Drifloud expresses his love of prison food


The not-so-funny side of Drifloud. Blatant lies and slander from start to finish (the daft sod even makes statements that are disproven by the very audio recording he’s based them on!). He should be arrested for this message alone. And probably will be.


Most Notorious Child Rapist and Murderer Since Savile Breaks Down In Court

Ricky Dearman, the vilest and most despicable child-rapist and murderer since SIR Jimmy Savile, apparently suffered a mental breakdown at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday, August 6th.

The failed actor, visibly agitated that ella’s legal team were publicly distancing themselves from the unlawful proceedings, dramatically lost his composure. True to his psychopathic nature, Dearman immediately looked around for someone else to blame for the horrific crimes he has committed against innocent children, crimes where he has even savagely abused his own son and daughter.

“You’re going to have to do a lot more than just stare” he hissed in a low, threatening voice to one of ella’s supporters, and when the supporter politely responded, “I beg your pardon?” the child-rapist again repeated his threat. Incredibly, Dearman seemed unaware of the fact that he was talking to a full-grown MAN: the coward usually only threatens small children and women – and threatens them with consequences the children know too well he is more than capable of carrying out. He has regularly and viciously sodomised his own children, sometimes using blunt instruments to intensify their pain – and to intensify his and his friends/business associates sadistic pleasure – and the children have the medically-confirmed anal scars to prove it. Dearman has loaned or sold his children to other members of his Cult, and to some very important people in the British Establishment. He runs several lucrative businesses in child pornography (showing his own children being raped), and the snuff-movie business. Dearman’s main customers are the very rich, and include many influential figures who have a penchant for child-porno/snuff movies – and “Our Ricky” is the main man when it comes to satisfying demand in that area. This is why it has been impossible to get a fair hearing for ella, who naturally wants to put a stop to Dearman using her children as commodities in his filthy trade. Dearman has told his children countless times he would kill them if they were to ever tell the truth about what he does. Ricky Dearman, who heralds from the same part of the country as his idol, Sir Jimmy Savile, was always keen to be the successor of his boyhood hero. Since Sir Jim’s death, there have been a number of contenders for the Savile Crown, but Dearman has pulled out all the stops in his bid to reach Number One. This vile paedo-sadistic rapist and murderer was determined to succeed after failing miserably in every way as a human being. It’s common knowledge NOW that Savile had unbelievably managed to ply his filthy trade in hospitals and children’s homes and among his mates in Buck House and the BBC. But it’s only BECOMING public knowledge now of Dearman’s nefarious activities centred at his children’s primary school in Hampstead and the church next door. His audacity in bringing his filth into the classroom, was to be the clincher in inheriting Savile’s title as “King of Scum”. Of course, a major capital investment was necessary, and Dearman has received substantial financial backing in his projects from the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and the “Royals” of Europe, who have taken a very keen and unnatural interest in Dearman company “products”. All this of course has had to be kept very hush-hush, and a highly co-ordinated and extensive network of co-operation between MI5/MI6/Mossad, the Police, Parliament, Local Authorities, Social Services (responsible for the human baby/children resources allocation and distribution – a thorough “Cremation of Care”) was essential.

And lastly, but not in any way the least, the Legal Fraternity and their activity in The Secret Family Courts HAS BEEN the most significant role in this Empire of Filth. The purpose of the Secret Family Courts is to ensure the LEGALITY of procuring children and babies to be auctioned to the highest bidders. The Secret Courts ensure the buyer’s “legal right” to do as they please with their purchased “product”, be it for sacrifice, mutilation/torture, sexual satisfaction, porn/snuff movie use, leather-making, organ/flesh consumption, hunting for sport, etc.

The Secret Family Courts role is to affirm that the rights of the PURCHASER – and therefore OWNER – are paramount. The headquarters for these criminals and the centre for their vile trade in human children, is The Temple of Sodom, or The Royal Courts of Justice to the unsuspecting/uninitiated.

So yesterday, when Dearman saw his “rights” to sadistically rape the young children he considers his property challenged by ella’s legal team’s withdrawal, he lost his composure completely.The refusal of ella’s legal team to take part in unlawful proceedings, presided over by the the well-known fraud and liar Anna Pauffley, demonstrated to the whole world the TOTAL corruption of the “British Legal System” –  and it was just too much for the paedo-sadist. Seeing his profits and his “right” to sell his children to be defiled by other child-rapists, to viciously beat them and torture them and force them to perform in child-porn films, threatened, Dearman turned on an innocent, mild-mannered supporter of ella’s with the attack “okay.. you wanna stare, yeah?” as if inviting him to a fight. Incredibly, Dearman must have been so flustered seeing the forthcoming collapse of his filthy fiefdom flash before his eyes, he forgot he wasn’t threatening a defenceless child – he had turned on a grown man!

Obviously not wishing to contaminate himself, the supporter tried to alert Dearman that he was on the verge of some sort of mental breakdown, and tried to reason with the  paedo-sadist by reminding him of the TRUTH: that Dearman was a “child abuser”. A member of the Temple staff was visibly shocked to hear the TRUTH spoken openly in the Satanic Sodomite temple, and tried to hush things up – but the courageous TRUTH-teller was not to be silenced.

No doubt there were some heroes at work on the planet yesterday, and NO DOUBT AT ALL that one of them was that HERO who stood in front of that filthy child-raping, child-murdering psychopath Ricky Dearman, and told him the TRUTH to his face. If ever there was a guiding light for all that’s good in humanity, it was the radiance of that human being and his words of TRUTH spoken calmly and fearlessly yesterday in the very heart of Babylon, The Temple of Sodom. Uttering sounds of pure TRUTH, piercing the heart of the Beast.

Do you know by your courageous act, HERO, you have sets the bells-a-ringing – a joyous sound to the human spirit, and the death knell for the filth of Babylon?

Guidance everlasting!!!

Thank You!

from a conscious living being,

Drifloud                                  August 7th    2015

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That’s quite some attack from Drifloud, isn’t it. Now, who was it who said “If they attack you, you must be doing something right”? Oh yeah, Driffy did. So Ricky, it appears you’ve been vindicated 🙂

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Drifloud: an artist’s impression


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  1. The way this incredibly descriptive bile seems to slip from his mind, through his fingertips onto the keyboard, makes me feel Drifloud is truely getting off on what he is saying.

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  2. I don’t know the history of who’s argued with who, but the above is definitely in the style of JF. Just sayin’.


  3. I was there with a journalist as I do related work and am on a program. He introduced me to this case and reads this blog.
    I noticed a scruffy looking, ugly, wrinkled man, who is partly bald with very, very short hair, greying, and fuzzy hair on his face, about 40-50 years old. I kept observing him because his stare was very deliberate and threatening. He did not move his eyes from Mr Dearman, who was with his legal team. I saw Mr Dearman approach the man, after some minutes, maybe he could not take it anymore, as the thug was really trying hard to provoke him. I know what it is like when someone stares continually, it is very disturbing. When Mr Dearman got near him, the code 2222 man stood up, he is very tall, about 185 cm’s. He is taller than Mr Dearman. Some words were exchanged. The funny thing is that the 2222 man repeated everything Mr Dearman said, and copied his movements, in a very bizarre way, I have never seen this kind of odd behaviour before. Maybe it is something he always does? I would not like to comment further but I have never seen this before. Is this man well? Mr Dearman moved back to his team, and continued talking to them again, around a device. This 2222 was obviously not happy, as he was now being ignored. So he lifted up his rucksack up and banged it down in an attempt to get Mr Dearman to look over again, which he did. Mr Dearman looked but then went back to talking to his team again. The man then got up and approached the team, at the same time he made gun shooting gestures at his own head while looking direct at Mr Dearman, as if to say: ‘You will get shot’. Mr Dearman saw this, and so did his female legal member, who jumped up to prevent him from getting nearer to her client and attacking him. Words were exchanged and it all got heated. When told to stop, code 2222 tried to defend himself saying he did not have to do anything anyone asked him to do, and did not need to move away either, even though as he said this he was actually backing off all the time. That was quite a funny thing to see.

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