Is Hoaxtead taking the day off?

Well, we never thought we’d hear ourselves say this, but…there’s just not a lot going on in Hoaxtead-land right now. We’ve made the rounds of all our favourite Hoaxtead mobsters’ regular hangouts, and everyone seems to be either asleep, posting pictures of chemtrails, or off on holiday.

Perhaps there’s a Sooper Seekrit Hoaxtead Conference™ going on somewhere, and we just weren’t invited? If that’s so, our feelings will be very, very hurt.

Of course Angie is blethering on, claiming that she has the inside scoop on the Tuam mass grave story, from a stonemason who for inexplicable reasons worked in graveyards close to the Bon Secours home…but as YdchyncachuTracey points out, she’s got the wrong end of the stick, as usual: Ghost of Sam had a few choice words on the subject as well……demonstrating yet again that the Hoaxtead mobsters really have nothing on our regular readers.

Oh, and it looks as though both Angie and Abe’n’Ella are running short of cash at the moment: the nasty twosome have been loading videos onto their pathetic fundraising sites like there’s no tomorrow—which might be the case, though it looks like neither nor Patreon has acted on our requests to remove the illegal pages. Still, there’s some solace to be had in the vast swathes of cash they’ve been raking in: so far, Generosity has netted them US$115 in the past three weeks, while Patreon is still yielding a big fat goose egg.

But by and large, Hoaxtead news is thin on the ground at the moment. We’re sure it won’t last: any time we’ve dared to suggest that the Hampstead SRA hoax might be dead, its proponents have somehow managed to haul out the rotting corpse, jolt it back to life, and send it staggering on its way again.

So for now, perhaps we can just enjoy a few moments of respite. Enjoy a mug of something hot, put your feet up, read a book, relax.

They’ll be back soon enough, we have no doubt.


73 thoughts on “Is Hoaxtead taking the day off?

      • Embarrassingly familiar scene…could be me when my comments are trapped in the spam filter 🙂

        Closing all the Asylums in Western nations was a big mistake. RD Laing,, were wrong – it’s not possible to “manage” all the delusional lunatics “in the community”, we’ve simply enabled them to inflict themselves on innocents around the world.

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  1. The comment I posted to Spivey (inspired by MKD’s video):

    “Angela Power-Disney is a paid police informant. It’s common knowledge. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

    How it appeared once this alleged “champion of free speech” had finished editing it:

    He does that a lot, by the way 😀

    (Incidentally, Spivey is Dogman.)

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      • Glad you’ve got a copy of that.

        He sure doesn’t like that being shared, lol.

        I feel sorry for his poor dog in the background who had to put up with that fat revolting idiot trying to dance.

        The belly on it, the bald headed 2 legged creature I mean btw.


        • And it’s great footage of him smoking indoors too. His grandson has received hospital treatment for respiratory difficulties but Spivey told Social Services that he and Stacey never smoke indoors!


          • She and the son have moved out now, so the little boy will only have to put up with his Mother smoking!

            He’s a disgrace.


      • Trump claims there are aliens in his underpants!
        And they look itty-bitty Obamas with wire taps in the back of their heads…

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    • Life was so much simpler before the internet and computers allowed minds to run free and absorb as much unfiltered garbage as a human unit can hold. One day they will be able to examine the contents of a recently deceased Chris Spiteful to see just how much hate inspired flotsam floats around in there. It will give new meaning to “draining the swamp”.

      There are very strict procedures now in place ( there always has been but they have been breached in the past ) to control the use of police informants. They are seen as another valuable tool in fighting crime and officers are allowed to develop their own contacts but everything must be recorded as in this day of Accountants Rule, those officers don’t have a lot of free will to splash cash around and must record even their bus fare used in fighting crime. If an ‘informant’ is seen to have become an active participant or freewheeling agent, that officer can be held responsible for their actions.

      My advice to Angela Power Disney and others is to join us at GCHQ in the Memorial Jim Savile, The Grocer (T.Heath) D. Shurter Freemason Illuminati Section where for a weekly stipend of 2/6p (where do you think all that old currency went to?) we are allowed complete freedom to undermine Civilization As We Know It to basically : help create a master race of baby eating Satanists.

      # Everything You Read is a Lie Allegedly and Without Prejudice


      • Good one GOS.

        If I see any of the other side, I will do a bit of recruiting if I think they will be suitable for salaries.

        Shall I ask them to send in their CV’s?


        • the only CV they need is a recommendation from their Mental Health carer and at least two terms of enforced sectioning.


    • What is the point of it being open for comments if he’s only going to edit them to suit his own agenda? It makes a total mockery of his blog. He’s twisted.


  2. 😮 “Today is 03-07-2017. Take the 03 and the 07 equals 10 and the 2017 equals 10. So it’s 1-0-1-0 in the digital matrix, which…er…pretty cool to be alive and awake. I’m doing this for the glory of Yahuwah, my three daughters and two granddaughters. The perfect host does not know it has a parasite, just like the perfect mind control victim does not know they’re mind-controlled…”


    • At 1:18:54 Sandy starts to talk about how Miles Johnston allegedly tricked her into taking her bra off by convincing her that he was going to do a “chip implant scan”. She says she’s going to show the footage in her next video! 😮


          • A little sad that she seemed to have her awakening once clean, from so called therapists and then online research via Cathy O’Brien and the usual conspiracy pushers, websites and other Mind Control enthusiasts that wrongly attribute a misunderstanding involving falsehoods and myths about MKULTRA to their abuse and poor life choices.
            Really sad, because she could have a great life with her family, but she won’t thank you for pointing that out. Maybe one day someone can get through to her.

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    • She’s wrong on that one. I have a deep rooted parasite which surfaces every 6 months or so to give my stomach hell and only a series of antibiotics will quell the wretched thing. Maybe I should consult Yahuwah. Is he available via the NHS or does he operate from an overpaid Harley Street clinic?


    • Yikes! Not Bases 44, I’m still recovering from when I first watched it after Sandy’s revelation about what she did with..ehm… a dog.


    • Dontcha love how these days two nutcases talking to each other & posting their endless dialogue on Youtube is now called Giving A Statement or Testimony or some other pretentious crap?

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  3. Not much going on in Hoaxteadland but at least Professor Alanson is doing his bit to rally the troops and end child abuse…


  4. I hope the DC cops have been informed that a Major Nutter grouping will take place on their patch. David Shurter says he will be speaking at it which gives you some indication of the Level of Madness about to unfold. Mind you he could be speaking to a lamppost for all we know. I have Secrit Intel that Goerge Soros has not been invited but I know afterwards they will all be repairing to a local pizza restaurant for dinner.
    Memo from GCHQ to CIA : could be an ideal time to take out the lot of them with some Chem Trail dust cropping- not deadly, just enough to put them to sleep for about 20 years.

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    • Will there be any room for those protesters since it is the fashion now for half USA to go potesting about what Trump is doing or saying at Lafayettepark, this is now a national pasttime.


    • I feel sorry for that man. It sickens me that some women can get so low, they accuse their own husbands of CSA, while knowing it’s not true.

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  5. Angela Power Disney lives in Macher Lanzarote, a small backwater village. There is nothing much that happens or worth visiting in Macher. The village is mainly served by a Spar shop where Disney buys her fags. Disney would be easily located by asking the locals.

    In recent days Disney has manifested significant signs of mental breakdown, and the banging of her begging bowl for donations is more intense. Disney has debts that she is struggling to pay off including a hire car. Disney has a major assets such as a house in Eire, but these are not easy to convert into cash. Disney appears to be now suffering cash flow problems. Lawyers for RD and his children would be strongly advised to get the Disney house in Eire frozen pending civil damages claim actions against Disney, as I suspect that asset may be vulnerable to being sold.

    One can imagine Disney as a fugitive in the middle of nowhere with only Facebook and Youtube as company. Here is a song with Disney in mind.

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  6. Can anyone tell me if this is a reputable organisation? I plan on targeting the conspiracy theorists and Hoaxers claiming to care about CSA, with real options to actually help children if they are serious about these issues. Are there any other organisations worth mentioning?
    And any databases of REAL cases across the globe that have led to arrests and children saved.
    While these people are wasting time on sensationalist decades old scandals and dot joining chasing shadows the more serious ones may at least be able to put their efforts towards something more productive.


    • I’ll check the organisation–it’s not familiar to me, but I know some people who might be able to give more info. The question is, will the Hoaxtead mobsters actually want to do anything that requires more than sitting in front of their computers speculating and drooling over lurid and improbable “cases” they dredge up out of their own minds?

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      • Thank you, I am not clued up on these things but it was the first one that came up that actually seemed to have some results and welcomed people who might be interested. I was thinking of focusing on the Pizzagate/Pedogate people mainly. I get that if they really cared they would have looked into organsations themselves, but there is no fame and glory or smug self satisfaction in real everyday abuse cases.
        The other problem is, a large amount of these people are criminals, perverts or have connections with those types of individuals. I’m sure if APD ever cared about children she wouldn’t continue down the path of seeking donations to promote a hoax.

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        • If APD cared about children, she wouldn’t have beaten her own children.

          If she cared about her children, she’d still live with them or near them despite the youngest being 19 years old.

          If she cared about children, she wouldn’t accept donations for what is her little hobby horse.

          I’m not sure if she really believes this hoax, but even if she actually does, if she cared she would do what she does for free and would not be sharing their images and names or wanting to know where they are! WTF is that all about?

          APD is some hypocrite.

          Narcissist and psychopath, plus being Vile, Evil, Unscrupulous and allegedly a Sex Offender, mmm…

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      • Thank you Sheva. I’m not sure if on their website they are collating information and passing it off as their own. A lot of the quotes are thanking CPS which I believe is Child Protection Services not them. Yet they have their own project named the same “Bill directs the development of Child Rescue Coalition’s Child Protection System (CPS)”.

        It seems they are more of a software provider for law enforcement than anything. The amount of UK cases seem to be a bit of a flag for an American organisation.

        “Child Rescue Coalition is a partnership of child exploitation investigators, police officers, digital forensic experts, prosecutors, child welfare agencies, and corporate and private philanthropy. We work together to apprehend and convict abusers of children, rescue those in harm’s way, and importantly, seek to prevent abuse from happening in the first place. At its core is leading-edge technology that identifies, monitors, and ranks the online criminal behavior of child predators on peer-to-peer file-sharing and chat networks.

        The organization was created by Carly and Desiree Asher as a way to provide state of the art technology to global law enforcement officials at no cost. Child Rescue Coalition is a 501(c)(3) and relies on the generous support of donors to continue to serve law enforcement and communities in their efforts to rescue children and apprehend abusers.”

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