Valerie Sinason, the Godmother of British SRA

Although not on our perps list, Valerie Sinason is a nasty piece of work, a very dangerous woman who is long overdue for a bowl of porridge. I don’t know that she’s had any direct involvement with the Hoaxtead scam but she has a lot to answer for as regards the culture that has allowed it to happen. To the unacquainted, she is a prolific promoter of SRA and has been one of the main players behind most of the satanic panic episodes of the last 30 years, writing articles and touring the country hosting seminars, lectures and training sessions designed to whip gullible sheeple into a Bible-thumping frenzy, including many of the social workers and cops who have in the past been culpable of shameful jackboot tactics which have led to countless innocent families being torn apart. And she allegedly has links with Jacqui Farmer, Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie.

Valerie Sinason

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