How many lies can Angela fit into one video?

Oh bliss, oh joy, Angela Power-Disney has released another exciting video. This time she has a brand new victim interviewee, a woman named Nicola from Manchester who Angie appears to be grooming for life in the conspiranoid lane.

And in the process, Angie seems to be trying to outdo herself in the “Outrageous Lies and Made-up Shit” department.

Oh Gawd, not the poison pen letters again…

Angela does her obligatory “Hoaxtead Research is the root of all evil” routine starting at about 25:58.

As usual, she dredges up the many-times-discredited poison pen letters, which she insists were sent by this blog to various people in her community. She claimed at the time that the letters had been sent to “friends, neighbours, police, charities, a FAMILY COUNSELLOR, local and national papers calling me a charity scammer and hoaxer re Hampstead”.

We still don’t know the names or addresses of any of those she claims were contacted, and wouldn’t have known how to contact them then, even if we’d wanted to. Which we didn’t.

It does seem to us faintly ridiculous to “prove” that the letters came from us by clipping out a colour print of this blog’s masthead and stapling it to the top of the letter she waved in front of the camera, but sadly, Nicola seemed to buy it.

Here, Angie, let us Google that for you…

The video is not without its moments of unintentional humour, however.

At about 30:42 you will find this gem:

But the thing I believe is that originally El Coyote was a Welsh writer living in Ireland, called David le Dingue. And ‘dingue’ is French for ‘dingo’, which is the same as ‘coyote’.

We would just like to point out that it took us mere seconds to Google the French-to-English translation for “le dingue”. le dingue translated 2018-09-24

Surprise! It has absolutely nothing to do with “dingos” (which aren’t the same thing as coyotes: dingos are descended from the domesticated dog, canis familiaris, and are native to Australia; coyotes (canis latrans) are wild canines native to North America).

A case of mistaken identity

Angela actually has fond memories of Le Dingue, though:

And he was a very educated man and he was trolling very intensely in the early days and he was actually kind to me, because when I started covering Hampstead around March 2015 and then my sister died in very suspicious circumstances in April/May, two months later, and he called the trolls off, coz I was started [sic] getting trolled way back then, and when my sister died, he said, “Right, everybody, back off. Leave her alone for a week out of respect”.

Isn’t that nice? Except that it wasn’t Le Dingue who said that. It was our very own Scarlet Scoop who notified blog readers that Angela’s sister had died and suggested that Angela be given a week’s grace out of respect.

And even more bollocksy bollocks!

Honestly, we don’t know where Angela comes up with this stuff [Hint: she’s sitting on it—Ed.]:

You know. So, you know, and I think he was the original El Coyote.


As it happens, if one digs deep into the Hoaxtead Research archives, one finds a post welcoming Le Dingue to the blog, several days after the blog began publication. He’d been contributing to the Icke forum “thread that wouldn’t end” for some time, and we were happy for his input here, but he was never a moderator or writer for HR.

El Coyote, on the other hand, appeared with the advent of the “Hoaxtenders” comic strip, which ran for 75 episodes in late spring/summer 2015. Later that summer, EC took over writing duties from Scarlet, who had put in yeoman’s duty on that front.

Then there’s this:

And also there was a lot of evidence to indicate that [RD] was originally Spiny Norman and running other avatars—Sam Best and different avatars—and I think what’s happened is the Ricky Dearmans and the David Le Dingues and the high level guys, after about a year, they stepped back but they handed on the avatars to other people to write the functioning avatar go for it [sic].

“A lot of evidence”? Seriously? Could we see it, please?

We strongly suspect that Mr Best and Spiny, who have always spoken for themselves, would be quite incensed to find that they were merely RD’s socks. And RD, who has never had anything to do with this blog, might be a touch surprised as well.

In fact, Angela might be interested to know that EC decided to participate in Flo Destroyer’s “After Dark” livestream shortly after Angela was visited by the police, specifically in order to demonstrate that the blog was not run by RD, but by a Canadian woman. In essence, it had become important that Angela not be allowed the “out” of claiming that she was harassing RD because of any perceived harassment she was receiving here.

What in hell is a “second-generation troll”?

So I don’t buy Karen Irving’s story about it was after her favourite dog or whatever—I think she’s just a second generation troll, you know.

No one is asking Angela to buy anything—whether she believes that EC owned a half-coyote dog many years ago is really no concern of ours. (However, we will state that the dog was both more intelligent and had a sweeter disposition than some “journalists” we know. Ahem.)

And ‘troll’ is the wrong word. She writes in her biography—and you can see this in Spidercatweb blog—about how she’s an ex-social worker and specialising in adoption, wrote a book about adoption and so on. But she talks about how psychology is her first love and the fascination of what makes the human mind tick, which is exactly what we’ve been discussing with MK Ultra.


Wait, hold the phone. EC wrote what in her biography? Which biography was this?

Because although it’s true that she has a Master’s degree in social work, and worked during the late 1980s and all of the 1990s with adult survivors of child sexual abuse, as well as a year-long stint with homeless women at a women’s day centre, “adoption” is nowhere in her resumé.

However, a wee bit more of that new-fangled “Googling” thing informs us that another person named Karen Irving was chief executive of a London-based adoption agency called “Parents for Children”.

According to the list of contributors to the book Adoption: Changing Families, Changing Times (published in 2002) for which she wrote the chapter, “Troubled children and how to place them”, the agency was founded in 1976, and “was the first adoption society in the UK and Europe to help children who had not been thought of for adoption. Karen Irving has 25 years’ experience in working in fostering and adoption and is chairperson of the Connaught Group of children’s charities. She has been awarded a Churchill Memorial Fellowship to undertake further study of methods of helping children who have been maltreated”.

We are certain this other Karen Irving is a fine and accomplished person, but a bit of simple maths tells us that she cannot be the Canadian author. You see, that book was published in 2002. At time of publication, the chief executive of Parents for Children is said to have had “25 years’ experience” in her chosen field—i.e., she began working in adoptions in the mid-1970s. EC, meanwhile, did not graduate until 1988.


The rest of the video

It’s the usual dog’s breakfast: Angela making wild and unsubstantiated claims about all and sundry, Angela claiming to have been a real journalist, Angela complaining that she didn’t inherit enough money from her sister (who was “worth much more” than the piddling €20,000 she received from her will)…we’ve heard it all before, and we’re sure we’ll hear it all again.

We hope that eventually, after the inevitable breakup, Nicola will realise that almost everything which emerges from her new friend’s mouth is either false or heavily embroidered. For now, though, all we can do is wish her luck and hope she doesn’t eventually become the victim of another of Angela’s “tell-all” videos. Watch your back, Nicola.


135 thoughts on “How many lies can Angela fit into one video?

  1. I’d say angela was guilty of a series of massive knee jerk reactions. but there’s no actual knee involved.

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  2. Nicola – RUN AWAAAAAYYYY NOW while you still have a chance…..

    By all means investigate the Hampstead case. Read the info from both sides of the fence and use critical thinking. But, if you value your sanity and your privacy and you truly want the truth, stay away from this woman!

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      • When Angie brings up the topic of the 50 supposed poison pen letters that were sent to her neighbours and local newspapers etc. Well doesn’t it strike you as strange how out of those 50 poison pen letters supposedly sent out by HR and not a single recipient of one of the letters could be bothered to contact HR for further information? It kinda makes me think that it is just another cock & bull story from Angie, hard to believe i know.

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        • Yes, funny that!

          I’m still convinced that she printed out our header and stapled it to the letter so she could wave it in front of the camera. Whoever sent the letters might have used our header, but I don’t think so.

          She does say that there was no return address and no name or other identifying info on the letters, which means the sender wanted to stay anonymous. If we had been stupid enough to send her those letters with the headers stapled on, it would have been a very simple matter for the police to contact WordPress to get the name of the registered owner of our site, and we’d have been facing malicious communications charges at the time.

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          • Indeed EC. If the recipients of the letters had no return address to write to or an email then surely it wouldn’t take much thinking by them to think about entering the name ‘Hoaxtead Research’ into Google to try and glean at least some information on where these letters may have come form.

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  3. Hope she takes that advice, but in the shadowlands of conspiracy island people interpret information only to serve their own views. analysis and evaluation seem to be beyond them. As for angela’s research ? she just reads any old claptrap off google and insists it amounts to something. i can’t really say she’s lost the plot as i doubt she had it to begin with.

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    • I could barely follow the thread as the writer isn’t very structured in her approach. becki seems to be trying to promote her lacklustre candle business at the moment and doesn’t seem to understand target markets, demographics or promotion in general. it’s all a bit much for her trying to understand that an audience who follow a twitter account to read about satanic abuse aren’t in the market for overpriced candles.

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    • These people really do live in a fantasy world:
      “An Open Secret is the Twitter account for the movie An Open Secret which was a multi-million dollar documentary about pedophelia in Hollywood.
      The Twitter account is run by the two guys who made the movie An Open Secret.
      They care enough about children THEY SPENT THEIR OWN MONEY ON THIS DOCUMENTARY!”

      The last 2 professional jobs I did before retiring was helping on documentaries that were eventually screened on the BBC. The budgets for both were around £25K each. Documentaries that involve lots of interviews are the cheapest to make. Travel starts to make docos very expensive. I’ve watched that so-called documentary. $Millions my arse.

      “The care about the children”.
      No they don’t. If they had $$multi millions to spend on kids there are millions in the USA living in poverty (a shocking a dreadful form of abuse with possibly far worse & long lasting mental effects than sexual abuse- and there is no therapy for them. Or perhaps the 30,000 plus who die daily from hunger & preventable diseases.

      At some stage, some of these fantasists- Becki etc (APD? Hopeless Girl ) are going to be done for fraud. Probably- the one law that snares them the easiest in the USA- Mail Fraud. They are no different to Nigerian email scammers or blokes (women?) who defraud hapless partners looking for love via the net. Or fradulent Ebayers who scam customers for non-existent goods.
      It will happen.

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      • For your record, cause ya’ll keep records right? I quoted what An Open Secret quoted as what they spent.
        I have no idea how they made their movie to arrive at that cost.
        They should be commended I think.
        Especially since you watched the documentary.
        It really isn’t up to one to tell the other how to spend their money yes? You want to feed children, they want Hollywood to stop exploiting children.
        Sounds like a win/win. Everyone wants something good for the children.


        • Duffy1958, Ghost of Sam is saying that the documentary makers appear to be lying to people. It would be a useful thing to exaggerate need to increase donations. Particulary something as emotive as child abuse. Can’t criticise or question people who claim to be helping children eh?

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          • The @anopensecret twitter account isn’t verified, which you’d expect it to be if it was officially connected to the film/filmmakers. most of the accounts tweets are defending alex jones who they believe shouldn’t have been banned from twitter for such antics as calling the sandy hook families liars who made up having their children killed. okay, i think you have the picture now. duffy1958 should be checking who she’s messaging and if they are who they claim to be. It’s a jungle out there.

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        • Yes I watched it and it was what Hollywood does best: 90% Bullshit & 10% Fact.

          There are extremely tough laws in California governing the whole of the film industry and they have been in place for decades. It is impossible to take advantage of a child in movie making and no legitimate company would bother trying to. It’s virtually impossible to take advantage of adults or the crew or even extras who are all governed by strict laws.

          That doesn’t mean that Los Angeles, indeed the US, isn’t riddled with phonies and hangers-on who give the industry a bad name. “Stage mothers” and would-be actors flock to LA in their 1000s and can get involved with phony agents etc who promise the world.
          Sadly 1000s of naive people still arrive daily and fall for scams or people who are connected to genuine film-making via 7 degrees of separation. Of course, there are offenders who may be in a position of power who may abuse. They take enormous risks.
          People can make stupid decisions & think they are helping a career by jumping into bed with the wrong person. While they will be taken advantage of (loose morals?) and it’s dreadful, it happens all around the world in every industry.
          Goats like Corey Feldman promote rubbish because he had a limited talent and as an adult, he is a turn off as an actor. People are only “blacklisted” if they are likely to cause trouble and cost money. A film is an ongoing money costing production that can cost $100,000s every day whether the footage is being produced or not. Any delays caused by anyone, star or not risks everyone’s job.

          The absolute waffle that Hollywood is some vast Satanic organism whose purpose is to exploit and abuse is a moronic myth.
          While I won’t speculate on Harvey Weinstein (how would I know what he has or hasn’t done?) but I will mention just one person who is a victim of the ludicrous Witch Hunt that is currently underway and is destroying a reasonable @MeToo movement that had merit but the overpaid egotistical stars who have leaped aboard the bandwagon are causing untold damage by making it all about them.

          Take the unproved accusations about Kevin Spacey. His last film flopped- The Billionaire Boys (it’s a really good film). The media celebrates- the SRA Mob claim it as a victory. They forget that 1. Spacey was paid up front- probably a fee equal to more money most people will ever earn in their lives.
          2. The mainly Canadian backers have lost their investment. That money was sourced from Canadian Superannuation Funds taking advantage of tax investment subsidies. The real losers are ordinary Canadian workers paying into Superannuation Funds for their retirement.
          3. The production company that made this film have laid off about 30 film industry workers as it has set back their plans for a few years. One is my pal who has a family, kids and a mortgage. He’s working as a mechanic for the moment but only because he was trained as one decades ago. Pity the others.

          When they call Hollywood a Factory that’s what it is. That’s how it works. Behind every film and studio are 10,000s of ordinary Americans earning a living and living ordinary lives in a time consuming an arduous industry.

          # The producers of an Open Secret are bullshitting when they say they are “saving children”. The movie went no-where, not because some SRA Cabal blocked it but because distributors decided it would be a box office flop. And it would have been -such a depressing subject. Igf film-distributors though even a small profit could be made they sell a movie featured two cats fighting if they could.
          The producer Amy Berg has gone on to make more documentaries- saleable ones (none costing $Millions) & I see her career of “saving children” has been forgotten.

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          • It had a small theatrical release in half a dozen theatres. made two hundred dollars and was pulled. absolute flop. nobody wants that in a theatre. it belongs on streaming and, maybe, tv. the director had previously had critical acclaim with a Paedo priest docu that looks like a vastly superior film.

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          • To act like Hollywood has done anything less than and besides exploit children is just a convo I’m not having.
            It’s a cess pool and parents should pull their children. All of them.
            To act like there aren’t children sacrificing, blood drinking satanist in Hollywood is ANOTHER convo I’m not having. Who? How many?
            They are there. And they think they are above the law. They are.
            Man’s law.
            They don’t figure there is ANOTHER.
            I don’t need to be on social media yelling their name out before they get charged. I’m good to wait for the names to come out under indictment.

            As far as Kevin Spacey, his ordeal would not have gained the traction it did without PICTURES. Mmhmm Pictures.

            You mention the fallout of the failure of the film Kevin Spacey did. It’s unfortunate. Everyone loses. That is a boat load of loss and hurt.

            Don’t hire people like Kevin Spacey. Don’t act like Kevin Spacey.

            That’s what it is coming to though. People are becoming aware of what has happened to our children. They aren’t having it.

            Spread the word.
            Clean up your act with children or there are consequences.


          • I appreciate your knowledge of the film industry. Explain it to me. To us. Please explain more. Write a blog.
            Talk about it.
            Whether we agree or disagree on exploitation of children it’s good knowledge you have. Helpful. I’m nosy too.


          • Gawd I wish people would visit LA and see what a huge normal business movie making is.

            There isn’t one..not ONE former child actor – out of the 10,000s who have been in movies – who is successful has made claims about “powerful pedo rings” and other such claptrap.

            The handful who have are failed actors who were never going to be successful in the industry as adults. They find a reason or people to blame for their failure. But of course, there is a handful who have been abused as there is in every city and town in the USA.
            And there are 100s of former child actors who realized being a cute kid and being photogenic was never going to work for them as adults so chose to have other highly successful careers using their experience to work for them- as real estate agents, restauranteurs etc. Hollywood is awash with successful entrepreneurs who worked in movies as kids and the most frightening thing they ever saw was Bela Lugosi at a film premiere.

            I’ve seen videos on Youtube making outlandish claims such as Keanu Reeves or McCauley Culkin “exposing” Hollywood. It’s utter claptrap and they have said no such thing.

            # You know all this reminds me how the Crazy Mob of the Internet claim the vile David Icke was the first to claim Ted Heath or Jimmy Savile were “pedos” but it’s complete claptrap (he’s never said an original thing in his life). He did no such thing. But because it gets said on the Net it’s accepted as gospel and repeated ad infinitum.
            ## where is the proof of these pedo rings and Satanic orgies were children are murdered?. There is none, nothing, zilch. Why do people believe every wacky thing they read on the net?

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          • I would love to see your evidence Duffy, of child sacrifice and blood drinking Satanists in Hollywood. You should make it public and you could make yourself a nice little fortune by doing so.

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      • ‘The two guys who made the movie’ it was directed by a woman called Amy Berg. one person, not two. female, not male. Duffy1958 you are not in an arena where such, i hesitate to call them lies, factually incorrect statements are going to be tolerated. I can appreciate you have had very little in the way of education and are probably limited in your faculties but if you’re going to claim you spoke to a well known documentary director through a twitter account and that it was actually 2 guys you spoke to and not a woman then you have probably been speaking to a fake account. you really can’t expect to post such incorrect babble online and not be called out on it.


        • Ya’ll sound like gossipy old women over here. Really. This is gossipy old woman stuff.

          Why are you trying to take issue with who made the movie? Did I say director? I know who directed the movie. I wasn’t talking about the director.

          As far as Matt and Gabe the guys who PAID to make the movie, and who cared enough about the subject matter to PAY Amy Berg to direct the film, I met them through other people. People I know in real life, know them in real life. Now what?

          The documentary is very good. I don’t know why you would complain about it if you care about children.

          I forget the one boy’s name who collected his own evidence of child abuse. He impressed me. Not impressed? Interesting. I thought it was captivating. I’m easily held captive I guess. Must go along with my level of education …
          which you are speculating at Mr. (?) this is the Corner of Truth.

          I would love to comment further but I do have things to do.

          I would be glad to forget some things not in common and meet on things IN common. Being accurate and responsible on social media is a good conversation to have but I’m not having it with people who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.


          • So you are condemning an entire industry on one boy’s claims?. Did he go to the police?. This is madness. It’s like the entire plumbing industry whould be blamed for one errant plumber of the buidling industry should be blamed because Donald Trump sends contracators broke and doesn’t pay his bills.

            Enough of the old please and this is not gossip on here- it’s anti-gossip.
            We are pointing out the frauds and charlatans who have made the lives of an innocent father & his 2 kids a nightmare along with the residents of a London suburb by falsely accusing them of vile crimes (which a court found were false).

            How are these film-makers helping children? Point out one child they have helped.


            • No I’m not condemning or judging an entire industry on the young men who were featured on An Open Secret. Not at all.

              The young man who collected his own evidence did go to authorities. That’s why he collected his own evidence. Watch the documentary. It tells you.

              Hmmm false gossip in Hollywood is hard to come by. Really the truth is bad enough. I’m not talking about people just naming names.

              There are lists of young people who grew up Hollywood. Where are they now? What are they doing?

              They are the same ones out there seducing youth to do what? By music. Their acting careers etc.

              Miley Cyrus has crossed every line. Katy Perry. The list goes on.
              Those are the fruit of Hollywood.
              How many well adjusted children have we seen grow up? I haven’t seen that list.

              I get you are defensive of an industry you worked in right? You are saying from your perspective. It’s good to hear it.

              Surely you recognize the children coming from the industry though. I would not want this for my children.

              Miley Cyrus and the baby video where she was the baby was catering to the baby fetish. That’s too much.

              The Hampstead children. I’m sorry I don’t know their names. No disrespect intended please.

              I’ve seen some of the videos. A little bit of them. Even Bombards did a video on the children of Hampstead. I think I watched a little bit of that.

              For the record, I don’t know who the father is and I don’t know who the mother is. I don’t know who their on line profiles are etc.

              I’m pretty unfamiliar with this situation.

              There are children involved here. It’s not social media fodder.

              The system sucks. I work with the same one everyone else does.

              I said in one of my blogs challenging people to make a difference in real life. Real life children. Wait until you get the first one you can’t do jack about. Or for.

              I just speak from my own experiences.

              How is An Open Secret helping children? To me there are some obvious answers. Maybe I’ll write a blog about it because in my estimation it deserves one. Or more.

              The system sucks. It’s a failure. So there’s that.

              One big problem I have is contending these sorts of crimes don’t happen.

              That makes people look guilty as heck. Because these crimes DO happen.

              I’ve talked with survivors of some of these crimes and one in particular; would not, has not, will not ever go on social media and say a thing.

              The children who have been harmed since this one in particular got away? She can’t stop it.

              She legally changed her name, identity. Social Security number.
              To change a social security number is not easy. You must show just cause. She did.

              And she has never looked back. And never told anyone except for my son. My son said we have to talk to my mom. She said no I’m not. She was not. Did not. She was terrified.

              She had gone on to be a wife, mother and bank president. Then got into drugs.

              So to say these crimes don’t happen? Yes. They do.

              That particular woman saw children in cages. Being sold.

              People who are fraudulent HURT those who saw children in cages.

              An Open Secret has taken the heat in Hollywood. To try to minimize what they’ve done doesn’t look to be on the side of children.

              An Open Secret was one of the ones to call Rebecca out. They knew it would bring heat.

              I’m not a spokesperson for An Open Secret but have been a long time supporter. I don’t agree with everything. Whatever.

              I don’t know the particulars about anything but my own experiences which I’ve blogged about. I’m not an expert or trying to act like one.

              Before this? I gardened. I wrote a blog about it.


          • You change the story so much. you spoke to them on twitter. you met them in real life. they spent multi millions. they’re hollywood people. they aren’t on twitter as the @anopensecret account is unverified and obviously not official. you’re just changing the story. if you’d met the people, or people who know the people you wouldn’t be saying you messaged them on twitter. stop talking rubbish.


            • I will respond to this now. There isn’t any confusion to what I’ve written.
              I know people who know both Matt and Gabe.
              I never said I met them. I have not.
              My understanding is the movie cost almost 2 million to make. I don’t make movies.
              They don’t ask for money I will throw that in for free.
              I have no idea why An Open Secret is not verified. Maybe it has something to do with giving Twitter your drivers license. Evidently being verified isn’t important enough for them to give Jack their drivers license. It’s what it looks like to me.
              I’m not sure about the confusion with me messaging An Open Secret.
              It is no secret that I messaged with them. My Twitter DM’s were hacked. It was no secret that I messaged with them.
              They are both very approachable people as long as you don’t act like an asshat with them.
              They did a good thing and to criticize them makes it look to me like you just complain about everything. Never satisfied.
              It also looks like you are attacking anything having to do with children being sexually abused.
              If everyone is concerned about children then it should show up somewhere. Right?
              That’s why I said I don’t want to talk with people who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.


      • Duffy1958

        I was wondering, is there any reason in particular that you can think of why you were successfully scammed? I can only imagine how tough it would be.

        I see it as a bit like the 419 emails, they are so badly written that the only people who respond are those who for whenever reason will ignore the most blatant red flags.

        Becki Perci will be fine in the U.K.The worst that will happen from her point of view is no one pays her any attention.


        • The worst things that will happen are 1. The police nab her. 2. She’s up for a civil case. 3. Mainstream media decide to cover her evil behaviour. 4. Amateur press cover her. 5. She may have to live on the streets or a wino filled homeless doss house. she can’t go home and has few friends. 6. sign on for benefit, difficult as she neglected to pay any tax or national insurance contributions for the last 3 years. 7. Get a job. 8. Grow up and stop being such a knobhead. 9. develope a moral conscience and accept responsibility for her actions.


        • The amazing thing is that Becki’s parents still seem keen to have her back. They obviously care about her deeply. It is some years since I last visited Planet Coffee. It was a very popular place with students in Hull, it was the first modern coffee shop on Newland Avenue in the 1990s and rather a catalyst for a previously depressed area. The wickedest thing Mr & Mrs Percy have done is to peoples waistlines with their cakes, sweeties on the side and whipped cream.

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          • Seriously ? they’d take her back after all the grief she caused them ? they must be cracked in the coconut.


          • I understand that they sent letters to Mummies #2 and #3 saying that they wanted their daughter back. Becki should think herself fortunate to have such a loving family.

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            • No. I never received a letter of any sort. I received a tweet from what was evidently Ann Percy’s Twitter profile. Is that what you are suppose to be talking about?


          • How can they still love a creature that lied through her teeth in such a vicious way ? becki is a seriously nasty piece of work. if it was me i’d blank her out.


          • I truly am shocked to hear FS that Becki’s parents would be happy to have her back home living with them. I certainly never saw that coming.


        • No that’s a good question really. Do ya’ll think I haven’t ask myself this? Yeah. I have. A lot. This hurt my family. It’s questions I need to answer for myself too.


          • I’m sure you have. I know it hurt your family, and it can’t be easy trying to look back and pinpoint how it all went so wrong. I do believe you were doing your best to help, and had that thrown back in your face.


            • This is the thing.
              My children have done things not unlike this business with Rebecca. I will be writing of my son. He was a study. Of his own.
              He would tip his hat to Rebecca for being the bigger rebel.

              He also would have died for her if anyone would have tried to hurt her. He would have. I’m not exaggerating.

              My son and I spent a good majority of his 38 years crossways with each other because he was always trying to do something he wasn’t suppose to and I was always trying to stop him.

              My son would also know, if you are crossways with me? You did a LOT before you got crossways with me and that I had you dead to rights.

              I told Rebecca “Do you think you are the first 21 year old who has lied to me in my face? With a straight face?”
              I’ve helped raise more children than my own.
              I don’t need evidence for a jury. But I made sure before I acted.

              Did a girl with no boundaries start this years ago? From the beginning? Her behavior always like this?

              My son could pull a stunt, be in trouble and shout at me “MOM! I’m the GOOD son. The son YOU raised. The guy who helps little old ladies across the street!” And he did. He would.

              He was good. He was a warrior. He hated the right things. He also loved temptation and was passionate about everything he did.

              I use the situation with my son. I tried everything to keep authorities out. It didn’t work. Then I had to get authorities involved.

              Who did it? Him.

              Who pays the consequences? Everyone.

              Rebecca has started an international incident and the consequences are going to be felt internationally.


              Starting an international incident, going on social media and blowing the international incident up? My son would be giving a standing ovation right here.

              If only this were a circus side show. For any of us.

              Legally speaking the next thing is an argument before the 9th circuit court of appeals.

              If someone would please tell Wendy, the bond company offers pro bono attorneys. It is in the contract you sign. I saw where Wendy was asking for a pro bono attorney. She may not know the bail bond company says they have pro bono attorneys. IDK

              One thing my son would not have done was jack with the subject of childhood sexual abuse. You would be crossways with him big time.

              If I told my family of this business? They would be able to play this like a genius chess game. I am that predictable.

              My son would think things through a little more than this? Because despite his behavior I did teach consequences. For parents with hard children, don’t stop. Don’t fold. There are pay offs.

              Rebecca knows the stories about my son. He passed away from a drug overdose before she came to my house.

              She knows about other stands I have had to take with serious consequences.

              Wendy doesn’t know me so well.

              Dear Wendy,
              my life is not about Rebecca or social media click bait. Stop. I rebuke you in Jesus name.

              Lots of people have a dog in this fight. I just know I’m not lying.
              I have been gracious.
              Full of mercy.
              And I’ve also said “Enough.”


          • Sorry for your loss duffy1958

            I cannot imagine how terrible it must be to suffer the loss of a child in such circumstances.

            I do not share your religious beliefs or your beliefs about satanic ritual abuse but, like you I care very much about the abuse and exploitation of children. I am also extremely knowledgable (at least compared to most other ordinary people) about how religious movements and beliefs can be used to abuse children and vulnerable adults. I would be more than happy to share information about how such abusers operate if it would help you to be able to discern truth from fiction and to better identify genuine survivors from people like Rebecca. Rebecca is just one of a long history of grifters and people with a certain kind of personality disorder who make a habit of defrauding well meaning, kind-hearted people using fake claims of satanic cults.

            You might find it helpful to read about a certain Derry Knight, his story is here:

            Also the sorry story of Leone Steyn may interest you

            I have met similar characters in real life and, in my experience, they are motivated partly by a desire to better their lives financially and socially but are also motivated by a need to generate concerned excitement in those around them.

            You are not the only person to have fallen for such a cruel, manipulative and disgusting scam.

            I am so sorry that the list of people Rebecca has exploited and abused includes you and your family. It sounds like you had already endured overwhelming pain and anguish before Rebecca even got started on exploiting you.

            I wish you well


          • You have, at least partly, answered your own question.

            Becky invited you to share delicate information about your personal life and various traumas, troubles and challenges and then, as people like her always do, she used that knowledge to manipulate you.

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    • The latest as I understand it re: Becki Percy @becki_p20 (Twitter)

      1. Asked for a benefit from US Immigration such as Green Card or permission to seek employment in USA, has been turned down, needs immigration attorney to appeal decision.

      2. Had three pro-bono immigration attorneys working for her at one time, treated them all badly, and now has none working for her.

      3. Trump has given his intent to cut number of immigrants to USA by half, and drastically cut the backlog of immigrants wanting to enter USA in 2019.

      4. Rumour of divorce of her third “mom” and “dad” the McAvenes – reason unknown.

      5. McAvene house up for sale, and there is a site showing it for sale.

      6. Wendy McAvene is totally in the power of Becki Percy, won’t end well.

      7. Lots of people are starting to catch on about Becki Percy, and are starting to distance themselves.

      8. Becki Percy is actively recruiting sexually abused people to her cause.

      9. The candle selling business is not going well. As noted by others the products are expensive, hardly unique, and are sold under the brand of being a victim of SRA.

      10. Lots of product lines in the Becki Percy business has been slashed by 50% as she prepares to move house, she is asking Twitter followers what they think about potential new products.

      11. Wendy and Becki is actively asking for a “probono” immigration lawyer.

      12. Still no known dates for the appeal hearing, which will probably have to be heard in California area in 2019. I do not anticipate Becki will succeed, she is playing for time.

      13. Becki Percy has some form of mental illness.

      14. I will move soon to actively rip apart her allegations.


      • I doubt becki is mentally ill. she knows she’s lying, she knows it’s wrong to lie. She’s just just plain nasty.

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      • I seem to remember a claim that the profits from her kit candles in towards helping victims. she doesn’t cite a particular charity nor does she have accredited charity status herself. i’ll be raising that matter though i doubt she’ll reply. we have every right to full transparency if she’s claiming to raise money for charity.

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  4. On a tangent the pie&masher, he of boxing skills, the histrionic hero of howt de la garren, the Gnome bashing documentary king bill maloney has an IMDB listing. that means anyone registering an account could go and write a review of his award winning documentary sun sea and satan. In fact a few people could. i’ll just leave that idea out there. that’s IMDB bill maloney sun sea and satan.

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    • Bill Baloney is a classic who illustrates the lies told about the film industry.
      BTW I have several IMBD listing on films but I’m not telling which. Anyone connected to a film -even as a gofer (me on a big film) can have themselves listed. That’s what the site is for.

      Maloney falsely claimed he won an award at the very prestige New York Film Festival. It was a blatant lie: he “won an award” at a phony & now defunct New York Film & Video Festival trying to cash in on the real thing. They crop up over America all the time usually run by the same scam artists and disappear as quickly. You pay a huge fee to enter & are guaranteed a prize!. Their “premiere film screenings for the media” are usually in some clapped out cinema in Queens and not even the local rag turns up.

      They are a good example of the con artists that surround the genuine film industry which has some of the strictest laws in the USA because it’s a $ multi-billion generating business employing 100,000s of people.

      Of course the SRA promoters and fruit-loops think it’s all about Meryl Streep.

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      • I’ll be checking periodically to read all the loving reviews of bill’s finely crafted expose of ugly garden Gnomes and a fibreglass pan statue in a pond. the cinematography was sublime. the editing stripped down and bare. and who can forget the use of adagio as bill, scared by a statue, proclaims ‘i’ve got a friend in jesus’ before hurrying away as a cold wind falls upon the harrowing scene. who can forget the constant visits to a garden to note the additions of hats to weird Gnomes or the skeleton in a window ?


  5. Multi million ? a serveral month’s long schedule with multiple camera crews, helicoptors , scouts, on set consultants, travel costs, insurance, hotels, travel permits and visas, guides, security consultants, equipment hire, catering and the logistics of getting to remote places and then paying morgan freeman to do you a voiceover and some fancy visual and sound editing plus computer graphics and music rights or the fee of a composer would cost multi millions for sure. a few interviews edited together ? not so much. The cost of a camera, a tripod and computer plus a venue to shoot in is about it for a bottom line amateur job. not seen the open secret but it’s probably not gone with the wind.

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    • It had a limited release in a handful of theatres grossing $200 but when put on vimeo for got some attention as they made it free to view at the time of the harvey wankstain news. i haven’t been able to find it’s budget but it’ll be under 250k as it’s mostly talking heads and archive footage, possibly 100k or so. certainly not multi millions as quoted by duffy.


  6. Nice one, EC. And to answer the question in your post title, even more than it seems. The examples you’ve cited are just the tip of the iceberg. She also slanders RD from 14:04 and Hoaxtead from 25:58 (before the stuff about you, le Dingue etc.) and spends the most of the first half of the video spouting MK Ultra bollocks and other assorted womble-guff (including how Tupac is alive and well and living in Cuba and his son is a “targeted individual”, natch). She then spends the last section spewing crap about a range of topics, including a claim that ‘America’s Got Talent’ is an “MK Ultra ABC manual”, a remark about Hampstead being “our McMartin” and her tired old porky about how she’s had Hampstead cult members contacting her to say they want out. I genuinely believe this video deserves a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for highest ever bullshit-per-minute quota. Bravo, JournoAngie 🙄

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    • “A claim that ‘America’s Got Talent’ is an ‘ABC of MK Ultra mind control'”

      What made me laugh about that is that she says her kids watch it in her presence and it really annoys her. Can you imagine settling down on the sofa on a Saturday night to watch TV with this woman? It must be a nightmare for her kids – I bet she sits there tutting and sighing all the way through and praying to the Lord to protect her kith and kin from the evils of TV brainwashing.

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          • I noticed Angie mention how she had been on some paedophile chat-sites where they were discussing different drugs to use whilst abusing children. What a handy excuse to give to the police when they discover on her laptop that she had visited such a website.

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    • Oh and I’ve just noticed that at 29:59 she claims that we had Cat Scot’s YouTube channel taken down. Er…nope. She has two and they’re both still up.

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  7. At 47:32 Angie tells Nicola about the meme she’s used in her video thumbnail, with four coppers running to stop someone telling the truth on YouTube. And Nicola thinks she’s describing a real incident 😂

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    • I suspect however Angelas time honoured “Godiva” masterpiece will sweep the floor yet again at this years annual pretentious wanker bash.


  8. There are hoaxteaders who want out ? when we get fed up we simply say goodbye. as if anyone contacts angie about it. she’s not wise that one.

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    • Not according to Urban Dictionary* it doesn’t! 😱 She’s been watching the wrong videos again!
      * Those of a nervous disposition shouldn’t look it up.


      • I know. You are trying to find a reliable news source for a story about Richard Branson’s latest business venture so you Google “Virgin BBC” … and get something quite unexpected.


        • A few years ago, I was checking some facts about the American Occupy movement for a national newspaper opinion piece I was co-writing and as the UK version used the name UK Uncut I stupidly Googled “US Uncut” without the safe search filter on. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


  9. I’d like to see her claim form. previous job ~ candle maker and ceo of gentlearoma, previous addresses ? 14 months in usa custody for immigration issues. family ? at least 5, most of whom are satanists, cannibals and infant murderers. do you have any medical issues ? yes i’ve been raped 1000s of times as part of a satanic woodland chase, been trafficked for sex, but always made it back from abroad to attend school the next day and have Ptsd from burying my sister’s body in several graves. Yeah. the Dwp are gonna love her. i expect she’ll be claiming more abuse when she gets home.

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    • I think that sending out job applications with creative stories of the type Becki Percy has been putting about won’t win many job interviews.


  10. Someone send angela a link to chickenhawk 1994 about nambla. She could film her reaction to it. seriously, why do people bother with the fake stories when the truth that’s out there is brutally chilling ? that’s ‘chickenhawk’ 1994 do not watch if easily triggered it’s one creepy portrait of just how deluded and remorseless Paedophiles are.

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    • That would mean she would have to deal with real pedophilia, which is unpleasant and banal. Fictional SRA claims with all star casts and huge set piece orgies out of Dennis Wheatley via Lawrence Pazder are endless fun. Accuse who you like and never feel the need to produce any evidence – because of course “they” are super efficient at covering it all up.


      • You can’t say angela doesn’t produce evidence. she does nothing but. problem is it’s all against herself. div mare.


  11. How long until Angie falls out with Seven, I wonder 😂



  12. You should just look at the sheer unbridled joy people get from riding horses without a saddle. so that’s
    ‘ gay bareback ‘
    Surely that’ll be happy viewing that just makes you warm inside.


    • I bet he wonders why Angie is dressed as an Edwardian nanny and keeps pouting whenever he comes close.


    • Oh mister that’s a big bushy one. and the pole’s soooo long. oh yeah. get it right up there. right up the smutty pipe. oh yeah. do you like my chimney breast? oh gawd. confessions of a chimney sweep.


    • You forgot treacherous bully and habitual ebegger with overblown delusions of grandeur and a grotesquely over inflated sense of entitlement. Plus she’s bitter, narcissistic and a chainsmoking drunk. quite a skill set and one of the ubertrolls at work in the shadow community. she’s so voracious she frequently turns on her own allies and savages them. model citizen.

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  13. 1. I seriously doubt any letters were sent.
    2. I have even less belief that anyone either running or commenting here would bother paying the postage to communicate their opinions on angela, when there’s already a platform to do so.
    3. Anyone who lives near to or knows angela hardly needs to be written to about her, they already know what’s she’s like and are wholly aware of her bizarre online activities what with her using her own name, face and voice on her material.
    Judge grobnob dismisses the letters from the grand kangeroo jury as being fabricated nonsense.


  14. Nice little find from Special Agent E. I defy anyone to find a more idiotic comment that this one…


      • Crikey, so does that make Shakespeare a paedophile too, after creating a character named Ophelia?

        Shakespeare’s Ophelia went insane.. just the way Cat is heading.
        Scratch that.. Cat’s already there.

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      • Sigh.. she did say she was settling down to read Aangirfan the other night and that’s the nonsense she picked up from it. 🙄

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      • I’ll bet the child catcher has saved loads of kids from going off with strangers, people offering sweets or accepting lifts in cars. it’s like a hollywood version of a charley says advert from the seventies. What kind of lunatic mind would be try and turn a creepy villain in a family musical into evidence of government conspiracy. what next ? fiddler on the roof ?

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          • Charley was voiced by Kenny everett the madcap radio dj and tv comic performer. He frequently ended up half drowned or in bandages for his trouble and advert after advert went through his nine lives saving that moronic kid. If you look around you’ll find jimmy savile giving safety lessons and rolf harris taking to kids about ‘bad touches’ as well as teaching kids to swim. the king of all safety adverts is the spirit of lonely water. i have a dvd called charley says and it has over 150 of them going back to the 50s including the protect and survive ones that have now lost all ability to shock because the voiceover artist went on to become most famous for the intros to the smell of reeves and mortimer. Fascinating genre and well worth further study.


    • Alarm bells had already rung when she said “Let’s not make it too broad”, when Nicola wad going off on a tangent. Who would do that in an informal chat, lol?


    • Interview ? angela can’t interview. she engages in her usual onesided overblown conspirafests while the invited guest struggles to get a word in. angela doesn’t research and cannot interview. she just spews her insane nonsense against anyone she can. I’ll wager the officers involved are putting in requests for overtime to get through the mountains of garbage she produces and aspirin for the migranes they get listening to it again. oh not her again searge ?



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