Actually, ‘tiresome’ would be a more apt description. The same old hypocrisies, threats, slander and self-projection:


There would be no point in over-analysing the above post, as every point that Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward makes therein has been hitherto addressed by innumerable people, including myself, ad infinitum. Feel free to have a read yourselves but there is nothing new in there. It’s just the same old mind-numbing rants about how she has been mercilessly “harassed” and “trolled” (which is how she interprets being asked uncomfortable questions or asked to provide evidence to support her serious allegations). Naturally, these tiresome diatribes about being harassed are interwoven with jaw-droppingly hypocritical boasts about how she herself has worked around the clock to harass innocent people herself. So go figure.

Case in point: she once again repeats her slander about me downloading child porn. As previously pointed out, she has never provided one single scrap of evidence to support this serious allegation. Moreover, she herself has downloaded child porn and included it in two of her videos and one of her posts. This is not even open to debate, as said post and videos are still there for all to see. This accusation is just another sign of her desperate attempts to deter us from exposing her lies about the Hampstead community. Which is why, despite repeated requests, she has been unable to provide any evidence to support her claims about me. And it’s why, in her desperation, she told a big steaming lie about reporting me to the National Crime Agency. How do we know that was a lie? Because on the very NCA website to which she linked us, there is categorically no crime-reporting facility:

We, however, have reported her crimes to both Barnet Police and Crimestoppers, as we have shown with previous links and screenshots. And as can also be seen from some my screenshots, I personally have emailed a number of her victims with messages of support and vital information that has enabled them to report Charlotte themselves. This is a strategy which has now gone into overdrive. Yes, Operation Bombshell is now underway. A deluge of activity is going on behind the scenes and innumerable people have been contacted regarding the wealth of information that we have I our possession (thank you so much for taking the lead on this, EC). We will keep you posted as to any developments. Let’s just say that Charlotte’s days of evading justice are numbered.

So why does Charlotte continue to do this? Why is she desperately clinging on to her life of crime? Why does this agente provocatrice continue to bully, harass, slander, threaten and intimidate hundreds of innocent people from (what she thinks is) her hideout?

It has long been widely believed that Charlotte has – at worst – a serious mental illness or – at best – severe learning difficulties. And posts such as the one above continue to support that theory. Her lack of guilt or remorse for her actions appear to suggest psychosis (or even sociopathy). Her extreme lack of self-awareness hints at anosognosia. Her acute paranoia is a sign of schizophrenia. And her obvious inability to view situations in anything other than black and white indicates that she may have autism spectrum condition. Moreover, her apparent inability to adhere to industry-standard research protocols or to carry out robust checks on her sources casts serious doubts on her claims that she is a leading academic and former college lecturer.

Then there are her perverse sexual fantasies, as skilfully analysed on the Victims Against Hoaxes blog:


There must be reasons why a woman who professes to be against child abuse persists in illegally posting the confidential video testimonies of two vulnerable children. There must be reasons why she continues to post the names and photos, not just of the people whom she has wrongly accused of being cannibals and paedophiles, but also of their children. I can categorically vouch for the fact that many children in Hampstead have suffered – and continue to suffer – severe anxiety and stress as a direct result of the actions of Charlotte and her cronies. Many have taken to referring to Charlotte as “the Bogeywoman” or “that mad internet lady”. Many have lost sleep, saying they’re scared that the Bogeywoman might come and kill them in the night. Those who have been named and depicted in Charlotte’s blogs and videos have been particularly frightened and have faced social isolation and there are fears that the permanent nature of the internet will mean that they will face stigma, taunts and bullying when they move on to secondary school. All courtesy of the “anti-child abuse campaigner” Charlotte Ward.

The Victims Against Hoaxes blog has asked the pertinent question as to whether knowing the effect she is having on these poor little children gives Charlotte a perverse feeling of quasi-sexual pleasure. This was alluded to by Justice Pauffley in her detailed and thorough court hearing report:



That may also go some way to explaining why Charlotte frequently writes posts about child porn, tattooed penises, “plastic willies” and “Dearman’s dildos” and demands that various teachers, parents and men of the cloth show her their private parts “to prove their innocence” (as if Charlotte would then let it go if they did). Many people are asking whether she gets off on talking about this stuff. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it.

And lest we forget that Charlotte’s questionable mental stability and irrational behaviour can only be exacerbated by her drug-taking. She has oft admitted to smoking skunk, eating magic mushrooms and snorting coke. (Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable for an anti-child abuse campaigner to help fund an oh so child-friendly industry like drug trafficking, by the way.)


I’ll leave you with two thoughts…

Firstly, where is Charlotte while she is stirring up her handful of unhinged followers into “taking action”? She states in the above post that she has “attended rallies”. Has she? When was this? Remember – we know what Charlotte looks like and have monitored every church protest and rally that has taken place since the Scamden fiasco began and can categorically confirm that Charlotte has not attended a single one of them. In fact, while she has been pressuring her deluded supporters into attending them and taking all the risks, she herself has stated on record more than once that she does not believe in public protests.


Secondly, remember that Charlotte is the one who has repeatedly stated that when people don’t reply to her intimidating emails, this is “proof of guilt”. Well, we have sent Charlotte several polite emails and open letters inviting her to provide evidence to support her extremely serious allegations against many many people, and inviting her to answer a number of questions that the Hampstead Community would like answered. She has not responded to a single one. By your own “logic”, Charlotte Ward, be damned.

So whether Charlotte likes it or not, for all the innocent men, women and children whose lives she has wrecked, for all the teachers, clergymen, social workers and business people she has intimidated and slandered, and for the Hampstead community as a whole, we will continue to question her, challenge her and share information as appropriate. And we will continue to take legal action to expose her illegal activities, shut her down and bring her to justice. She will simply have to deal with that.

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  1. On the point about Charlotte’s mental illness, there’s a lot of evidence that she never leaves the house (or her Surinamese jungle hut). Even on her day off today, she says she’s going to spend it writing and cleaning. This leads me to suspect that she has agoraphobia (on top of all those other things). She’s classic curtain-twitcher material too. I bet she’s one of those weird bored housewives who, when she’s not busy watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ or seducing the milkman and the plumber into kinky threesomes, spends hours spying on her neighbours, then spreading malicious gossip about them. No wonder she has to keep moving home.

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  3. “Repetitive” is Charlotte’s middle name. Her entire pathetic excuse for a blog is one long tiresome repetitive screaming of the same old lies, over and over again. Reminds me of the man who said this: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

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