Video share: Recovered memories, true or false?

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Mel Ve—whose name has frequently graced these pages—with an unusual proposition: would I be interested in doing an interview with her on the topic of recovered memories and the people who promote them? Readers may know that Mel and HR have not always been on the best of terms, and I’ll confess that I was a bit hesitant at first.

However, as we talked about some of the dodgy therapists and hoax pushers she’d met as creative director of the Conscious Consumer Network, it became clear to me that this was an area where we could find some common ground.

I think this is important: one of the problems with the great divide between those who accept various conspiracy theories and those who don’t is the “us versus them” attitude which can keep both sides mired in enmity, slinging epithets back and forth and accomplishing nothing.

Some of you might be familiar with Mick West, creator of the Metabunk website and author of Escaping the Rabbit Hole, released last year. He followed the book with a YouTube series, “Tales from the Rabbit Hole”, in which he discusses various conspiracy theories with people who believe in them. It’s an approach I admire: honest, respectful, and thoughtful, Mick is not shy about stating when his beliefs don’t mesh with his guests’, but he’s also willing to join them in discussing areas where they can agree with one another.

I should clarify that this doesn’t mean I’ve gone soft on those who have devoted the past five years to destroying the lives of the parents, children, clergy, teachers, social workers, and business owners of Hampstead. But there is a big difference between holding a belief—which we are all entitled to do—and acting on that belief in a way that harms others.

Anyway. Back to the video—videos, actually, as we wound up doing two interviews, the second of which I’ll publish tomorrow.

Mel and I discuss how memory works and doesn’t work, how certain therapeutic techniques can create false memories out of whole cloth, and how certain therapists have exploited these techniques for their own gain.

I hope you’ll find it interesting.

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  1. Mel pushes every hoax going. if she told me 2+2=4 i would have to check for myself. She reminds me of a story passed down from my ancestors (actually i nicked it from star Trek). A scorpion was walking along the bank of a river, wondering how to get to the other side Suddenly he saw a fox. He asked the fox to take him on his back across the river. The fox said no, if I do that you’ll sting me, and I’ll drown. The scorpion assured him, if I did that, we’d both drown. So the fox thought about it and finally agreed. So the scorpion climbed up on his back, and the fox began to swim. But halfway across the river, the scorpion stung him. As the poison filled his veins, the fox turned to the scorpion and said why did you do that? Now you’ll drown too. I couldn’t help it, said the scorpion. It’s my nature.

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    • Yes it is my nature… I will sting anybody that proves to be a fraud, whether I have supported them in the past or not. There are many wonderful initiatives that I have been involved with that are not Hoaxes, but I suppose it would be too much to take those into account. Your perspective is rather negatively focused, but then again I am aware that to many people it is simply too much to expect them to take all aspects into account as detailed in the two part video I did with Karen. Sadly, the only way for people like me to get to the bottom of a hoax is to get in deep and find out the facts for myself, which I have done, and presented in this video and in other pieces that I have published where I expose fraudsters and hoaxes that have come across my path. It is almost impossible to wade through all the shit without getting some on you. Instead of people like you being grateful for people like me who are willing to wade through the shit, you judge us for having shit on us. Admittedly I have made mistakes, but I also own them. I have done so publicly several times. At least I do learn and I do try to rectify where possible. Nobody is perfect, but I always try to act honourably and do the right thing. Problem is, you just can’t make every body happy all the time… nor will I try. I am happy. End of!


  2. I tried listening but really just can’t stand the sound of her voice, it gets on my nerves like APD’s.

    Now if Mel V had come on here with sincere apologies to Sheva for the way she spoke to her on, I think it was Flo’s live plus the resulting posts they had on their FB accounts, I may have been a bit more open to listening to her the whole way through but not ATM.

    I can’t help but wonder what is her motive. Maybe I am paranoid. 😲

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    • Look, I have no idea what Sheva Burton’s problem is with me. I tried to reach out to her on many occasions. I have the Facebook messenger correspondence to prove it. She has made up lies about me and refused to back those lies up with evidence. I have confronted her about this, and she fluffed her way around this denying and backtracking on her narrative… As I have discussed with Karen on several occassions, the subject of SRA does attract some miserable, damaged and angry people, of which Sheva Burton is one such person. I appreciate she has abuse issues in the past, and for that I do empathise as I too have been abused and know what it is like and how damaging it is to one’s life… but I am not the focal point of projection for every person who has been abused. When Sheva came onto Flo’s show, she came in late into the conversation and I had already given my apologies, but Sheva wanted her pound of flesh, and I was forced, live on air to listen to her endless lamenting about how hurt and damaged she is. All I did on Flo’s show was ask her “Sheva, what do you want from me?”… honestly, what does this woman want from me. I owe her nothing. Her anger and pain is hers to deal with. I am not responsible for it, nor will I be put in a position where I am forced to apologise to Sheva when she is the one who started this whole affray between us by making up stories about me, making false claims about me, and posting them her on this blog. She even had a go at me for not doing anything about Jimmy Savill. I mean, I never even met the guy, how was I supposed to stop him from what he did. Really, Sheva needs to get a grip of herself, perhaps get out more from behind her bed desk where she smokes all day and fights with people on line, having nothing better to do with her life. Not my fault it is a miserable one. I am not responsible for her miserable life. I have a good life because I have worked hard to create it. We must all live with the decisions we make, and if Sheva wants to sit in bed all day, chain smoking and hating on people because she is miserable, that is her choice. I will not apologise for this.


    • Oh, his FB – for a minute I thought it was his YouTube channel coming down – but it wouldn’t be “live” then would it? In my defence C de la C I’m not functioning on full cylinders today.

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    • I don’t celebrate anyone being in jail but this (grifter) woman deserves everything she gets putting her faith in a big bunch of losers like Neelu & Devine Co, the Tap Blog and especially that real weirdo Crane bloke. How on earth do they all attract each other?. Just bizarre how a whole lot of people with absolutely cracked beliefs can all understand each other.

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      • Ian Crane (would-be ringleader of the whole conspiracist circus) is still on Thyer’s case.

        However, the more focused medscam fraudsters have moved on from GcMAF. Marco Ruggiero, for instance, is apparently hawking his “Immortalis” scam through Harrods now, in association with Sacha Stone.

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        • I should explain for the uninitiated that Marco Ruggiero is David Noakes’ one-time colleague, but he had the sense to leave Europe before arrest warrants were issued, which is why he is now running his scams remotely from exile in Arizona. One of his grifts was ‘Bravo’ Magic Yogurt – he claimed to have bred a special mixture of bacteria & yeasts which would create GcMAF out of other milk proteins in the process of fermenting the milk into yogurt. So as well as GcMAF injections, the suckers at the Noakes-Ruggiero Swiss Clinic received an all-pervasive protocol of dietary yogurt and yogurt enemas before they died.

          Don’t start me on the non-dairy magic yogurt that Ruggiero invented as well (so as not to turn away money from dairy-intolerant suckers).

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  3. On the 24th October 2019, the first of a two part feature titled HOAX, that I produced, premiered on the Hoaxstead Research collective media platform. This is an in-depth investigative report formatted as a presentation and dialogue between myself, and Karen Irving, also known as El Coyote, the founder of the Hoaxstead Research blog and You Tube Channel.

    The HOAX I refer to in this context pertains to the FALSE CLAIMS made by two young children, who were coached by their Mother Ella Draper, and their Mother’s boyfriend at the time, Abraham Christie, into participating in a HOAX, which made lurid and false claims about the biological father of the two children, including that he was part of a group of people centred around Christchurch School in Hampstead, who raped selected school kids, ate babies, and participated in blood drinking rituals as part of a Satanic cult, which was alleged to operate at the local church, as well as the aforementioned school. The two siblings claimed that they were repeatedly Satanically Ritually Abused by their father, teachers and other parents of children at Christchurch School. None of the other people who were named by the children as victims or perpetrators of these acts of Satanic Ritual Abuse, have ever come forward to verify these claims. In fact, during the court case of Sabine Mc Neil, many of those who had been caught up in this HOAX, and who’s lives were destroyed as a result, gave clear testimony that there is no basis to this story, and that it is indeed a HOAX. Sabine Mc Neil is presently serving a 4 year jail sentence for promoting, publishing and distributing information contributing to this HOAX.
    The topic of Ritual Abuse, in particular, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), has become a hot and controversial topic. With the rise of online culture, information (and disinformation) has never been easier to disseminate and access. The topic of Ritual Abuse has triggered mass movements of people, fuelled by by so called gurus of truth such as David Icke, and his followers, who seize upon this so called “truth” like a new found religion, to the point of violently attacking anybody who may bring an alternative view, citing them as being a “disinformationist” or part of the “dark agenda”.
    It was in 2009, the year I turned 33, that I properly woke up. This was the year that I started Freedom Central, and went on to work with some of the biggest names in the “Truth Movement”. In September 2009, I got the opportunity to interview David Icke for the first time in Amsterdam, and the second time in November 2009 in Zurich. This was the year we gave up everything and took to a camper van, moving from one conference to the next, gathering interviews, and uploading them at coffee shops that had free internet, whilst making documentaries and writing books. It was also in 2009 that I became an activist as a result of all the information that I came across, a move which has put me in danger at times, and cost me everything, including my health, my family, childhood friends, and my home on more than one occasion. Many have asked me over the years, how I have managed to keep going, and my answer always has been that we have to create a better world for everybody, as we simply cannot hope to enjoy a free, fair, just, sustainable world, unless that is a realistic expectation for everybody, which means, we do what we do to create a better world for us all, and indeed, that comes with sacrifices. One of the many actions taken was to start a live broadcasting online TV network called Conscious Consumer Network, which gave us the opportunity to work with a number of so-called disseminators of information from various backgrounds.
    Despite my best attempts to move in a more positive direction, away from the reality of war, capitalism and suffering for profit, by assisting in the process of creating the critical mass of global awakening through the action of disseminating information, I found myself being more and more disappointed by people in the supposed “Truth Movement”, not to mention the blatantly ignorant who live in cognitive dissonance. However, the most disappointing aspect has been the people that I worked with who claim to have the same basic fundamental orientation as I do, being the creation of a free, fair, just, sustainable world, but really, they are more a part of the problem in many respects, than actually offering any form of solution or betterment for humankind, because they simply add to the confusion with disinformation, due to their own lack of research, largely due to laziness or lack of intelligence and discernment, rather just regurgitating anything they see on line, blindly pushing it as truth, without doing their due diligence of researching these facts for themselves, and even when they are shown the clear researched facts, their egos would not face the facts as it would jeopardise their own personal agendas rooted in creating a marketable external locus of identity skilfully fabricated for the purposes of making money.
    After all these years, I have sadly have arrived at the conclusion that we as a society are too far gone to turn it around, and many of our attempts to do so have been thwarted by the powers that be, but even more disappointingly, by those we are trying to help. What is even more heartbreaking to realise is that I have offered my platform and support to many supposed well meaning people, humanitarian organisations and causes, believing them to genuinely be contributing to creating solutions, with the great majority turning out to be nothing more than a money making opportunity, or a platform created with the explicit intention creating a profitable external locus of identity by masquerading under the very thin pseudo veneer of humanitarianism and respectability.
    And thus, it is with great relief that I have come to the decision that I will no longer be involved in any activities of activism, and I shall no longer promote or be involved with any projects other than those we create ourselves, and thus, have full control over. We have put our name to too many projects and causes over the years, that have turned out to be nothing other than a disappointment. Too many times I have had to apologise for my involvement with people and causes that were a total waste of time, and caused more damage than good.
    This epic two part conversation with Karen Irving created an opportunity to explore some of the many HOAXES causing a web based psychosis, many of which I have come face to face with through dealing with purveyors of these HOAXES, through our live broadcast TV network, Conscious Consumer Network. This conversation deals with the many facets of the online psychosis that facilitates many of these HOAXES, including matters pertaining to “recovered” and “re-imprinted”/ false memories.
    WHY I AM AGAINST MATRIX RE-IMPLANTING THERAPY – As we re write issues which may have effected us in our past, by re-implanting false memories, we are losing the foundation of personal morality. We need the bad events in our lives, in order to develop a contextual framework for what is right and wrong, we need to think about what we have done to other people, whilst on the other hand also acknowledging, not suppressing, what harm and pain has been suffered at the hands of others. This is how we grow strong and learn to navigate the cosmic gauntlet that is the Matrix. Matrix re implanting therapy takes away negative events and creates the psychological state where these events no longer hold sway over us. Often the most valuable lessons in life come from having to go through negativity and suffering. What we make of ourselves after we have been crushed and scattered is part of our right of passage. Wayne Dyer said “What people do to us, is their karma. How we react, is ours”. We can willingly choose to remain broken and scared by damaging events of the past, or we can choose to also grow in strength, and transmute the pain to a valuable lesson learnt, a lesson that would otherwise be “unlearnt” or even erased completely, with the application of invasive therapies such as hypnosis, memory implanting or matrix re implanting therapies. It is my firm view from personal experience of these therapies, that implanting false memories, or attempting to erase bad memories by external parties, can cause a psychological schism within a vulnerable person, where they fail to be able to identify what the true nature of reality is, thus creating more internal conflict about one’s past.
    Life is a journey of experience, for better or for worse, and all these experiences have value in shaping our realities, in providing valuable references upon which we can build, thus yielding strength and discernment… for how else would wisdom be gained?
    Using a hypothetical example: Say you were brutally raped, something that happens to 1 out of 3 women at some point in their lives, and say you were unable to process the experience, and you decided to instead, having the memory of the experience “re-written”, by having a false scenario implanted into your head, in order to eradicate the experience of the bad memory. What happens when you come across the rapist again? If you have no memory of the previous rape, as it has been supplanted with a false but pleasant memory, you are likely to repeat the experience, as one has no frame of reference of the previous experience, to draw from.
    Lets say you meet someone who has had “memory re-writing” therapy. Would you ever truly be able to trust anything they say about who they are and their perspective in life? It would almost certainly create a schism in building lasting relationships based on trust and honesty. If you can’t even be honest with yourself about what happened in your past, and you can’t come to terms with it in such a bad way that you need to have your memory wiped, or implanted / supplanted with false / happier memories, how can you ever expect anybody to truly love you for who you are, if you don’t even know who you are or what has happened to you along your journey? If you can’t accept the bad, you don’t deserve the good.
    Life in contrast is a beautiful thing.
    As of yet, there are no recognised, proven or documented long term benefits to Martix re-implanting therapy. Matrix re-implanting therapy has been been adopted by therapists across the world, some of which are not necessarily qualified or certified in any form of psychology or psychiatry. This is a largely experimental therapy, and many of it’s practitioners lack the skill to deal with the fall out if this therapy has adverse effects, nor are these practitioners willing to acknowledge those who question the ethics of such a therapy.
    There are far too many people around who claim to be therapists, because they seek to heal others, rather than healing themselves first. I have never met a therapist that did not themselves need a therapist. Having met and worked with thousands of healers/ gurus / therapists during my time as Content Director of Conscious Consumer Network, I have come across all too many of this type. The key characteristic that prevails is that being a healer for them, is more about satisfying their ego, than about helping people recover from illness or trauma, a deeply toxic an narcissistic trait that presents itself for what it is, the moment one questions, tests or challenges their supposedly therapeutic modalities. This is just another variation of the “messiah / saviour complex”.
    If what these therapists are doing is so amazing, it should stand up to some scrutiny, but as of yet, nobody that I have spoken to about my concerns regarding this therapy, has been able to give any satisfactory answers, rather in a most cowardly fashion, they ignore these legitimate concerns and clear cut evidence when it is presented to them. There is absolutely no compelling evidence to suggest that Matrix Re-Imprinting therapy is anything other than a yet another way for quacks to make money, whist causing psychological damage to vulnerable people. In fact, the inventor of this therapy lost her license over it!
    If anybody gets to read this, please heed this advice from a victim of dodgy therapists: Never allow anybody to tinker around in your head with controversial therapies. You are more qualified to fix you, than any other person, as only you can choose how to let things affect you. We may not always be able to escape terrible things happening to us, but we can absolutely decide how we let these things affect us. That is the true power we have. Don’t give your power away to anybody, especially psychologists or hypnotherapists. Ultimately, it is up to you to take responsibility for your own life. Turning to dodgy therapies and practitioners, is the cowards way out. Wiping out memories and replacing them with false ones, is especially cowardly. Facing the reality of one’s life, and being truthful with oneself about what has happened, is the only way to truly heal.
    Thank you for taking the time to observe this information, for what ever it may mean to you.
    Peace Love Unity Respect
    Mel Ve


    • Good reading your points of view. I think it’s a positive when “adversaries” can have a civilized conversation.


  4. So, you all know where I stand on the Hoaxstead case. I think the shills and grifters who have damaged so many lives around this are unspeakably vile.

    I think anyone who both abuses a child in body and tries to damage their mind to forward a scam is something so bad I have no words.

    Here’s a thing to consider, though: almost anyone who has ever tried to report and follow through on prosecuting an actual sexual assault, whether an adult or a child, has come out the other end with at least some solid evidence that there is, in fact, a conspiracy to cover up sexual abuse on a widespread scale, because there actually is one and it’s called Nobody Cares Sunshine You Probably Asked For It You’re The Wrong Kind Of Victim Anyway.

    Sure, rapists and child molestors are vilified — in principle. By people who don’t know them. When it comes to an actual accused, well. That’s another thing.

    A shocking number of people who talk tough about what they’d do to anyone who laid a single finger on a child are also — as EC has pointed out about many of the Assorted Knobheads — the first to say “nah, that’s impossible, he’s a great bloke” when an actual imperfect victim turns up pointing a finger at someone they know.

    And as long as that’s true, some of the victimised are going to be vulnerable to anyone, however out there they are in various ways, who comes along and says “Oh, yes, I believe you I know it happens all the time,” and even the most far-out conspiracy theory is going to have enough in common with what happened when THEY asked for help that half the work of the con-artists is done right there.

    One of the things we need to do to stop these things happening over and over again is to fix the thing where — obviously with honourable exceptions but as a whole — many victims have already learned that nobody else is going to offer them kindness, let alone redress.

    Hurt people hurt people, and yes we should stop them. But we should be careful about judging them.

    So, Mel, I appreciate that you’re doing what you can, as you can to walk things back and do better when you learn better, and I wish you all the best.


    • Marna, I was a kid who thought my parents were mean because they WOULDN’T let me play out late on winter evenings – I was thinking from a kid’s perspective then of course. I watched the “Three Girls” dramatised version of a grooming gang event a couple of years ago on TV and while I know appreciate any adaptation of a true story will be a version of what happened rather than a verbatim report, it did seem that the concerns of a social worker involved in the case were disregarded because the youngsters being groomed weren’t conventionally goody-goody kids – running wild, bunking off school (“sagging” school however people put it) – they were disregarded.

      It’s so difficult these days …. false victims have come forward and muddied the waters. Does “Believe the victim” become “Don’t automatically disbelieve the victim”?


        • Oh crumbs, my proofreading wasn’t very good today – should be “while I appreciate” not “……….know appreciate”……. I put ‘know’ originally and meant to substitute ‘appreciate’.


          • I followed.

            We need a whole re-valuing of the thing, I think. Nobody says when investigating a burglary: “oh well, he’s never stolen anything from ME” or “But this accusation might ruin his life!” or “But are you sure you weren’t actually holding a garage sale?”

            Just investigate the damn’ things, show some decent restraint about releasing or publishing names on EITHER side. Listen carefully and respectfully to victims who report. Maintain a certain caution about those who persistently report on behalf of others: actual willful false reporting of sexual assault, removing mistaken identity and reports by other interested parties looking for some kind of leverage, I mean false reports *by victims*, is about as common as false reporting in general, neither more nor less.

            As you say, stop judging victims. Judge their story and their veracity and leave it at that. The worst person on this planet has every right not to be raped.

            Stop letting cases become referenda on what consent REALLY means and how old is old enough and what does a child abuser “really look like” and are “girls like that” REALLY being harmed by grooming … basically we need a social change so that we can have a judicial and investigative change.

            Actually admit to ourselves that the reason there are so many reports isn’t because it’s ‘fashionable to be a victim’, for heaven’s sake. It’s because we’ve tolerated and excused it for so long that it’s really really damned common.

            And we might want to actually get straight in our heads that it’s wrong and there are no exceptions to that.

            Because based on results we don’t on the societal level actually believe that rape and child molestation is always wrong. How we prosecute them so frequently seems to be about whether or not we want a stick to beat the accused with.


      • As far as the false victims… false victims don’t want a decent therapist, a supportive atmosphere, and a proper impartial investigation opened up and to otherwise be left in peace. Or if they do it’s because something else in their life is terribly terribly wrong and they’re desperate for help; those can be handled case-by-case.

        So, oddly, treating those who report assaults basically exactly as they ought to be treated instead of making it into a circus where everyone gets to hear all about the sordid details would cut that stuff down considerably, I bet.


        • By the way, I wasn’t saying that I thought the groomed girls were unworthy of being listened to because they had perhaps led turbulent lives in some ways but that one of the social workers was fobbed off when she tried to raise her concerns. Sorry, my post was a bit confusing.


          • No, no, that was what I understood you to be saying! It’s a real issue that we need to address, for sure.


      • I keep coming back to this, sorry.

        Fundamentally, I don’t believe that trying to build fraudproof systems ever works, because if you get it tight enough to even slow down the con-artists — for whom this is a job or a hobby and who have all the time and mental clarity in the world to figure out their moves because they’re not actually traumatized and they can say whatever seems most promising — you are going to weed out many legitimate victims– who haven’t done this before, would rather be doing ANYTHING else but this, are in a traumatised state, and are trying to accurately tell a truthful, messy story.

        Much more effective to make sure everyone knows as much as possible about the warning signs of a con, and investigate when the red flags actually pop up.

        I mean, if you’re going to investigate a victim’s past, forget their sexual history, have they got a history of fraud? (they may still be a legit assault victim, but it’s one piece of info.)

        Have you seen this? It’s a classic troubled teen with impossible story and rapid recanting setup. Except she was telling the exact truth.

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        • I hadn’t seen that story before, Marna. There was a case of a young woman in the UK who was fined for complaining about her ex threatening her (wasting police time do they call it?) and the ex killed her later but I would have to google to find the exact case.


    • “I think anyone who both abuses a child in body and tries to damage their mind to forward a scam is something so bad I have no words.”…. could not agree more… and what is scary is the volume of people who do this… Anne Greig, Toos Nijenhuis… all damaged their children’s minds to forward a scam. Sickening


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