Video Man identified?

Thanks to Mr.Very Angry, who sent us this link:

Check out the credits at 2:42 on the video above. Charlotte Ward (aka Charlotte Alton, aka Jacqui Farmer, who used to run the illegal Hampstead Research blog) gets a mention, as do her long-time associates Maggie Tuttle and Belinda McKenzie!


As you can see, the video was produced by Jacco de Boer. Could he be our elusive ‘Video Man’, Charlotte’s partner in both love and crime who we know to be Dutch?

Intriguingly, Jacco also lives in Paramaribo, Suriname (like Charlotte!):


El Coyote, Mr. Very Angry and myself have also been doing a little digging. And it turns out that Jacco has Charlotte on his Facebook friend list:


This is the same Charlotte who’s on the friend list of ‘DV’, a man we know to be a former lover and research colleague of our Charlotte’s!

Moreover, a number of Jacco’s family members also correlate with names mentioned in Charlotte’s Illuminati Party “book”.

So is Jacco de Boer Video Man? Answers on a postcard, please 😉


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