The Hampstead Harasser is back. Report away!

Thanks to the ever-vigilant El Coyote, who has drawn our attention to this:


If you have a WordPress account, please use the following procedure to report the ResearchHampstead blog:


If you don’t have a WordPress account, you can report Charlotte and her pig’s toilet of a blog here:

Feel free to use/adapt my report, which reads as follows:


I wish to report this blog on a number of legal and ethical grounds. If you check your records, you will see that just 4 days ago, you removed another blog by the same person (Charlotte Ward) called Hampstead Research (, as a number of posts and comments on it contained death threats, child pornography images, race hate speech and the personal details (names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) of innumberable innocent people who are being harassed, slandered and intimidated by Charlotte and her online hate group in connection with a “satanic ritual abuse” scandal which was found by the courts and the press to be a hoax. On a number of occasions she also publicised the names, addresses and photos of these people’s children, which is a serious criminal offence and has caused these children incalculable stress and anxiety.

Charlotte Ward is very dangerous and is wanted by Barnet Police for harassment, slander, malicious communications and the downloading and sharing of child pornography (she is currently believed to be on the run in Suriname). Via her blog, she also uploaded and shared the confidential Police videos of two extremely vulnerable children relating highly personal information about sexual issues, which raises a number of child protection/safeguarding issues. These videos are subject to two court orders preventing their publication. On her new blog she has already re-uploaded a number of posts for which her previous one was banned and has announced plans to upload more.

I cannot over-emphasise how important it is for the innocent people of Hampstead and their terrified children (who have taken to referring to Miss Ward as “the Bogeywoman”) that this person is prevented from using your service to continue her illegal activity and I urge you to remove her new blog.

Thank you



You can find general guidance and information on reporting blogs here:



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