Balderson interview: Hoaxteaders give mature, intelligent feedback

First, here’s a reminder of that excellent interview:


And this was our post about it:


And now, here are lead Hoaxdteaders Charlotte, Elt and Akhaldan giving their detailed analyses and well thought out, thoroughly researched and level-headed counter-arguments, if only to scupper all those cynical rumours about them being incapable of anything beyond slander, personal abuse and childish ad hominem attacks:



Well, there’s some definite food for thought there, folks. In fact, these insightful ripostes have made me completely rethink Keelan’s interview and convinced me to do a complete U-turn on the whole Hampstead question. Go Hoaxteaders! Whoop whoop! 😉


Charlotte and Akhaldan, yesterday


12 thoughts on “Balderson interview: Hoaxteaders give mature, intelligent feedback

  1. Scarlet you are a true star and the hoax believers must dream of having someone with your intelligence and wit on their side.


  2. I just KNEW that headline had to be a joke. 🙂
    The Hampstead hoax really divided the Truth Movement didn’t it?
    Even Hannah No-name and Danielle Every-name couldn’t agree!


        • Oh yeah, that’s Hannah Rose Shotbolt.

          Official HR policy is to lay off her. One of our agents actually met her in real life and had a full and frank discussion with her (that’s not a euphemism; it was genuinely convivial, over a pint in a Hampstead pub, I believe).

          She’d got sucked up into this whole mess by the manipulators, as was the case with a number of people. She regretted her involvement and promised to leave it be. In fairness, she hasn’t mentioned it since.

          She’s still a nutter who smokes spliffs in her preachy videos but I understand there’s a wee Shotbolt on the way now, so she has other priorities.

          Of course, our policy doesn’t apply to you, so any arguments between you and her are your own business, but that’s where we stand here at HR 🙂


          • OK Scarlet, I still think she’s an utter nutter who likes to go by HannahNoLegalName. So under HR policy I’m happy for you to remove my comments about her if you see fit. I wish she would remove that video though. Hope she gives a name to her baby too. 🙂


          • I agree she should remove the video and I have previously asked her too.

            As for removing your comments, not unless you specifically wanted me to. Your views are as valid as anyone else’s and you’re certainly not bound by HR rules or obliged to agree with us on everything! That’s something that the trigger-happy Charlotte should try to consider the next time her grubby little finger’s hovering over the ‘Unapprove this comment’ button, LOL.


  3. By the way, Jake, I was getting all nostalgic and going back over some old screenshots. This ‘testimonial’ from Elt is a cracker, LOL:

    You can add Ricky and Yannis to my list of identities, LOL.


    • Oh my! What praise!.. “intelligent”, “professional”, and eh? “probably payrolled?” haha!

      ..and you “turn out lies from the top of your head and state them as fact?” Really? I thought that was them!

      Thanks for the chuckle. 😀

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      • So far they’ve had me down as a Telegraph journalist, a Mail journalist, an MI5 agent, a Mossad agent, a Satanist, a Mason, a cult member, a Christ Church teacher (including specifically Mr. H.), Christine Sands, Ricky D, a friend of Ricky D’s, Jacqui Farmer (!), “Jane”, “Yannis”, “Araya”, “David” “Karen”, a Tavistock Institute employee and a Barnet Police officer. Oh and I’m from Medway/Birmingham/Skipton/Hampshire/Liverpool/the East End of London (and according to AkhaldanSolo, I’m a “Cockney from Liverpool”). It’s a busy life, you know. Multi-tasking is my speciality 🙂


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