ACTION: Report illegal videos on Vimeo

An eagle-eyed member of our team notes that the Vimeo account “Mister Jones” ( contains 52 videos. All are about the Hampstead hoax, and many are illegal videos of the children. One of the videos on “Mister Jones” has a thumbnail of G. with the video title “Lots and lots of sex”. Yes, seriously.

The Vimeo complaints process is a bit more complex than YouTube’s, and does require that you be signed into Vimeo, but it’s important that we try to take down as many of these videos as we can. If you’re searching for the right words for your complaint, here’s the template Scarlet Scoop uses:

This video contains illegally obtained police evidence, featuring the names, faces and confidential testimonies of two vulnerable children, as well as slander against a number of innocent individuals. It is in breach of several laws as well as a High Court injunction currently in place against both YouTube and Google.

Feel free to amend as you like!

Meanwhile, over on Hamster Research…

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of videos, apparently Charlotte Ward has her girdle in a knot about having some of Jacco’s Hampstead Research videos removed by YouTube. Wah, wah, wah.

I’ll admit, though, that I got a chuckle out of this:

“We might not be the best researchers……but at least we try.”

Yes, she really said that. I shit you not.


Yes, Charlotte, you do. Now go home.


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  1. I wonder if they will get another letter from CEOP after I complained of their blatant confession that they have accessed child abuse images (1000s of them) on the claim of “research”.
    I pointed out that by not investigating this illegality and passing this claim onto police CEOP is setting a precedent for others to claim they did likewise on behalf of that website.
    Perhaps others may wish to complain as well that the Hampsters seem to believe they are above the law.

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    • Oh, I certainly hope so! Not that Charlotte will pay attention. She has a long and sordid history of tearing up letters she doesn’t want to see. Of course, this will eventually come back and bite her in the arse.


  2. Charlotte proves yet again…she is just not the brightest button in the box.

    She is probably on parr with Neelu as most of the followers of the nutty cult are.

    Too thick the lot of them for their own good.

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    • She really doesn’t seem to be very bright, does she? Probably her parents sent her to the expensive school to try to compensate for her lack of natural brain power. Not that it did her any good whatsoever.


    • Another blog showing a good example of more is less.

      “We CAN bring a huge amount of pressure on ALL societal systems that WE The People PAY FOR – including the Home Office, Tavistock, Parliament, E-lizard and the WHOLE household including staff at Buckingham, and the old monarchies of Europe. ”

      OK I have to ask, WTF is an “E-lizard”?

      “This video is the END of secretive Kabbal activities of EVERY KIND the whole world over – the END of Forced Adoptions, the END of Ritual Sacrifice, the END of Ritual Abuse, the END of Sex Trafficking, the END of illegal U.S. Military occupations in the Middle East and throughout the world, the END of politicians BUGGERING little boys, the END of Mossad, the END of Global nuclear threat, the END of Shadow Governments, the END of the FED, the END of Monsanto, the END of the Rockefeller Foundation’s global hospital agenda, the END of the paper trade in Gold and Silver on the Commodities Market – they are trading PAPER !!! , the END of the corrupt NYSE, the END of Washington D.C., the END of the City of LONDON, the END of the VATICAN, the END of the JESUITS, the END of the BLACK POPE, the END of the Old European monarchies, the END of the Global Strangle-Hold of ALL PEOPLE held as SLAVES – STOCK – GOYIM under the Khazarian agenda !!!”

      With that one I am not even going to bother asking. “they are trading PAPER !!!” well there you have it folks presumably some E-lizards have a buzzing trade in toilet rolls!

      Oh and this apparently is from an excellent article from good old child beater spoonman and the deranged mother:

      “Adrenochrome, a substance taken from a live beating heart of a horrified person is highly addictive, very psychoactive and stimulating to those who chose to drink it. In satanic death cults operating in the UK this revolting chemical is in high demand. It is why the babies that are ritualistically sacrificed are terrified just before they are killed.”

      It appears that BronnyNZ has forgotten her meds.

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      • I just worked out from the context that “E-lizard” must be “Elizabeth” i.e. the Queen. It would be a good name for an online exotic pet store.

        Basically this is the type of rubbish people come out with when they are permanently stoned.

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      • LMAO. The mother and her spoon beater of a partner apparently on a crusade to save the world from the evil Illuminati and the E-Lizards. I am confused, is it the Queen or is it Ricky Dearman who is the head of all the Illuminati and responsible for all the world’s woes?

        Who needs to get a kick from so-called Adrenochrome when anyone can by Red Bull. Or will they say that Red Bull is Adrenochrome? Abraham Christie and Ella Draper produce so much bull, they should start a business in trading manure.

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    • From Abe and Ella’s site:

      “I love the fact that I have NO IDEA where Suriname is !!

      And yet here they are… Looking…

      Do you know where Suriname is, without Googling it ?? 🙂

      I’m completely baffled !! – is that it near Brazil ?? (looking closely at this map)

      And THANK YOU Suriname for finding us :)”

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    • SV, I’ve seen the site–it looks like it’s run by Bronwyn Llewellyn in New Zealand, but perhaps she’s given them space? I suppose she’s one of the last remaining dolts who are crazy enough to believe them.


      • Oh it’s most definitely one of Bronny’s!
        The constant change of font size and colour with every line, making you think that someone’s slipped you LSD every time you scroll down them…I try and only look at her blogs rarely, as they give me headaches!

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        • One of the core principles of communication is to be understood, the awful way the information is presented on that blog will put off at least 90% of visitors, the other 5% will run because of its kooky nature, and the other 5% are too retarded and mad to be relevant.

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  3. Re forced adoptions – I have to ask again. What happens when the likes of Fred and Rose West refuse to have their children adopted?

    Re Adrenochrome – straight from ‘Fear and Loathing’ in Las Vegas to David Icke. It must be true!

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    • Very often the tabloids take the parent’s side in the case of “forced adoptions”; when you dig deeper you find there has been serious abuse going on. I don’t think Social Services take children away lightly, the exception being at times when they have been headed by people who believe in SRA.

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      • The UK local authorities are in serious financial crisis thanks to Government austerity, and it costs lots of money to take children into care, then look after those children in the care system. The arguments that Social Services enthusiastically take children into care as part of a national conspiracy is unlikely in a time of council financial hardship.

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        • Social services don’t always get things right. There are good arguments for reform in social care, particularly when it comes to parents losing their children and irrevocable adoption.

          It is sad to read another case where a mother has child number five, six, or even seven removed, sometimes at birth. The genesis of this could be her own awful childhood and resultant inability to parent a child. What is saddest is there are things that could be done to help a mother in that situation BEFORE she inevitably becomes pregnant again. Perhaps counselling, a support worker, parenting classes, addiction support, domestic violence awareness and so on and so on. Instead everything kicks in when she becomes pregnant again and that is almost too late. Some of these mothers also struggle with the burden of a severe learning disability and support often isn’t geared to people with a very low IQ. That’s disability discrimination right there.

          The level of complexity and the numerous grey areas aren’t something many of these campaigners are able to deal with in my opinion though.

          There are a lot of people who say children are adopted for profit. That claim doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

          There are financial incentives for placing children who should be adopted quickly. That bonus would not go anywhere near covering the cost of getting to the point where a child is ready to be adopted, all legal issues resolved, family members assessed and so on.

          The profit is actually something like a £200k loss.

          And I really have a low opinion of John Hemming ex MP who campaigns on these issues. A very very low opinion.

          Other campaigners are actually worse, Sabine and Belinda.

          Put them all in a box together and they can create their own paedageddon and destroy each other without bothering the rest of us.

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          • I worked in the criminal courts for years and used to see people come through with learning difficulties, alcoholism etc who were having babies every year that were removed. This was often after having extensive ‘work’ done with them to improve their functioning but to no avail. It was sad all round. This is why adult adoptees should get counseling prior to finding their birth parents – you never know what you’re going to find.

            I know social services get it wrong sometimes, but on the whole they don’t have the time or resources to waste on non serious cases. Should also mention that in years in the criminal courts, where I saw many criminal convictions for child abuse, I never came across one parent who admitted they weren’t up to the job. Not one. Even people who had clearly abused or neglected their children thought social services were ‘out of order’ and shouldn’t be interfering. That’s one of the reasons it’s so difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff (sorry, horrible phrase) when it comes to reading parents’ accounts of their experiences with social services.

            Re ‘There are financial incentives for placing children who should be adopted quickly.’ Could we clarify that these financial incentives DON’T go to individual social workers but to the local authority. Some of the hoaxteders seem to think that individual social workers benefit from adoptions, which is not the case.

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          • The Hoaxteaders are confused on a number of issues, including but not limited to police procedures, criminal law, and how social services operate.

            Thanks very much for this, Earl and Tracey–you’ve both contributed really valuable info’ to add balance to the discussion.


      • I’ve noticed this, FS. The fact is, parents are not always the best people to care for their children. The ability to reproduce does not automatically confer the ability to be a good parent.


  4. I have a copyright on unnecessary capitalization EMPHASIS, I invented that in 1995 – I should sue Abe for stealing my style don’t you think? I also own superfluous “quatation marks” and I invented FULL CAPS SCREAMING BUT I SOLD THE LICENSE TO INTERNET WHACKJOBS INC. 🙂

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  5. The childen’s videos were categorised and given those names by Sabine; she admits this in the interview with Mel Ve done just after the court hearing. The titles demonstrate a disturbing lack of compassion in favour of salacious tabloid titillation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sabine is Mr Jones.
    On another issue, I see the police are thinking of wrapping up the Dolphin Square murder enquiry and they now reckon that ‘Nick’ is a fantasist. Good. They’re dropping like the proverbial flies.(Can’t count Fellows as a success either as the conclusion that he didn’t pervert the course of justice does not necessarily mean he was abused) Perhaps the gravy train is slowing down.
    On Neelu; I watched her ranting at the meter guys (on her lou lotus youtube channel) and it struck me that her constant aggressive verbal attacks are a kind of violence. She doesn’t take anything in, can’t cope with rational argument and then lashes out through fear and frustration. Every obstacle is met with her issuing these meaningless commercial liens; five meter guys and three police officers all had one by the end of the saga, not counting the 5 million one for the guy’s business. But she delivers the liens as if they’re punches, killer blows that she imagines will shut people up and send them reeling when all that happens is..well, nothing..except deeper and deeper confusion for Neelu and then more lashing out. It’s horribly fascinating watching it all unfold but I hope someone gets her the right help. I don’t have much faith that these ‘supporters’ will be the ones to help her though.

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  7. Just to note that when material is published on the Internet, it is libel and not slander. As a rule, libel is written and slander is spoken, but when the spoken word is broadcast, it becomes libel.


      • Tim Haines works with John Hemming in the organisation Justice for Families.

        I think ex Senator whatshisname too. Who was convicted for the contents of a blog.

        TBH as far as I am aware he should be wholeheartedly behind Abraham Christe and Ella Draper considering the track record of his associates. This sort of thing, outing children as victims of sexual offences, naming alleged abusers is right up their street. As is naming children in family cases, blogs naming children and all the rest.

        They should all be very very proud. It’s what they have campaigned for after all.

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        • You seem to have got things backwards. John Hemming disassociated himself entirely with McKenzie and McNeill long before the Hampstead case ever started. No-one at Justice for Families has ever supported the Satanic panic in any way, and, personally, I have posted consistently against it right from the beginning. Belinda McKenzie clarified quite recently that it was her who told Sabine to leave the country. It was nothing to do with John Hemming or JFF in any way. You clearly have no knowledge of JFF, who we are, or what we do, at all.


          • I do actually. Vicky Haigh ring a bell? John Hemming having to be warned by a very nice legal professional not to name names on his blog I seem to remember. Public meeting in the Houses of Parliament. Letters sent out naming the father by mother. Blogs. Sabine’s blog. And ex Senator thingymybob. His conviction was for?

            I’m talking about BEFORE he dissociated himself with Sabine and Belinda’s organisation.

            I think you know very well what I mean. What has happened in the Hampstead case has actually been done before by John Hemming and Mr ex Senator.

            However, I’m not saying that all the campaigning has been bad.

            There have been good changes. Some may even have come about in part because of John Hemming.

            Sabine writes utter drivel though. And John Hemming did submit that misconceived Habeas Corpus case. That’s misconceived as a polite term for something else.

            Don’t try to bullshit me. It won’t work.


          • Entirely wrong about what JFF is and does: JFF largely works in the Court of Appeal, and earlier this year we were successful in overturning final adoption orders, something never achieved by anyone before (Re W (Children) [2015] EWCA Civ 403). Entirely wrong about Vicki Haigh: the point was that the issue was about the right to a fair trial and wrongful imprisonment for speaking to her daughter at a petrol station. We did not support her directly in her allegations. The mumsnet misunderstanding was sorted out. Syvret was clearly set up with trumped up charges because of his investigations into child abuse at Haute de la Garonne – note not Satanic abuse (which I myself have vociferously argued does not exist) – but the ordinary, nasty kind which unarguably does. Entirely wrong about the Habeas Corpus case: we were fully aware that the ‘secret prisoner’ in that case had already been released at the time the case was brought, and it was wholly successful in its aim to force the courts to admit that secret jailings still continue. I could continue. You rely too much on what you hear third hand on the Internet; if you knew what was really going on you would be much less dismissive. There are really too many diverse threads here to continue in a debate. You’ve made your point, and I have replied with mine. Please let’s leave it as that as we have four appeals with imminent deadlines and three days at the RCJ next week so will be working all through the weekend and don’t have time to enter into detailed and pointless discussions.


          • “You rely too much on what you hear third hand on the Internet”

            I also think you misunderstand where I get my knowledge from. Clue. Not third hand on the Internet. John Hemming himself posts in various places for a start.

            I do actually hope you manage to prepare those cases. Don’t think I want miscarriages of justice. Not the case at all. It does matter how justice is achieved. Justice shouldn’t be achieved by trampling over the rights of vulnerable people.

            Oh god I’m angry. I might have some wine and go on Mumsnet………..or even some legal blogs………and get myself modded there… a nice barrister called Carl…..


            As I said DO NOT BULLSHIT ME.


          • Tim, don’t even try that “cloak of anonymity” stuff. Emotional blackmail doesn’t work on me.

            I was going to leave things. Seeing as you are back, it appears to me that you are saying a serving MP misled the court, lied even.

            Here’s the link to the case.


            I’ll give you wriggle room here. I note that you have only been a Justice for Families Ltd director for a short time. Could you in fact be mistaken when you said:

            “we were fully aware that the ‘secret prisoner’ in that case had already been released at the time the case was brought”

            The reason I’m saying this is the reported case on Bailii states:

            “it has not been possible for the applicant to identify the name of the prisoner, where she is imprisoned, or the name of the solicitors acting for her. She is, therefore, held effectively incommunicado. I therefore request the issuance of a writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum to the prisons minister to identify the name of the prisoner and allow consideration of the lawfulness of her imprisonment.”

            That’s John Hemmings’ statement there.

            There’s also this exchange reported:

            “MR JUSTICE COLLINS: You don’t even know if she is still in custody?
            MR HEMMING: I’m going by press reports that she was given 28 days, but she might not still —
            MR JUSTICE COLLINS: Yes she was, Of course”

            The honest answer would be something like, “I believe she has been released from custody”. Now, I do know that I’m applying a standard of probity that applies to solicitors, barristers and expert witnesses here. Maybe you think John Hemming is under no obligation not to mislead the court, even if that is by omission. Ho hum.

            And the reason I haven’t used my name, in case you haven’t noticed people touched by this case are getting death threats, excrement posted to their house, and much more. No thank you. Don’t fancy joining them so I’ll stay anonymous. You don’t have to worry, because you know that even though I disagree with you I’m not going to shit in a bag and post it. But such is the mayhem caused when a parent names another as a child abuser online.

            I’ve been rereading some stuff. Oh dear. Primary sources too. Not good. Worse than I remembered in fact.

            And so it’s clear, I have no interest whether John Hemming or an associate told Sabine McNeill to leave the country or not.

            I’m not going to repeat the don’t bullshit me line, I wanna play! Bring it on! I’ll be back if you like. Shall we do the Vicky Haigh timeline next?


          • This has nothing to do with the Hampstead hoax which is what we are here to discuss. FYI I have been a part of JFF since its inception ten years ago. I do not intend to continue a pointless discussion with a nameless person who is too cowardly to reveal their identity. If you have something to say about Hampstead, then please say it, else just go away. You really should spend less time trolling people who are on the same side as you.


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