Human Blood Drinking

“Human blood drinking is, of course, is not normal. Despite the BBC’s efforts to normalise it. But we found this page, which appears ‘real’ enough and discusses the compulsion to drink human blood. We apologise if you are one of those normal, healthy people who feel sickened by the idea of drinking someone’s blood (other than the blood of Christ, which for Christians in an entirely different matter).”

~ Jacqui the Troll

That sounds like our cue to repost our earlier exposé of Jacqui the Troll‘s close friend and ally Araya Soma’s empassioned plea for everyone to drink menstrual blood:

To say that Jacqui and Araya are fundamentally opposed on this issue would be an understatement. But which is better? Jacqui’s blood of Christ or Araya’s blood of woman? There’s only one way to find out…



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