Citizen Sabine versus the Queen

Hey, remember that time when Neelu fined the IPCC to the tune of £100 million? She and the ever-charming John Banks swept into the lobby of the IPCC, thrust a bunch of papers at a couple of fellows who kept trying to explain that they couldn’t really accept…no, but really, madam…but you see…oh fine, for heaven’s sake, if you’ll go away we’ll accept the damn papers. Ah, good times.

At the time, Neelu mentioned something about “High Court Powerful Paedophile Protection Fraud Corruption Claims, including HQ16X02369 Berry V State”. We wondered at the time what she was on about, but you know Neelu. Sometimes she can be a little…opaque.

Funnily enough, though, we recently came across a very similar citation, this time linked to none other than Sabine McNeill and dating back to 1 June 2016: sabine-claim-form-page-1-2016-06-01

Yes, you read that correctly. In this statement of claim, “Citizen Sabine” actually attempted to scam…that is, obtain a remedy of a cool £10 billion from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, then-Prime Minister David Cameron, Brexit campaign leader Boris Johnson, and (for obscure reasons that we really cannot begin to fathom) Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye.

We tried to make out the “Brief details of the claim” but confess ourselves stumped, though we do think it rather gracious of Sabine to note that “the Citizen appreciates the work the Satirist has done using entertainment to expose serious issues to mass audiences, and does not expect him to work miracles”. We hope Mr Hislop appreciated her leniency.

But wait! There’s more!

sabine-claim-form-page-2-2016-06-01We tried to work out what “Particulars of Claim” was all about, really we did. If any of you would like to take a run at it, please be our guest!

However, the “Prosecution Frauds” section had a rather familiar ring to it, involving the usual cant: “Child theft…Barnet Family Court…blah blah blah…Victim Mother Ella Draper and Citizen Friend Mrs Sabine McNeill”…and so on. We do think the wording bears the fingerprints of Edward Ellis, the struck-off solicitor who styles himself “Equity Lawyer”, who attempted to intervene in Neelu and Sabine’s trial last summer.

sabine-claim-form-page-3-2016-06-01Apparently it cost Sabine nothing to issue this amazing statement of claim; and in this case she got exactly what she paid for:

sabine-claim-form-page-4-2016-06-01“AND UPON the court finding that the claim shows no resonable (sic) grounds for being made, is imcomprehensible (sic) and an abuse of process and totally without merit”…

Well really, you can’t fault the poor clerk who had to type up this judgement; he or she was probably laughing too hard to see straight.

As for Sabine’s motives in launching this utterly ludicrous piece of bollocks…well, she had to do something to replace that missing pension credit, didn’t she?

It does seem a bit nervy of her to sue the Queen for £10 billion, though, and then turn around and demand that Her Majesty intervene in the Hampstead SRA hoax only a few months later, as though nothing had happened.

Unsurprisingly, the Queen could not be reached for comment.





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    • Omgosh plain as day your threatening their lives, who are you? What in the world in Jesus Name I pray vengeance is mine saith the Lord


      • Kie, do you know what that phrase, “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”, actually means? I do not think it means what you think it means.


  1. Well worth the read for the entertainment value!
    Are you sure it’s not a piece she submitted to Private Eye for publication?
    Try as I have, I cannot for the life of me find in which court system Justice Perversion works in. Maybe it’s one of those Sooper Secrit courts.

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    • Pretty sure that’s right, GoS. Someone reminded me that Neelu said they’d launched four of these things…I believe John Paterson and Edward Ellis were also involved.


      • Since they are so damn sure of the merit of their Mickey Mouse case surely it would be a sound investment (for acquiring several billion from tax payers) to flog off their properties and assets and pay for it.No,these scum only do what they do because its another freebie and so they chance their arm and hope to be granted some settlement to make them go away..a kind of blackmail effectively.

        Sabine,Neelu et al should be added to the vexatious litigant list and pay costs for the pleasure!

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        • I agree; all of these people seem to have a predilection for blackmail, don’t they? Sabine very explicitly stated to Mrs Justice Pauffley, in January 2015, that if she did not return the children to Ella, Sabine would “release certain information”. Mrs Pauffley ignored her, and days later, the videos of the children were all over the internet.


        • The phrase “wholly without merit” is a marker signalling that the claimant may be a vexatious litigant if they continue to bring litigation.

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          • Yep.The courts may have little choice but to restrict Sabines wasting of court time(and her own for that matter) by denying her right to continue using the court system in this manner.

            Should Sabine cry “foul” and hope to take the matter to her beloved European courts under article 6(human rights) she can cry on.This is clarified in part 4 of these guidance notes –>

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      • Didn’t Sabine also ask the Queen for help one time that was written about on here. She’s got a bloody cheek to keep writing to ole Queenie, no wonder she recieved the brush off in the other letter she wrote

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  2. If you recall Neelu had filed something similar and was in Court a few months ago. According to her she was issued with a Restraining Order “preventing me from making any further claims”.

    She says “Now the trick of that is that I can’t even appeal, because if I appeal I’ll have to pay for it.”

    I hope that’s true. Bloody good job. I don’t see why the tax payer has to pay for this nonsense!

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    • I agree, Fnord. We can laugh, but in fact each time one of these people takes up time and money to launch one of their fantastical claims, we’re the ones who pay for it.

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      • It’s outrageous really Imagine the money the government would save if they invested more heavily in mental health. Neelu is clearly unwell and is constantly flagging her self up to the authorities and yet no action is ever taken. Sabine on the other hand I think does stuff like this to impress and encourage others. She must be well aware of the response she will get from the courts but to her followers it all looks very official and helps lend credibility to her nonese.

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    • I don’t see why Neelu can’t pay for whatever she wants, just like anyone else would have to.

      She owns her house doesn’t she and I bet she’s got plenty of dosh tucked away?

      Neelu seems to manage to travel in to London regularly, she has a regular income.

      Save up a bit Neelu and stop expecting everyone else to pay for your little games.

      All that public money that Neelu and that other vexatious litigant Mc Neill waste, grrr…

      Bloody cheek!

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    • Such clap trap.

      Mc Neill had a little holiday with her Nephew.

      And then in August 2016 off she went on YET another holiday abroad with Bellender, Pam Almaz and Mary Rooney.

      These people aren’t short of a buck or 2.

      What’s that I hear?

      They get EU Grants for their little joints, masquerading as Anti Child Abuse Campaigners.

      That’s Bill Maloney too.

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      • I don’t suppose anyone remembers when Bill Maloney, decided he was going to run for London Mayor, yes it was a few years ago, on some dodgy radio station, he announced he was going to go into the running, complete with manifesto, apart from the storp fackin are keeds, he came up with free sanitary wear for Women in London. But his Jefry Archer, you wait till I’m Mayor type speech kind of hit the buffers as soon as he realised he’d have to find £5000 for the privilege. There were of course members of the tin foil hat brigade who said they would back him, but to no avail, not even Belinda would back him since he embarraced her at a recent anti child abuse rally telling everyone da quayyn muvva waz a kidday feedaler.

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    • A word to the wise, Philby—”pikey” is one of those words…basically, if you’re a traveller or Roma, it’s like being called “nigger”. Probably best avoided. 🙂


      • Sorry about that frightful Faux Pas E.C. I watched too much Catherine Tate and thought to “show off” my Brit slang skills! I thought it meant someone from the North, like a Scottish hilly boondocks (picts) or Something….”Bovvered” triggered it !! lol These hoaxers remind me of Elaine the Death Row Bride!! 😀 (especially the teeth;) “Senor, donde esta los saynos de pollo?” (in Latin grocery store) Derp!

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  3. In a nation ruled by Stalin, Hitler or Kim Jong Un (North Korea) would Satan Hunters be so willing and open to doing what they have been doing? Would Sabine McNeill eaten alive by dogs or obliterated with anti-aircraft guns dampen the Satan Hunter enthusiasms? If there was an all-powerful Illuminati cable would Kristie Sue Costa wrapped up in chains and thrown to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean have a reality check on them?


  4. I wish they had asked her for a break down of the 10billion for each person and each section, with some reasoning for each amount.

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  5. I do wonder if Sabine is actually insane or has just decided to make a living from sponging off the donations of those who are. The existence of this document would suggest that her “sanity preservation exile” wasn’t effective.

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    • My guess is that she cooked this one up with EDWARD W. ELLIS, EQUITY LAWYER. (Sorry, I always hear his name that way, ever since the first day of Sabine and Neelu’s trial when he came bellowing into the court room to try and have the whole thing adjourned. Which worked like a bleedin’ charm, as you know.)


  6. Twinkle twinkle little star,
    How I wonder what you are.
    Angela Power Disney tied to a rocket in outer space,
    The people of Hampstead disliked your face.
    Twinkle twinkle little star,
    Neelu on her way to join where you are.

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  7. There was an old lady called Kristie Sue Costa;
    Who thought she was very kosher.
    In devilish fun James HInd tied her to a rollercoaster;
    Then crashed her into a “Jesus Loves You” billboard poster;
    And that was the end of the old lady called Kristie Sue Costa.

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  8. MKDevils are enjoying a series of eternal regenerations and continue to turn up the heat on the nefarious slimesters at CCN

    Just viewed this new one where Mel states: “Let me just say first..urm…I run a course called “journalism academy”and I teach “Ethics of journalism”.One thing I always say is people have the right to privacy”(Yikes!!!). She goes on to say that she is a public figure blah,blah and bollox etc The word “Urm” was ok though.

    The good news is that if her academy is as well attended as her playschool bedroom toy thingy then little harm will be done in the actual real world of grown ups.

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  9. My case is YT17B76543

    I am claiming a Remedy Fraud against the Powerful Network Fraud Killer and I request a Power Only Limit is taken so that my Ruin Fraud case is given against the Fraud People I have Quantity Proof Claim Protection Fraud Qualification Case Evidence against as a Powerful Paedophile Protector Person with Priority Conflict and Liability Issues.

    I demand Remedy Cooperation to the tune of gogolzilionzilionzilion of the Queen Ascendant Bank Money Pounds. They are Sovereigns from the Sovereign. If you do not have enough Gold Money Coin Remedy, I will be satisfied with Gross Entire World Product of the entire Ruin Faud Economy of the Planet for Eternity All Space Time until arrival of Niburu to Rescue Save whichever is First Ascendant Decided Found.

    Your most obedient servant, etc.

    Sabine K McNeill

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    • Confused YdychyncachuTracey

      Is that a real comment by sabine?
      (only because it reads like something she would really say)

      How sad that reading such a comment, my first thought is `I cant tell if its Tracey taking the or something sabine would really post….

      Congratulations either way
      +1 like

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      • A few phrases plucked from the case. The rest Channelling Direct from the Carapace Pink Jelly Goo Head Brain of Sabine, Neelu and Edward helped by the Violet Visitor Beings for Peaceful Exopolitical Outcomes on Earth Mother Home.

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      • No that is Ruin Fraud Theft Paper. Gold Money Coin only.

        Will send a fleet of Ocean Ship Sea Travellers.

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          • Fill the Ship Chocolate Money Coin Carriers. Niburu will provide more Ship Fleet Sea Sailers once Alfred Labremont Webre has negotiated the Galactic Treaty Peace Rules based on Eurocentric Small Common Law of Dead King Men Ruler Dictators.

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  10. Of course it looks like Edward William Ellis’s work because it is his! I have worked with him @ RCJ/Supreme Court and others etc., I have been doing my own Judiciary/police corruption cases for many years now, a lot longer than Edward Ellis and have some ‘Dynamite’
    This woman (Who ever she is in this ‘photo’ – do you have a name for her?) must be very naive if she believes no one can tell. She is aiding and abetting him against his GCRO.
    He on the other hand is committing another act against his GCRO (Practicing to deceive – liable/perjury also unethical to say the least from a once practicing solicitor/Freemason who took the oath to uphold the law) when getting/instructing another to pass his work onto the Paedophile/Osteopath ‘click’
    Julia Spivack disbarred osteopath (taken to court and find) of ‘Constantia’ Rectory Road, Steppingly, Bedford. A close associate of the said Edward Ellis (who he lives with on and off to avoid mail stating of NO fixed abode on all legal documents) she shows a full page advertisement on google but stating she is unable to remove it, thought one had to pay for this service?
    She was stopped by police driving with NO MOT/Insurance/Road Tax and her vehicle was crushed etc..Edward Ellis is still trying to get her off this criminal charge…There is a tremendous lot more on these people
    DO NOT PUBLISH MY NAME OR EMAIL ADDRESS on this or any other website there have been dangerous/injuries/reprisals from Spivack and others involving the police


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