Going back over old ground

It started with a question.

A commenter, “C B”, left this message on the live-streamed video in which Flo Destroyer and EC had participated Monday evening:

So did the children appear in court/ or via tv and say they had been told what to say?

Whether this was meant as a challenge or simply a request for further information, it’s hard to say, but it deserved an answer.

Why didn’t the children testify?

We know the children did not testify at the fact-finding hearing, but this is not surprising.

In 2014, following calls from the Family Justice Young People’s Board, who said that for too long children had been dragged through the family court system with little or no say over what happened to them, the government made the commitment that from the age of 10, children and young people in England and Wales could have some say in family court proceedings which affected them.

However, the children in this case were only eight and nine years old.

In criminal cases, while it’s rare for children to be called as witnesses, it can happen. However, as we know, criminal charges were unfortunately not brought against Abraham Christie and Ella Draper, as in their ABE interviews the children had stated that Abraham had not hit them while they were in the UK, but only while they were in Morocco.

Mrs Justice Pauffley came close to criticising the police in her judgment when she said, in reference to the Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio recording,

I say no more at this stage than that the police and social services inquiry could have taken an entirely different course if attention had been given to those recordings. At the very least, the questions asked of P and Q at interview would have been directed towards other areas of interest.

To clarify, she was suggesting that had the police listened to the recordings early in the investigation, they would have known to question the children more closely about their treatment at the hands of Christie and Draper, and that the pair might have faced criminal charges from the outset.

Had this happened, it’s possible that the children might have been called as witnesses; but it didn’t, and they weren’t.

Why is this question important?

When Sabine McNeill first released the videos of the children online four years ago, they quickly became the topic of conversation and debate amongst nearly every conspiracy-believer in the UK. People very quickly became conversant with the details of the videos and other material which was released, and the battle lines were drawn.

Anybody doubting this should take a look at the 1,000+-page discussion on the David Icke Forum: while people might have come to erroneous conclusions based on confirmation bias, they were at least aware of much of the evidence that had been released.

Four years later, we find people who know very little about the details of the case, who nonetheless snap to attention and proclaim, “Those children were not lying—they were abused in Satanic rituals, full stop, the end, amen”.

However, if you ask these people about the details of the case (yes, Tom Dunn, we’re looking at you), it quickly becomes clear that they really know very little about the actual evidence, and most don’t even know that the children retracted their allegations not in court, but during the third and final ABE interviews.

For the record…

Both children stated in their ABE interviews that Christie had hurt them in order to force them to say what he wanted. Draper watched while her children were tortured, and not only did not intervene, but seemed to approve of Christie’s actions.

Here are extracts from the police interview videos of 17 September 2014, which we won’t link here for obvious reasons:

Police interviewer: Okay. So, we spoke a couple of times, do you remember? Obviously the one rule you remembered was tell the truth and don’t lie. Out of all those rules that was the only one you remember. So why is it that you told me something then, which was not true?

Child P: No, because Abraham told me to tell to say that, so then after there was more trouble because they didn’t know there would be more trouble but he told me to say that because I was too scared of him.

Interviewer: Oh, okay. And why are you scared of him?

P: Because he just hit me if I said, if I said, ‘okay’ then he’ll just hit me because he doesn’t believe it.

Later in the same video:

Interviewer: Okay. Um, the stuff that happened in the church and the swimming pool and school, did any of that really happen?

P: No, that was all made up: He told me to say that and I said ‘why Abraham that’s not true though’. But then he said, ‘Yes that is true so don’t lie, so say that to the police’.

Interviewer: How did you think about, because you told me about all like, they all dance round with baby skulls—how did you think of that idea?

P: Because he, because he went like this: ‘They dance around with baby skulls in the church, don’t they? That’s what Abraham told me, and I said ‘No they don’t. And he said, ‘Yes they do, stop lying, you little brat’. That’s what he told me.

Interviewer: Oh, okay, so he’s told you, he’s said…

P: [And then] after I kept on arguing with him that I didn’t, and then he said, ‘I’m not arguing with you, you did do that, stupid little cunt’. That’s what he told me.

And later still:

Interviewer: So, your Dad’s never done anything that you don’t like?

P: No, he’s fine, he’s a good…

Interviewer: Okay. You made this up because…

P: Because of all the stuff, I just remembered what I saw [on a friend’s iPad], everything, but it’s all because of Abraham because he keeps on hitting me, just telling me…

Interviewer: What do you mean ‘keeps on hitting you’?

P: Well, he keeps on like, saying like I’m gonna not live with them, I’m…he’s gonna dig a hole in the field and dig me into it and then just leave me there until I die….Till I drown because they’re gonna pour water over top of me. And after I got too scared.

Interviewer: And where did all this happen?

P: Morocco.

In Child Q’s interview of the same date, he too stated that Christie had extracted the allegations from him with violence and threats of violence:

Interviewer: Have you ever seen a plastic willy?

Q: No. I never ever seen one even in my life.

Interviewer: So how did you think of that idea, was it you that thought of it or…

Q: No, no, I’m the one who thought of it. When he found out I was touching he says, yes em they put real willies in my bottom, Abraham says, he said they put real willies in your bottom. And then I said, ‘No they don’t’, and then he said yes they do and I said no they don’t and then he said don’t argue, yes they do. And then he says, er then um then he says also a plastic willy don’t they? And I said no they don’t, then yes they do, no they don’t, yes they do, no they don’t, yes they do, no they don’t, yes they do, no they don’t.

Interviewer: Okay, so no one’s put any plastic or real willies in your bum. Okay. I heard from one of the doctors one of your ears is hurt as well.

Q: Yeah.

Interviewer: How did that happen?

Q: It’s because he slapped me really hard.

Interviewer: Who slapped you?

Q: Abraham.

Interviewer: When did he do that?

Q: In Morocco, when he slapped me, he slapped me as hard as he could.

Interviewer: Why did he do that?

Q: Because he said, ‘Yes you’re lying’, he said I’m lying, I’m lying, I’m lying.

And later:

Interviewer: And you call Abraham something else as well, don’t you, as well as Abraham you call him something else?

Q: We never call him…well yeah, he says, when I call him Abraham he says don’t be rude, call me Papa. Even he’s not my Dad! First, this is how it was. I first started calling him Abraham and he said don’t be rude call me Uncle Hemp.

Interviewer: Yeah…

Q: And then I kept calling him Uncle Hemp and then he like made me trouble. He said don’t call me Uncle Hemp now, call me Papa Hemp.

Interviewer: Okay.

Q: And he’s not even our Dad.

Interviewer: No…Okay. Do you like Abraham?

Q: I hate him. I got no idea why my Mum and Abraham…no, I know why, my Mum and my Dad broke up.

Newcomers to the hoax, who might not be aware of how the children were coerced into lying, are often shocked by material like this, which casts the entire story in a very different light to the one that’s often found online.

While it can feel like going over old ground for the umpteenth time, it’s new information to a great many people.

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99 thoughts on “Going back over old ground

  1. Abe Christie – shame on you, you disgusting little man. The sooner you’re arrested and brought to justice, the better.

    I hope the locals in Morocco are aware of his antics and know not to allow him anywhere near their children.

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  2. For any newcomers who haven’t heard this before, here’s Abe coaching the kids (and being exceptionally creepy):

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    • Good grief I hadn’t heard that before as I haven’t watched the videos of the children. It occurs to me that these two, being 9/10 are obviously intelligent children as they eventually understood that they no longer had to promote Chistie’s lies and openly explained how they were coerced and forced.

      Anyone who listens to Christie’s exhortations in that video and still will not accept he is a malign and creepy character who is clearly taking delight in coaching these children and is using obvious indoctrination methods really must be sick.
      They want it to be true, they demand it to be true as it reinforces something deep within them. They don’t give a damn about the long term effects on these kids which includes demanding it be true that the two children murdered babies.

      Sabine really is like the symbolic figurehead for all the hoaxers : basically putting aside any consideration for the damage she may be doing to 2 children in order to advance her cracked beliefs and eventually, paying a pretty terrible price.
      And I wonder how Rupert must now feel?. A completely forgettable character who was encouraged, used and abused by APD, Sabine and others and having served a jail term for his involvement at a pretty difficult age – he will be excluded from so many occupations in the US and will be reduced to menial work ( his folly forever on the Internet for prospective employers to read). A prime example of ego and arrogance preceding a fail.

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    • For the record, that’s from the Jean-Clement recordings, not Abe’s videos of the children.
      It’s been covered on the blog before, btw.

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      • Ambassador Ghost of Sam - Official Diplomatic Representaive ( Ethereall World) to The Court of King Wanoa says:

        One minute she’s an Assange fan the next a jilted lover seeking revenge.
        I think her latest belief is that Julian Assange was removed from the Embassy to prevent her fulfilling her destiny in marrying the poor man.
        Perhaps Assange out on an act of screaming as he was bustled away possibly thinking a jail cell or even Gitmo was preferable to General Sands arriving in that ludicrous great mobile home thing and whisking him off.
        Crikey she must loathe Pamela Anderson.

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    • wearn`t they doing renovations on it at the time of the fire? that one sounds as bad as when Bill Maloney told everyone they wanted to get rid of DNA evidence of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, so the Paedo MP`s decided to do renovation work. Fuck, havn`t these people got anything better to do? stick to the facts, not the fiction

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    • I am confuse. The hundredth monkey, is it spherical now? Is it balancing on a ball, or stuck inside one, like a hamster ball but monkey-sized?

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    • He didn`t see the wood for the trees, when he shit his pants, walking all the way home with a big log in his pants.

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    • I very much doubt that King Wanoa is the one who will “wake the masses”.
      In fact I’ve heard his effect on “the masses” is similar to a million Mogadons being slipped into the water supply. And this is not Fiction.

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  3. The recording and transcript of Abrascam torturing and and attempting to brainwash two innocent children could realistically be described as trauma based mind control.

    It is ironic that the very thing that the satan hunters claim is going on all around has actually happened under their noses, the evidence has been in the public domain for years, and yet they choose to ignore the facts of this particular case and instead accuse the children’s completely innocent father of SRA.

    It is one of the many examples of satan hunters pointing and screaming at innocent people while apparently oblivious to the disgusting child abusers, religious scammers and paedophiles in their own ranks.

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    • Yes, excellent point. They have been looking at this upside down: the real trauma-based mind control came from Christie, who desperately tried to obfuscate and cover it up.

      And why would he do this? Perhaps part of the clue lies in what he made the children call him: “Papa Hemp”.

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  4. There was a comment yesterday about the fire at Notre Dame, and how long it would take for the conspiracy nutters to jump on it..
    “InfoWars, a fringe website which is known for spreading conspiracy theories, published a story which suggested the fire had been intentionally set.
    The claim was based on a single erroneous tweet, which was later deleted. The InfoWars story remains online.”

    Infowars- why am I not surprised…
    Alex bloody jones…
    Another one that never learns from their mistakes…

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    • Actually the fire never happened. The footage was faked using CGI and the so-called “fire-fighters” were crisis actors. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!

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      • I know you’re joking Mia, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody is daft enough to say that in earnest. It’s not the first time a cathedral has caught fire (as I was informed yesterday) Reims Cathedral was burned during World War I and an earlier version of the same cathedral burned in 1210. Reims has of course been restored. The old Coventry cathedral was left as a ruin and a new one built of course though Dresden Cathedral has been restored (after damage in World War II). I remember the Cutty Sark (tea clipper ship) being damaged by fire (I think by a careless cigarette end) but in those days there weren’t Satan Hunters all over the internet (unless the internet was less ubiquitous then).

        There were people who said the Ariana Grande concert was a “false flag” and don’t believe children died there. That made me angry. I didn’t lose anybody in that event but I have relatives in Lancashire. Of course King John’s flag is false in a sense – it is real enough in that it is fabric and is attached to a stick but it is false in that it doesn’t convey the powers that his dupes believe it does.

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      • What happened then, how come large amounts of it are no longer there, why is it there`s always some one to say nothing happened. I don`t suppose you would find out for your self and actually go and visit the actual site, Usually there`s a smell of burning and bits of singed wood and other burnt bits. The thing is, its such a large building I think it would be nearly impossible to say it never happened. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!! go and look for your self.

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    • This was the comment and I believe possibly the first in the world. I too marveled at the brilliance of the poster who exhibited such foresight and intelligence and is also..(editor- put a cork in it, everyone knows who you are).

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    • JengirlB comments on Rose Leedy’s video ‘The fire,the cause,and what was in it’:

      “Grateful that burned down all those pagan statues & pagan art is why I won’t step into churches they all are demonic…I don’t need church & bible scriptures to believe in my lord Jesus Christ…I speak to him everyday through prayer 🙏🏻 & just talking that’s all Jesus cares about at the end of the day…thanks Rose 🌹 off to bible study now, my massage felt therapeutic it was healing & I have been going to Tia for years she prays with me before & after massage in Jesus name…you need a spa day pamper for mom’s.”

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  5. Seeing as we’re going over old ground.

    I recently re watched the children’s videos. I didn’t have much choice since I was looking into You Tuber Rose Leedy, who incidentally has posted most of the Hampstead kids videos, photos of kids from other schools (I’ve emailed the schools) and photos and personal details of people who were accused. Rose is another one not ashamed to try and make money off the back of a child abuse story and she solicits donations by posting her paypal details.

    On one of her videos Rose says “One of the main reasons I wanted to do this page was for SRA victims too because I love their stories. People who grow up in a home and can’t do nothing about it.” That’s nice Rose. You like hearing about people being raped and tortured eh? The mind boggles!

    Anyhow, back to the Hampstead kids videos. I think someone has already pointed out what I’m going to say but I’ll repeat it because on re watching the videos the following stood out to me.

    In the first place, who would do disclosure interviews about sexual abuse and murder at an airport where the public are about and might hear? Seriously, who asks children to relate stories of sexual abuse and murder in a public place? To do this you must be fairly confident that there’ll be no emotional aftermath from the kids. You have to know there’ll be no breakdowns and no mess. How do you know there won’t? Because you know it’s just rehearsal time and it’s not true. It’s both rehearsal and the collection of video footage which is to be edited for later use, probably so that Abe can make money. He was apparently known for his get-rich-quick schemes that never worked out.

    One thing I noticed from the videos is that there is no concern about the children’s feelings. Neither of the adults says anything kind and at one point Abe’s hand comes in from the side and he shoves the boy’s head towards the camera. The children relate horrible things and mum says “Look at the camera.”

    The kids are clearly being put through their paces to make sure they’ve got the story straight. An example of this is where, in front of Ella and Abe, the girl describes cutting a baby’s head off and then she says:

    “But when my mum found out about it she told me that it’s wrong to do this kind of stuff so then me and X (brother) had still been used to it but we had understood that it’s wrong.”

    Ask yourself why she would say “when my mum found out” when her mum is standing in front of her? Surely she’d say “when you found out.”

    She says “….but then after there was a man called Abraham who came to help us and he said that it is true that fear is the mind killer and then after….we said we had to face our fear…and then after (mother interjects “the camera is here”) we faced our fear.”

    Again Abraham is standing there in front of her when she says this. It’s obvious that the girl is relating something she’s been told to say otherwise why wouldn’t she address him personally?

    Ella and Abe are obviously a pair of con artists. Shame on them and all those who have promoted this hoax on the internet to make money. Tom Dunn and Rose Leedy. I’m looking at YOU!

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    • “Rose Leedy has posted most of the Hampstead kids’ videos and photos of kids from other schools. I’ve emailed the schools”

      Thank you, MC. Great work 🙂

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    • The whole thing was a dreadful scam and you are right about the airport etc and one big glaring problem: these ratbags claim babies were being bused in every week and murdered ( and all the other kids were being raped and participating in murder) but apparently for Abe, Ella, Sabine and especially that goose Neelu what’s a few dozen decapitated bubs when you can take your time to create a sensation !.

      I just Thank God ( I know him/her personally) that we have sane sensible intelligent Judges to combat this stuff.

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      • She’s in Kingsport, Tennessee. I’m not doxing her, she makes it clear where she lives on some of her videos.
        Both she and her husband have mugshots online – both for theft and in Rose’s case Probation violation too.

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    • If your children were telling you about how they were being abused on a massive scale, would your reactions be to beat them, pour freezing water over them while they stood in only their underpants? Not to mention waking them up at all hours of the night to test them on details of the story and press the edge of a hot spoon on the little girls face so hard as to leave a scar?


  6. The Hampstead narrative has got more holes than a colander, thanks to hoaxtead for making these holes perfectly visible it’s just a shame fools like devine choose to try and carry it all on despite how sick the ringleaders in all this really are, thanks again hoaxtead and god speed

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    • Yeh sure Andy: “Kings Bench Common Law Court” :when you have secured that Council car park at 77 Cook Street, Auckland we may take you seriously. That’s the bench mark. No council car park- no Wanoa Kingdom.

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  7. I lost a post so if the previous one has gone into moderation and later reappears that will be why there is a double post. What I said was that “King John” made me think of the Hugh Chesterman poem

    “John was a tyrant, John was a tartar
    John put his name to the great big charter”

    and that the people who buy into this ‘freeman on the land’ bilge don’t seem to realise the Magna Carta really only benefited the barons, the common folk were no better off after the charter.

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    • Mostly because the common people were chattels of the landowners, so not really people….


      • Serfs were not chattels, their lack of freedom meant that they couldn’t leave the land and could be directed in the work they did on it by a reeve, who was himself a serf. But they weren’t slaves, weren’t owned, had rights in criminal law and equal access to religion. And they were themselves landowners, they were tied to the land but they had a right to hold it. Most serfs were better off than free landless labourers.
        However most of Magna Carta excludes villeins/serfs, and only applies to “freemen”. ROYAL villeins however did have extra rights, but the barons didn’t do that out of kindness. The royal villeins’ rights obviously had to be asserted against the king, so weakening him further.
        The final vestiges of villein status were abolished in 1925 when copyhold tenure was abolished, but for hundreds of years that had just been an alternative way to own land, and make law students’ lives miserable. When it was abolished, no-one noticed.

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    • For those new to FOTLers, a detailed explanation of the Magna Carta

      1. That no one was to be put to death, save for some reason (except the Common People).
      2. That everyone should be free (except the Common People).
      3. That everything should be of the same weight and measure throughout the Realm (except the Common People).
      4. That the Courts should be stationary, instead of following a very tiresome medieval official known as the King’s Person all over the country.
      5. That ‘no person should be fined to his utter ruin’ (except the King’s Person).
      6. That the Barons should not be tried except by a special jury of other Barons who would understand.

      Magna Charter was therefore the chief cause of Dernocracy in England, and thus a Good Thing for everyone (except the Common People).

      After this King John hadn’t a leg to stand on and was therefore known as ‘John Lackshanks’.

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      • The Barons

        Simon de Montfort, though only a Frenchman, was thus a Good Thing, and is very notable as being the only good Baron in history. The other Barons were, of course, all wicked Barons. They had, however, many important duties under the Banorial system. These were:
        1. To be armed to the teeth.
        2. To extract from the Villein* Saccage and Soccage, tollage and tallage, pillage and ullage, and, in extreme cases, all other banorial amenities such as umbrage and porrage. (These may be collectively defined as the banorial rites of carnage and wreckage
        3. To hasten the King’s death, deposition, insanity, etc., and make quite sure that there were always at least three false claimants to the throne.
        4. To resent the Attitude of the Church. (The Barons were secretly jealous of the Church, which they accused of encroaching on their rites — see p. 30, Age of Piety.)
        5. To keep up the Middle Ages.

        * Villein: medieval term for agricultural labourer, usually suffering from scurvy, Black Death, etc.

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  8. Tom Dunn is live.

    Someone tell me I didn’t just hear him say ‘We’re going to expose Satanic Ritual Abuse and we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun doing it….’ Wtf?

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  9. Apparently Tom was approached by Steve Martin!

    “Steve Martin, by the way, contacted me and then asked me to contact him back which I tried to contact him back and he never answered the phone and every time I tried to call him it was a different story. ‘He works nights.’ ‘He works days’ when I would call at night. ‘He’s here, he’s there He’s in court.’ I do believe he was in court. I believe that part was true because they were prosecuting Sabine McNeil who ends up getting sentenced for the crime of trying to expose Satanic Ritual Abuse.”

    I assume that Steve Martin tried to contact Dumb when he was in Scotland? If so that was November and Sabine was in Court in January. Just sayin’.

    Tom names the children in this video and also gives an inaccurate account of what happened with the medical report but that doesn’t surprise me. Silly man.

    I won’t link to the video since he names the children.

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      • Tom Dunn is nasty individual who’s only doing this for the merch sales. Lowest of the low.

        By the way, some of the fruitloops are trying to say it’s ok to name the witness and show his face because he’s previously appeared on the BBC, an eBay ad etc. yadda yadda. The dumb intellectually challenged twats don’t seem to get that the court order was only issued in January this year 🙄

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    • Thanks for alerting us to this, Shillelagh. I’ve archived the video as evidence. There are four separate rants about Hampstead and Hoaxtead.

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    • “Of course, you know, there are gonna be people who don’t believe that [Ella’s polygraph test]. That’s fine but you’re already a joke anyway so we don’t really care what you think” 🙄


      • Added to the Fruitcake Quotes 🙂

        Other recent additions:

        “They’re just doing what they can to do whatever they can”
        “Gordon’s exposed himself to me”
        “It could have been put to breast there and then”
        “Even a stopped clock is right twice a year”
        “You came to me and said you trust me impeccable”
        “What an intricate web they’ve cast”
        “When you’ve removed all possibilities, what’s left is the truth”
        “This island England belongs to us”
        “Fortunately Edward didn’t make it”
        “Your arseholes were warned”
        “I went to the Ideal Exhibition Show”
        “We’re all prawns in the game”


    • Is it just me or does Andy Pandy appear to be on an unexpectedly strong strain of wacky-baccy or acieeed recently? I mean he’s always been delusional, but this is really more incoherently demented than can be produced by imbibing the simple distillation of grain products!

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      • I think that’s Wanoa-wibble. John Wanoa is the KING. He is not bound by your normal laws of grammar or word-order. Devine is merely repeating it for the benefit of his followers.

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