Neelu & Sabine trial: Day 1

The following report has been pieced together from several reports we’ve received concerning today’s trial activities. If you were there and have further information to add, please feel free to use our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill stood trial today on charges of conspiracy to commit witness intimidation. The action took place at Blackfriars Crown Court, Room 2, and from the outset it was clear that there would be issues regarding seating in the courtroom.

A group turned out to support Neelu and Sabine,  and another came to lend support to the witnesses.

When time came to enter the court, the witness support group got to the seats more quickly, taking up the majority of the 11 available seats in the public gallery. Neelu and Sabine’s supporters entered shortly afterward, and were noticeably unhappy that the court would not allow anyone to remain in the room who was not seated.

All members of the public gallery had to leave the court to enable the jury to be sworn in, and during that time we understand some harassment took place in the hallway, with one person approaching a group of women and accusing them of being cult members—despite the large posted sign warning people not to discuss the case.

When he offered to help the group leave the cult, several people made their displeasure clear, but he persisted, and began describing the sexual abuse he fantasises cult members inflict on children. At that point, court officials were called over, and the person was spoken to.

Someone had seen him filming people in the court hallway, but by the time the officer spoke with him the images were not to be found on his phone. However, a warning was given in court regarding the illegality of taking photos either inside or outside the courtroom, and people were warned that any such activities would be be considered contempt of court. As well, those being photographed could complain that they were being intimidated and harassed.

While Judge Worsley refused Neelu’s request that all jurors not only swear their oaths before God, but also swear that they were not practising Satanists, the jury was somehow sworn in, and it was time for the public to try to reclaim their seats in the gallery.

Although the judge initially suggested that each defendant could have 5 court supporters, Sabine’s barrister, Mr Byrne, suggested that each defendant could have 3 supporters, and the witnesses could have the remaining 3; 2 seats in the gallery were to be kept free for the journalists in attendance while the witnesses were on the stand. The witnesses, when they testify, will be behind a screen, and must not be visible to anyone other than court officials.

You would be correct in inferring from this that no witnesses took the stand today; much of the day was taken up with mucking about with seating arrangements.

Sabine seems to think the current seating arrangement less than satisfactory, if her latest blog post is to be believed:

Sabine 2016-07-11Interesting multiple-choice question: according to Sabine, anyone who doesn’t support either her or Neelu is perforce a Satanist? We wonder why she chose to password-protect this post…we’re sure it couldn’t be because she’s afraid of incurring the wrath of the court during her own trial.

Prosecutor’s opening statement

Eventually, the prosecuting attorney, Mr Attridge, was able to make his opening statement, in which he presented an overview of how the witness statements arising from Neelu’s arrest had made their way from Neelu to Sabine’s Whistleblower Kids blog. As the trial progresses, he will flesh out his arguments, but today he reviewed forensic evidence.

Both defendants have entered pleas of Not Guilty.

The trial continues tomorrow at 10 a.m., and it’s expected that 3 witnesses will testify for the prosecution.

Blackfriars Crown Court


81 thoughts on “Neelu & Sabine trial: Day 1

  1. Two journalists?

    It will obviously be very important that if special measures are taken to protect witnesses that no one undermines that.

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  2. One thing I find disturbing about this case is that the police/CPS seem to have totally ignored other activities of the defendants (and others) including conspiracy to kidnap. I do wonder about the effectiveness of the investigation considering the hard evidence they were in receipt of. Or am I missing something?

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  3. I believe it was Warren Buffet who said:

    ‘The most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging.’


  4. messing with the witness supporters is going way to far, when outside the courtroom they should keep their phones on voice record as evidence if something happens, i would like to go to one of the final days but i dont want these psychos knowing who i am, we should all support them though, this could happen to anyone. I hope they get punished but im not holding my breath.

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      • I thought it was only in the courtroom, but that sounds right. They should be charged with witness intimidation though, these are deranged people who use the threat of outing you on the internet as a supporter of the so called cult, how the hell did this happen in England? this is the sort of thing you’d expect from American religious fanatics.


    • Unfortunately, keeping phones on voice-record also breaches the law against recording within the court building. However, I do expect that there might be a stronger police presence tomorrow, now that they’ve been alerted to the situation. As usual, no one in authority expected the Hoaxtead mob to be as…well, mob-like as they are.

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      • News gatherers (real ones) are taught and often have to be reminded that the general ban on recording and photography covers courts and court precincts. – Theoretically that might even include the streets around the court! Although of course that bit is rarely (if ever) acted upon; recording anything within the court building is a no-no. – At the first signs of harassment summon court staff/police.

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        • They will record audio, film, take pics inside and outside of the court room!!!!

          They always do, they always will, as it is pretty impossible to stop. One way to put a stop to it is to not allow phones in at all.

          They will secretly film the other side….they have a TOTALLY free range to do whatever, whewnever.

          They abide to no one, no rules or law….nothing!

          It is but a sorry state.

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  5. Just as I suspected, not enough seats in the public gallery.

    Sounds like whoever was intimidating outside the court room, should have been arrested and charged.

    Also knew there would be filming going on.

    Did the jury hear Neelu’s request for the additional oath?

    They’ve got some case to hear!

    Who did get the seats from the Neelu and Sabine fan club?

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    • My sources tell me the person who was warned was Jake Clarke, and if any further trouble arises today, then the judge is going to take serious action against anyone for contempt of court.


      • What a numpty Jake Clarke is.

        Btw surely the seats taken in the public gallery should be 1st come 1st served.

        Since when does Belinda/Neelu/Sabine decide who puts their bums on the seats.

        I reckon they are being given favourable treatment here!

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    • The jury didn’t hear Neelu’s request for the special oath, no.

      Among those spotted were (in no order) Belinda, Dave Conaghan, Jake Clarke, David Efthyvoulou, Penny Pullen, Lee Cant, Androulla (from the Theatro Technis event last fall), John Banks, and a host of others.

      For today’s sitting, we expect Belinda will take one of the coveted ‘Hoaxtead seats’, and she is doling out the others to party loyalists.


      • E.C. – This Androulla woman: She wasn’t by any chance somewhere in her mid-50s with a slightly Scottish (Glaswegian) accent? – i.e. that of a Scot who had lived in London for most of her adult life?


          • Fair enough – the ‘Glaswegian’ one would be of Greek-Cypriot descent, and living in that community; but she wouldn’t have a ‘foreign’ accent.


          • The ‘Androulla question’ came from a third-party at this end…. The one we know of is short-ish, is/was quite attractive (dusky/sultry looking); and completely off her fucking head! She fled Glasgow in the late/70s early 80s. It is possible she was actually abused by a local paedo in the mid-70s. But that seems to have caused her to lose it completely, and she’s messed up a few lives with her paranoia and capacity to generate fiction! – Prime ‘Belinda material’! – TBH we’d be sorry to see her sucked into Belinda’s carnival.


        • We discussed Androulla a while back. She’s one who insists her husband turned her kids against her by means of magic and witchcraft. Sigh..


          • ….Oddly enough the Glaswegian version had a similar tack. One ex-boyfriend apparently had her house bugged via the drains through which he could also (via a form of telekinesis) move furniture around and steal her Giro! – To be fair though, the bloke WAS a Plumber! – You never know with them!


  6. When tory smith was arrested a prosecutor named Mathew Rentschler was assigned to the case, when tory got out on bail he made a video that i would say was blackmailing Rentshler, he seems to specialise in rape and paedophile cases, tory said that he had joined the child traffickers and would rape his first child soon. Tory has a few thousand followers who believe he is a jesus type figure so this is serious, check out the video and see if you think this is blackmail.

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    • “You are a liar. You are making all of this up.
      You should be prosecuted for publishing these sick pedophile fantasies of yours”

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      • Thats right, some of his followers want to seriously harm the people he accuses, he is basically making spoken word child porn, he really is a creep who like jake and co makes out he’s all about love, most of the hampstead hoaxers are connected to him in someway and make up parts of a global group of sick bastards, its becoming an epidemic

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      • Tory said he was charged with a public nuisance offence but from what i could find out public nuisance is a misdemeanor offense, he spent five days in jail before he was bonded so who knows?


    • I see, accusing the prosecutor of despicable crimes !. That should ensure he pays extra attention to the case.


    • Tory Smith is one of the sickest individuals that i’ve ever seen on the internet. He needs locking up and the sooner the better.


  7. Explains a lot. Absolutely nil idea of the law which many think is malleable to their perception of it.
    Without mentioning any single person and despite it being a hobby horse of mine, I am convinced that a hard core of those driving this are psychopaths. All the elements are there :
    A driving desire to be correct in any matter no matter what the facts are and despite being proved incorrect time and time again.
    Latching onto a campaign without the slightest interest in the subject matter (the children are really meaningless) and attempting to present a moralist front of concern.
    The gathering of others who have mental problems or are just plain unintelligent as useful fools who are discarded when no longer useful.
    A fanatical determination to win each and every single battle (while losing the war)…it’s the fight that spurs them on and the desire to triumph over anyone and everyone (judges, police etc)
    and more, much much more.

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      • As a coyote, you are under no obligation to argue. Just howl if you wish to express your disagreement 😀

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    • Hopefully the court will see through this facade as matters progress and a very clear message sent out that mob rule vigilantism will not and can not be tolerated.
      Failure to do so will serve to embolden this group mania and deepen a serious cancer in our midst.
      More children used as pawns,more lives destroyed,more disturbed individuals hiding behind cloaks of deception.
      As the blind man said(allegedly) “We shall see”.

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  8. I think their comments are contempt, and hiding behind a password is still publishing, but I would be very wary about re publishing their contempt on this site. Quotations which solely concern what happens in front of the jury are fine but it is clear contempt in my view to publish a running commentary on the ‘falsity’ of a case taking place.

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    • And I really would not re publish a libel against a judge, even if the context you are publishing it in is that it is clearly untrue.

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      • In principle I agree, though the Satan Hunter has been corrupting the internet on a massive scale with their libels and self-prejudicial postings for months now. The Judge and authorities in this case need to get to grips with what is going on in and around their court building at this trial before worrying about the postings on the internet, as those activities are going to have a huge impact on the witnesses, jury and others involved in this case.

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  9. The witnesses and their supporters deserve praise. If some moron like Jake came over to me in person i’m not so sure i’d be able to hold myself back from doing something that would end up with me getting in trouble.

    Did Belinda bring a walking stick for everyone?….are they trying to pull off a ‘Pistorius’?


    • Yep Belinda will try every trick in the book to gain favour and deserves an “Oscar”.Pretty sure courts see this kind of play acting all the time but I guess some may be swayed by the doddery act.
      With any luck someone may drop a £5 note in her vicinity,she would down stick and be sharp enough to grab that.A wasp even lol
      Anyone on firm ground would not feel the need to adopt such ploys,its a measure of this women she stoops so low.
      Sooner or later it will all come out in the wash.


  10. Fact 1) Sabine has said many times that she is NOT a religious person and she does not think that god exist.

    Fact 2) Belinda has several times said that she things the cross is a symbol of rudeness and that she is not a Christian having been quoted saying she is “Atheist”

    Fact 3) there are many people who have visited Belinda’s House. All these people have seen secret rooms in a cellar and the inside of Belinda’s house is as the children described. (secret doors).

    Fact 4) Inside Belinda’s house there are some statues in black color one of which is a man with horns or commonly known as a Satan. Some other statues are weird and frightening.

    Fact 5) in June 2014 Belinda invited over 10 people to stay at her house ( I know 8 of them). So next day they was planning to attend Maggie Tutles Conference. During that night inside Belinda’s House drugs was freely available and also alcohol. many were drunk and a result a Guy using the name of “Tobby” on Facebook was arrested at the conference allegedly for spiking a drink of one of the females who was there. No further action was taken and the guy traveled back to Liverpool.

    Fact 6) Neelu Berry she is not Christian but a Hindu. so for attention seeking purpose she mention “Jesus” so to attract a divine attention from her fellow screw heads”.

    All these “freaks” pretending to be Christians they have never attended any church never have received the Holly communion (they don’t even know what it is). But they know lots about Lucifer, Satan, and the devil.

    Christians never think about any one other Jesus Christ, The virgin Mary and the father the God. A true Christian will avoid to mention “the enemy”.

    So all these SRA fiasco is nothing other that a satanic promotion, to attract attention and convince people that satan is stronger that God. this is a crafty way by using negative advertising.

    Rupert in a video with “puff Angie” he says that he was abused by his mother. Looking at his Facebook profile he displays a photo of him with his mother.

    The whole case is a mirror reflection of satanists and child abusers who play out their fantasies by reflecting their true persona in to innocent people.

    Since when anyone of us have seen photos of Sabine, Or Belinda, or Neelu or Puff Angie holding children? Or donate few pounds to children’s charities?

    Oh Yes Belinda she defrauded a Charity which was created to help Iranian children.

    Angels of Satan stop it once and for all because your number is up.


  11. Aww, Maria took time out from plotting to kidnap children to whine about how low down she was on the ‘Hoaxtead Bollocks Bingo’ card:

    Oh and she’s not happy about her photo being shared (now she knows how A & G feel), so I’m posting a different (but equally embarrassing) one to indicate who I’m referring to:


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  13. Happy 90th birthday to Angie’s father Nicholas and well done for standing tall despite all the shit your lying scamming daughter has put you through


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