Proof that Code 2222 threatened to shoot Ricky Dearman dead

…Uploaded, bizarrely, by Code 2222 himself!

Scroll to 1:19

The lady (tipstaff?) says to Code 2222:

What was that, sorry? Was that a threat? Was that a threat?…Please go sit yourself down. If you make any further threats like this, we will make arrangements to have you removed from the court…Please go and sit yourself down…He did a sign like this as he walked past. You did this as you walked past. Please do not test my patience.

This tallies with what independent witnesses, as well as our own ‘man on the scene’, have said. Namely that, as well as shouting abuse and slander at Mr. Dearman, Code 2222 also made a gun-to-head gesture with his fingers. So thanks for proving your own guilt, Cody! 😀

PS: I’m loving the irony of Cody saying, “Please don’t make false allegations against everyone.”


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6 thoughts on “Proof that Code 2222 threatened to shoot Ricky Dearman dead

  1. “You can’t even act. You’re a poor actor.”
    I’d love to see Code 2222’s acting. I hear they’re remaking ‘The Shining’. He’d be perfect for that. He’d make a great Hannibal Lecter too.


  2. HAHAHHAHHA…….talk about shooting himself in the FOOT hahhaha….pardon the pun

    WHAT A LIAR HE IS CODE 2222 and trying to blame someone ELSE

    LOL!! you tosser


  3. Everyone has forgotten here…the court rooms have CCTV…..

    See you in court Code2222 just make sure you keep your trap shut until you are asked a question next time.



    • They have CCTV, and according to the signs plastered round the place, they also take a very dim view of people making any sort of recording on the premises.

      Then again, my guess is that reading wasn’t Code2222’s favourite subject in school.


  4. Code2222 isn’t very bright is he? How is he gonna feel once he realises he is the last idiot standing who still believes this hoax. Fool

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    • Would you believe there are still people just hearing about this case for the first time? YT are so slow to act in removing the videos and they continue to be re-uploaded when taken down.


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