Whatever became of Neelu’s solicitor?

Those of you who’ve been following the Hampstead SRA hoax for any length of time will no doubt remember Neelu’s solicitor, Mr Aseem Taj, who distinguished himself on the final day of Neelu and Sabine’s trial on charges of witness intimidation last summer.

Here’s a quick refresher:

While the jury was filing out of the room, a member of the public gallery stood up and asked the court whether the defendants’ supporters would be able to speak to jury members now. The judge said they could not, which seemed to incite the public gallery further.

A woman whose 6 children have been taken into care stood up and began shouting that the courts had stolen her children. This prompted Neelu to jump up again and start shouting over the judge, ranting at the court that they were all responsible for baby-stealing, Satanic rituals, and baby killing.

Judge Worsley ordered her to sit down and warned her that any further outbursts would result in her being taken down to the cells for contempt of court.

Then Neelu’s solicitor Aseem Taj (who co-incidentally also represents Ella Draper) stood up and shouted, “Research the Hampstead coverup! This judge is trying to to shut my client up so she doesn’t expose the satanic cult paedophiles!”

Judge Worsley shouted at him to shut up, to which Mr Taj responded, “No, you shut up!”

“They’re all killing babies!” he shouted at one point, adding that the court was responsible for allowing cult members to rape, murder, and eat babies and children.

Judge Worsley ordered him to sit down, and mention was made of referring Mr Taj to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Mr Taj stormed out of the courtroom, shouting as he left.

Since then, we’ve wondered: did the Solicitors Regulation Authority ever follow up with Mr Taj? We’ve been unable to locate any information stating that they’ve done so, but while we were poking around, we did come across some related information about Hanson Young Solicitors, the company that employed Mr Taj:

aseem-taj-hanson-young-sra-notice-2017-01-09Curious, we investigated further. According to the SRA website, Hanson Young was closed down on 17 November 2016. Apparently the Adjudication Panel “decided to intervene” in the practice:

The Adjudication Panel is satisfied in accordance with paragraph 32(1)(d) of Schedule 2 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985 (as amended) that there is reason to suspect dishonesty on the part of Mr Dhami, a manager of the firm, in connection with the firm’s business.

The Adjudication Panel is satisfied in accordance with paragraph 32(1)(a) of Schedule 2 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985 that Mr Dhami, as a manager of the firm, has failed to comply with the SRA Principles 2011 and the SRA Accounts Rules 2011 which are rules applicable to him by virtue of section 9 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985.

The Adjudication Panel is satisfied in accordance with paragraph 32(1)(e) of Schedule 2 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985 (as amended) that it is necessary to intervene to protect the interests of clients or former clients of the firm.

As for Mr Taj, we have no information as to his current place of employment, if any. We did find a listing for him on LinkedIn, where he bills himself as “legal consultant”, rather than “solicitor”. However, to be fair this might be an out of date listing, as he also lists his most recent employer as JD Spicer, in 2012.

We suppose the best way to find out what has become of Mr Taj will be to follow Neelu’s various legal wranglings. Despite her belief at one point that he did not in fact exist, he still appears to be her solicitor of record, although we don’t know what will happen now that the company for which he worked has been closed down.

We look forward to Neelu’s next court appearance; if Mr Taj is there, we’ll definitely let you know.


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  1. Speaking of Linkedin Angie’s page is a joy to read (if you wish to lose 5 minutes of your life).

    Those with endless ‘profiles’ like Angie’s tend to have done basically nil & are creating an imaginary life online although she describes herself well with:
    “I am a comedienne laughing at myself and with others in the face of tragedy or absurdity” along with accusing a Convent she went to as being involved in MKUltr recruiting.

    However when there she :”Got busted for running a LEVITATION and POKER club in the basement at lunchtimes for which an EXORCISM was arranged” but did learn “Deportment, Elocution, Public Speaking, and general LADY making very high standard here” as can be seen in her videos…do not be confused…Angie has also been an actress for over 30 years and the slovenly, fag smoking slut she portrays on CCN is some of her finest work.

    Sadly for an “Writer/Producer/Actress from June 1982 – November 2012 (30 years 6 months)” who is a “published journalist and writer” she can’t provide a single link to any of her work apart from a Vimeo channel called Chasing Rainbows (there are about 50 with the same name) which is just Angie rambling on with the usual guff.

    But she is available for speaking tours and is co-authoring a book on MKUltra with known ratbag Cathi Morgan and is ” passionate about reconciliation between the Arab and Jewish peoples” ( UN, Hezbollah & Mr Netanyahu- please take note).

    It’s the stuff of dreams.

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  2. No doubt the ugly head of Mr Aseem Taj will appear at some point this year with all the court cases going on against Satan Hunters. His reputation will take a dive with reportings of his activities in sites like this blog.

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  3. Yep and if the Ham n High/Press report on the cases.

    Will Rupert being using him?

    I doubt it, even he’s not that stupid, surely?

    Or is Ms. Belinda McKenzie his McKenzie friend?

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  4. We are doing a public service to report the shenanigans of Mr Aseem Taj. The public needs to be aware of who they hiring when it comes to the law.
    I’m surprised the magistrate / judge didn’t cite him for contempt and send him to a cell until he repented.

    Anyone who would allow a crackpot like Neelu to affect their career does not deserve that career especially when it comes to such a serious profession like the law.

    Can anyone point to even one positive thing that has come out of this bunch of false accusers & defamers?. Everything they touch ends in tears for all involved.

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    Opinions please! on your experiences with Windows 7 – Windows 10, especially unhappy experiences/pitfalls. I can’t/won’t use a smart phone because the screens are just too tiny for my eyes.


  6. Re: Mr. Taj… if he’s not describing himself as a solicitor, he’s probably not a solicitor, as it’s an offence to do so. Which means he was struck off, or never qualified/jregistered as such.
    The Solicitors Regulation Society has this to say “It is a criminal offence for someone to call themselves a solicitor or act as a solicitor if they are not on the roll of solicitors. We call these people “bogus solicitors” and we may prosecute them.”


  7. If Rupert is reading this: Get a properly qualified solicitor!

    I’m afraid from the reports we have heard so far he has already made the mistake of allowing Ms McKenzie to become involved in his case – not a good idea based on past form.


  8. From the way Mr Taj behaved in the courtroom, i would be very surprised if he was a qualified solicitor. I’ve seen programmes on TV where people have basically bought themselves fake qualifications as solicitors, accountants, nurses etc.


  9. Any handy cash earned will conveniently not be declared to the benefits office thats a home banker.

    I am surprised she has not added “creative accountancy” to her CV.She has a particular talent for ensuring third world orphanges are denied receiving charity donations,adept in the art of utilization of ones own childrens savings accounts,advanced online mugging of little old ladies and of course her now classic in-family blackmail consultancy service.

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  10. I’ve recently bought a windows 10 computer (had 7 before) and it’s a joy to use. I can well believe there were problems upgrading older machines, but my new HP with windows 10 is the best computer I’ve ever had.


  11. Aseem Taj is still registered with the SRA, but not in association with a firm or employer. He has only been admitted for 3 years. Hanson and Young were closed in November due to the dishonesty of the firm’s manager.
    Mental illness, personality disorder or general bad judgement are not limited to certain sections of society. This website has explored the strange case of Edward William Ellis who was struck off but continues to represent various pseudo legal conspiracy theorists in defiance of a court order not to; he clearly has serious problems. Intellectual ability is the key skill in passing law exams, and that isn’t incompatible with failings elsewhere. And a proliferation of outlets for the qualification has led to a proliferation of different standards.
    Solicitoring is like any job really, you only learn how to do it after you qualify, and by the sounds of it, Mr Taj was lacking in good role models at his firm.

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  12. Yeah you guys have a point. I was thinking about him having fake qualifications as i recently watched a programme about it so it was on my mind.

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  13. Just because microsoft is saying its too old, doesn’t mean it is… this computer is still xp when its on windows, my other one is 98se
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  14. Rupert’s dependent on Belinda feeding him Beans on Toast every night.

    He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Rupert is at the mercy of the Mc Kenzie Hub, where by all accounts people get brain washed.

    I kind of pity him BUT he was warned numerous times by numerous different people that were actually trying to help not manipulating him like Power-Disney because she wanted a toy boy lover.

    He’s an idiot…

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  15. I recently upgraded from windows 7 to 10. Windows 10 might have compatibility problems with some software and devices, so worth checking that any laptop, hardware and software you use has been tested against Windows 10. Windows 7 is probably good and stable without many issues.


  16. Rupert needs to thank his lucky stars he did not meet her 30 years ago and fell for some cunning ploy to conceive spawn from his loins.To be fair the whole of humanity should fall to its collective knees and realise how very fortunate it is.Phew!


  17. At least it’s only 2 men that are the fathers of her children.

    Both seem to be very quiet and who could blame them?

    Is the alleged paedophile dead?

    You’d hardly want to announce that you were ever married to her or had children with her.

    A femme fatale.


  18. Windows 10 has more security built-in from the ground up and Edge is actually a secure and fast Microsoft browser for once. I have had no issues upgrading many PCs to 10 and that includes ancient laptops for friends/family.

    On a newly bought PC there is zero point getting Windows 7, you’d be nuts. Get 10 on it as it will be constantly improved where 7 will only be” supported”.

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  19. That will surely go down as the worst show ever. Angie may struggle for once to get a word in over his shouting.


  20. I envisage a scene somewhat akin to a primordial ape mating ritual with voluminous grunting through clouds of volcanic smoke and ash.The show will climax with Arthur dragging Angie by the hair into a handy nearby cave amidst squeels of feigned protest and much nose scratching.

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  21. Jeez, just caught the end of Andy Peacher chatting up Neelu on his radio show.

    Quote by Pervy Peacher to Neelu “I wish I was where you are today!”

    What the ….

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  22. Fnord has some good points about Taj not having proper “modeling” perhaps or other issues as Lawyers are People too. OR, not. Who was paying him? SRA? hahaha I don’t get your lawyer/bench system, the u.s. is/seems much simpler and with less “pomp” lol 😀 However, the Judges round here would have had him in contempt cell for a bit out of concern even, if not “enturbulation”.O-o Is Scientology taxed over there? Time to shut it down, imo.


  23. Was Neelu paying for Taj to represent her out of her own pocket or did she have Legal Aid? (It was a Criminal trial)


  24. That Julie Mitchell is a nasty piece of work, i am forever reporting her posts on Google+.


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