The many faces of Charlotte Ward

Thanks to an alert reader who tipped us off to an article about David Shayler, aka Jesus Christ (reincarnation of)…which might contain a photo of the notoriously camera-shy Charlotte Ward Alton, aka Jacqui Farmer.

You know, something has puzzled us for some time now. When innocent people, who’ve been targetted and had their privacy violated by Charlotte and her trolls, decide to tighten up the privacy on their Facebook accounts, they’re immediately dubbed ‘guilty’ of ‘hiding something’.

And yet when people like Charlotte evade public scrutiny, hide their social media accounts, and avoid having their pictures published anywhere on the internet, Hoaxtead hawkers don’t bat an eyelash.

Charlotte Ward AltonApparently Charlotte heeded our sage advice about keeping your Facebook hidden from public view.

But I digress.

We have only 2 confirmed photos of Charlotte, but we thought we’d throw them out there, along with the third, and see whether anyone in our audience might be able to offer us a positive identification.

Many faces of CharlotteFrom left to right: 2012, at the conference where she and Dr David Voas presented their paper on ‘Conpsirituality’; 2009, at a farmhouse with David Shayler; and outside the RCJ in London, conferring with Belinda (off-screen) and Robert Green during the Hollie Greig hoax.

Charlotte, if that is you, we salute your brave wardrobe choice. Nice hat, too.

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  1. Speaking of Jacqui Charlotte, surely her latest screed up on is actionable?

    She publishes a photograph of, and names, an individual which her and the other Hoaxtead cultists accuse of being a baby-eating baby raping baby-killer, and then urges others to form an angry mob (preferably with ex military for some reason) in order to hunt him down and strip him naked in public. All because (apparently) he chose to take down his Facebook account after being real-world stalked and real-world harassed by Hoaxtead cultists.

    And I got a one week ban at the once estimable Rigorous Intuition board for “being mean” to these fucktard sacks of subhuman filth.

    What authorities should be notified? I have the page saved to my hard drive.


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  2. I may have missed some of the back story, but how did she go from ‘critiqueing’ conspiracy theories, to propogating one herself?

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  3. One can only speculate, of course, but I have to assume her transition had something to do with the fact that there is very little chance of getting a love-bomb cult of True Believers to shower you with adulation and kudos by merely “critiquing” conspiracy theories.


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  4. “…the once estimable Rigorous Intuition board…”


    **GASP!** Haven’t laughed that hard for a long time 🙂

    You might not be aware, that the entire point of the RI board was to provide Project Willow (aka Lynn Shirmer) with a playground wherein no one would be allowed to challenge her or any other members of her cult?

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  5. @Jerky – The scandal of the deliberately rigged RI board pales in comparison to JW’s history as a conspiratard. JW got into the conspiracy-monger business after a lawyer friend of his tipped him off, that the lawyer was representing a man who “predicted” the 9/11 attacks. Ooo-eee-ooo! JW sucked right into this like a superpowered Hoover. Do you know who that prescient being was? It was this child-abusing POS right here:

    “A man with an international following has been sentenced to 336 years to life in prison after he was convicted of luring two boys into performing sex acts and making child pornography.

    Delmart Edward Vreeland, 42, of the Cottonwood subdivision in Douglas County, was convicted in 2006 of 13 felony charges, including inducement of child prostitution, sexual assault, sexual exploitation of children, and distribution of cocaine. Earlier this year, he was convicted of six habitual criminal counts.

    Vreeland was arrested in October 2004 for numerous charges including child prostitution. Witnesses reported that Vreeland provided drugs and alcohol to two teenage boys, and then induced them to perform sex acts and make child pornography for the promise of thousands of dollars and a drum set. The victims reported Vreeland to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

    Detectives conducted an extensive background search on Vreeland and learned that he was wanted in several states and Canada. He has over 40 aliases and an extensive criminal history dating back over 20 years.

    Vreeland posted bond and cut off his ankle bracelet, fleeing the state. Detectives tracked him down in Iowa and brought him back to Colorado.

    Douglas County authorities called Vreeland an international “folk hero” and conspiracy theorist who claimed that while he was incarcerated in a Canadian Jail in 2001 he forewarned Canadian officials of the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

    Vreeland has claimed to be a U.S. spy, a covert operative, and a Naval Intelligence Officer, all of which have been proven false, according to investigators. U.S. Naval records show that in 1986 Vreeland was kicked out of basic training for his inability to conform to military regulations.

    Vreeland has continually claimed to have information on terror plots and high profile murder and kidnapping cases. However, Douglas County detectives and the FBI state that Vreeland’s claims have no merit, and he is not a credible source of information”.

    And by the way, JW is also a graduate of the most extreme fundamentalist BIBLE COLLEGE in Canada!

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  6. Are you suggesting, as has been suggested about Belinda, that she has studied the “alternative media”, “new age movement” etc. and recognised a market for a particular type of bull shit?

    I can never be sure if either of them believe what they are saying.

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  7. You raise an ongoing issue: the authorities are well aware of Charlotte, and tell us that they have sufficient evidence to lay multiple charges against her. Unfortunately, since she and Jacco are cowering in Suriname, it hasn’t been possible to make an arrest. Yet.


  8. It’s a long story, and worthy of a post or two. Basically she started off as a common-or-garden benefits cheating troofer, got a tiny taste of academic fame, met Belinda McKenzie, and was tagged to start HR, where she discovered the malicious joy of sadistically ‘outing’ innocent people. More to follow….

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  9. Of all the satanic hysterics that website is the nastiest & most vicious. She really must be reported to police as one who demands physical retribution against anyone who she perceives as part of the ‘cult’. I know she is in Suriname but her immigration must be put on notice about this very dangerous woman.

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  10. I know all that (and was very briefly, very tangentially involved in the Vreeland saga). I also know Jeff and consider him to be a friend, and do not recognize him in your characterization, despite you getting some of the facts right. So… you know… take it easy please. Jeff hasn’t involved himself in Hampstead. Please leave the slander to the goons.



  11. I’m not privy to very much information re: Project Willow (although I know she calls herself an SRA “survivor”). I do know that she’s a very talented visual artist, and has made some very thoughtful and intelligent contributions to various RigInt board discussions (i.e. when NOT discussing Hampstead!).


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  12. “I also know Jeff and consider him to be a friend…”

    *SIGH* I’ve heard that so many times, from persons who are no longer welcome at RI. Perhaps you will still say that, after you get permanently banned – some do, some don’t.

    There’s no slander intended, though. That’s my honest perception of what JW said. You’re welcome to your own.

    You are on the right side of the Hampstead hoax, that’s what matters here and the only thing that matters to me at the moment.


  13. Believe me, many have asked the same thing. Charlotte has learned that she can get away with this kind of thing, and each time she seems to push the envelope a little further. Her malice and ugliness really seem to know no bounds.


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