someone’s previous convictions, as long as they were relevant, could be brought up in a trial, whether it’s the accused or the victim’. He goes on to say how unfair this is to someone who’s previous offending might have been the direct result of their being abused and the abusive situation they’re in.

    I can see his point but he gets his facts wrong. There is no ‘Bad Character Act’ – he’s referring to The Criminal Justice Act 2003 and the issue of ‘bad character’ isn’t as simple as he thinks it is:

    ‘Non defendants will include victims and prosecution witnesses. The Prosecutors Pledge requires prosecutors to “Protect victims from unwarranted or irrelevant attacks on their character and may seek the court’s intervention where cross examination is considered to be inappropriate or oppressive.”
    Introducing evidence of bad character or questioning upon it now requires the permission of the court (section 100(4)) and the evidence is only admissible if:
    It is important explanatory evidence (section 100(1)(a)) (i.e. evidence without which the court or jury would find it impossible or difficult properly to understand other evidence in the case (section 100(2)(a)) or,
    It has substantial probative value in relation to a matter which-
    – Is in issue in the proceedings, and
    – Is of substantial importance in the context of the case as a whole (section 100(1)(b)), or
    – All parties to the proceedings agree (section 100(1)(c)).

    The above is from

    Mr Evans doesn’t flinch or ask further questions when Jon talks about The Bad Character Act. Quite frankly, I’d expect someone who wants to govern the country to know a bit more about the law.

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    • Very good point. Thanks for the clarification!

      Rees-Evans seems to be a stickler for facts, but I also noticed that he was not averse to journalists stating that he had been “in the Army”. I understand that he was in the Reserves, but does that really count as an Army career?

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      • The UK does rely more heavily on reserves now than was traditional, so to answer that you’d need to know (1) Which regiment they were in? (2) When they were in the reserves? (3) Were they ever sent on active deployment?

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  15. Why do these Democrats and “Veterans” all remind me of seriously committed cos-players hoping for the return of “Fairly Secret Army”?

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    • ‘Why do these Democrats and “Veterans” all remind me of seriously committed cos-players hoping for the return of “Fairly Secret Army”?’

      Because that’s as seriously as they should be taken.

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  16. You would all know much more about this than me, but I have noticed a lot of the hoaxers have links to the far right, this being the latest, that strange Power Disney woman is always on about Tommy Robinson,or Stephen Lexley Lennon to give him his real name and Tracey Morris is hooked up with Gary Clarke who appears to be particularly far to the right with links to the EDL.
    Also can I add on TMs latest video she names a number of people she says have been charged with child abuse offences, the person she names has yet to be – and may never be – charged with anything. After TM some poor woman with mental health problems showed up at the station with Facebook messages of a non sexual nature, they said was grooming, the man was offered in for voluntary interview and released pending further enquiries. Which is just as well because if the named person was a child sex offender awaiting trial that video would have prejudiced the entire proceedings and more than likely collapsed the trial anyway.

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    • I said this one would run and run. He keeps re-posting that Hoaxtead post and I keep getting it taken down again 😀

      Three times so far – this is the third one, from this morning:

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    • This Hoani John Wanoa maroon who has captured Devine’s attention has kept a low profile since his prison term, but I see he is still uploading Youtubas to advertise his “tidal energy generator” scam.

      For the establishment of Moai Crown Seabed Lease Lands of New Zealand under Scottish King George IV King George III King William III King William IV Crown Seabed Land Lease Title Jurisdiction and Legal Authority Creators of the Commercial Private Contracts Governance under the London Stock Exchange Rules of Commercial Trade Investments Legal Authority Constitution of a British Scottish Irish New Zealand Kings Legal Instruments and Title Memorials to Build Tidal Turbines anywhere in the Kings Bench Court of Admiralty Bank Trade Free Passage through the World Flag Sovereign Authority of the “Moai Crown Federal State Government of Ranfurly Bank Seabed Country Native Paramount Chief Tira Waikato Whareherehere Manukau ( Second Party) and King George IV (First Party) Two Party Exclusive Private Contract 1834 King William IV Flag Ship Title inside the Edinburgh Magistrate Court Scotland Britain UK for our Moai Tidal Turbine Patents Intellectual Property Rights Land Deed Titles and Foreshore Seabed Title Deeds and Crown Seabed Leases Land Lease’s as the Moai Crown King William IV Trust Judgement Creditors and everyone on the Queen Royal Family Rothschild “City of London” Plc “Vatican City” Plc and Washington DC Plc Private Limited Company’s Judgement Debtors for 970 Million Trillion ‘Trillion Pound Note Debt Instruments

      He sounds rational.

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  17. “The 10,000 infants a year sacrificed to Baal in Babylon’s heyday”

    Did anyone tell Lady Bumblefuck that Ba’al was a Phoenician / Ugaritic deity, while Babylon was over in Mesopotamia? With Marduk at the top of the local pantheon as its tutelary deity?
    How she acquired the idea of Babylonian infant sacrifice is anyone’s guess, though “maggots wriggling in her brain” is as good an explanation as any.

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  18. Why is Jon Wedger surrounding himself with people who protect child abusers and padeophiles. And also former gangster and adding anyone to his Facebook that will listen to his bs like wesley Hall Andy Devine Angela power Disney. All have attacked and trolled and bulled survivors of child says a lot about himself and his character.


    • Good questions Lee

      Wedger is also associating with East End (reformed?) gangsters with known associations to serious criminal organisations such as the Krays. No matter how reformed or not those people are they absolutely hate people who sexually abuse children.

      It seems to me that Jon Wedger is playing a very dangerous game indeed, what with a foot in both camps so to speak.

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      • It looks like to me that Jon Wedger is on both sides of the fence. Bill moloney is another working with police and the krays henchmen. Also friends with Belinda all of them are linked to each other. all discrediting survivors mixing truth in with lies to make there story more believable.


        • Wedger’s out in the cold as his copper mates won’t associate due to him being sacked for exactly this behaviour and failing psyche evaluation. he is now forced to consort only with people who’ll accept his crackpot bullshit. . . so that’s ukip, bullshit bill maloney, belinda and the warped world of david Icke devotees. Sooner or later he’ll pal up with the wrong person in the divided and contentious community and be subjected to a vicious roasting (apd specialises in turning on her own friends) from the very people he’s currently embracing.
          2 things divide us at hoaxtead and the ‘truthers’ 1. intelligent and considered views put down in a lightly humourous Manner. 2. Never turning on each other like feral rats. he’ll soon get the thin end of the wedge

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  19. The Democrats and Veterans Party have been on my radar for a while and have multiple links to various dodgy “survivor” and paedophile hunter groups.

    Unsurprising that Bellender is involved with them.

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