Did Belinda sell out Sabine?


Well, according to Rose River, yes! This is what she posted on the Hampstead Mum blog earlier today:

It was Belinda herself who seems to have not so subtly let the world know of Sabine’s return to the UK where she has been wanted for arrest for many months. She sent out one of her nutty news letters, promising her supporters a ‘happy surprise’ for anyone showing up for the hampstead appeal hearing – it was obvious to me, and i would think everyone else with half a brain cell, that the happy surprise would be the re-appearance of Sabine. Looks like Belinda will sell out anyone. READ BELINDA’S NEWSLETTER BELOW.

Belinda McKenzie
Aug 4 at 12:35 AM

Dear All

I’ve no idea who on this by now vast mailing list might be coming to the Appeal hearing tomorrow/by the time many of you open this today Tuesday 4th August so sending to the entire list, just to be sure.

The mother/First Respondent’s application for Permission to Appeal is being heard in COURT 63 in the Court of Appeal proper, East Block of RCJ, not in Court 33, the President of the Family Division’s court-room, the other side of the complex.

Having presided over the first attempted hearing of the Permission hearing 2 weeks ago on 23rd July for which Counsel for the 1st Respondent in the case (Ella to us) sought an adjournment and this was granted by Lord Justice Munby assisted by LJ Elias, tomorrow when as we had understood the case was to come before them a second time around, Munby is busy on another case/s according to the listings.

So as said the application is to be heard after all in the Court of Appeal tomorrow/today before LJ Ryder and LJ Bean, Court 63, East Block at 10.30 am.

Very much looking forward to seeing all who are intending to attend, hope we’ll pack out the courtroom, you’re going to be rewarded with a very happy surprise!

Sleep well any I’ve caught in time or hope you’ve slept well and see you at RCJ

Belinda x

Sabine was duly nicked outside the court.

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Maybe this is why Belinda was looking so forlorn and guilty during Sabine’s arrest and why she never spoke up for her, despite her previous promises. Perhaps that’s why she was happy to let Tracey Morris do all the shouting and end up getting her knuckles rapped.

We’re also reliably informed that Belinda has a track record on ducking out and letting her minions take the rap for her crimes. Robert Green, Sabine McNeill…Who’ll be next, I wonder…


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8 thoughts on “Did Belinda sell out Sabine?

  1. I actually can’t work out Belinda at all.. somethings a bit off with her. She almost seems “protected”.
    OMG! Do I believe a conspiracy theory?? Think I’d better lie down until this wears off.. 😀


  2. Yes, last we heard she’d had some kind of gagging order/injunction placed on her. Thanks for this document – so it’s an injunction against McKenzie and Morris. That’s good to know. I reckon Sellotape over Tracey’s gob wouldn’t go amiss either 🙂

    Interesting that this was posted by Bronny. She herself would be in clink by now if she lived in the UK, if only for her threats to come to Hampstead and shoot people:




  3. Belinda is cunning, and I hope she does not walk away from this situation without getting the legal spanking she deserves, for instance financial damages against her in the courts.

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  4. lol. actually i strongly suspect that you are right, i mean its not that outlandish, we already know how deeply involved various under cover coppers got with the folk they were sying on – had kids and everything. Bearing in mind she was a good pal of david ‘call me davina’ shayler, who lived in her house for sometime, so there is a secret service connection there already

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