The Sandy Papers 2: How it all came crashing down

Last week this blog received an email from Mel Ve, co-owner of the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN). Attached to that email was a transcript of Skype texts between Mel and Angela Power-Disney, who was sacked from CCN in January. We’ve been bringing our readers excerpts from that transcript, in an effort to better understand the dynamics of what went on behind the scenes.

On Saturday we received another transcript from Mel: this one contained the Skype conversations between Mel and Angela’s American protegée Sandy Goodridge-Bergen, who was sacked from CCN just before Angie was. Yesterday we looked at some of the warning signs that Sandy was suffering from serious mental health issues. Today: how it all came crashing down….

All right, this is going to be a long one, so fasten your seatbelts and settle in. We begin in early January, with Sandy bringing Mel a “proposal” that’s been made to her. She and Mel eventually connect by Skype call:

sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-02-1The next day, Sandy is back in delusional mode, claiming she sees herself “shapeshift all the time now”. She also makes allegations against the son of the elderly man she cares for. In Sandy’s world, 16-year-old boys cannot change babies’ nappies without raising suspicions:sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-02-2sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-02-3Sandy states that the person who has made the proposal to her “has all characteristics of a handler”; Mel tries to reassure her, and suggests she might wish to report her assault (remember the 6’6″ paedophile?) to the police.

Suddenly, though, the conversation shifts: Biggi has told Mel that Sandy is complaining about “inconsistencies” in her CCN videos. Mel offers to help clear things up, but cannot reach Sandy. sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-02-4Sandy’s concern is that her CCN videos are not coming up at the top of Google searches. Mel tries to reassure her. sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-02-5Seemingly out of the blue, Sandy says she’s going to “retire” from CCN at the end of February. Mel tries to talk her out of this decision. She reminds Sandy that she has a show the next night, but Sandy does not respond.sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-02-6sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-02-7Sandy calls in a huff, stating she’s just talked to Angie, who relayed the message that Mel was concerned that Sandy might not do her video the previous day. Sandy takes this opportunity to unload a pile of grievances. sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-02-8Six last names, including “Byrnes” twice? How many last names does one person need, may we ask? sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-2Mel fires back:sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-3sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-4sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-5sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-6sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-7sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-8sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-9sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-05-10A couple of days after this exchange, Mel checks in to see whether Sandy will be doing her show that week. She tries to “draw a line under all the drama”, and expresses support for Sandy.sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-08-1The next day, Mel tries to caution Sandy about having a particular guest on, as “nobody digs him”, and Sandy won’t get the numbers she’s hoping for:sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-09-1Sandy interprets this as a sharp criticism, and strikes back:sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-10-1sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-10-2Mel apologises, and the chat ends. A few days later, Sandy is back, sounding quite chipper: is Mel still interested in helping her publish her book? Mel responds with enthusiasm:

sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-16-1Let’s pause on this for a moment: Sandy Bergen has a “legal secretary background”? We find this…surprising.

All right, carry on:
sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-16-2sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-16-3Translation from the American: “pokey” is slang for “prison”. It seems that the “proposal” Sandy referred to at the beginning of the month was in fact a proposal of marriage, presumably as a way of allowing the groom to acquire a green card, which would enable him to work in the USA. sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-16-4sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-16-5sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-16-6sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-16-8Once again, all seems to be hugs and kisses in SandyLand. sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-18-1sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-21-1sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-21-7sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-21-3A couple of days later, though, Sandy is troubled again: why have things gone sour? She says she has “little faith that things are on the up and up with CCN”. Rather than trying to comfort or reassure this time, Mel tells Sandy that she “doesn’t need (her) negativity”, and that both Sandy and Angie both “just bring negativity and drama”. sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-23-1There’s no record of the conversation after this query, but Mel did tell us that she’d taken out certain financial details. At any rate, three days later Sandy is back with a question about how to paste something into her Facebook profile. sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-26-1sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-26-2At this point, things seem cordial once again, but it doesn’t last: the next day, she’s angry that Mel didn’t respond to her text. She ends with “so looking forward to the finish line”—a reference to wanting to shuffle off this mortal coil?

The next day, Mel is telling Sandy that she “never called her a crack whore”—it’s clear at this point that Angie has been talking to Sandy behind Mel’s back, letting her know that Mel had said that about her.sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-28-29sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-29-1sandra-goodridge-mel-ve-skype-2017-01-29-2And that was the end of that.

Reading this part of the Skype transcript, it’s very clear that Sandy’s attacks seem to come in cycles; as we mentioned in yesterday’s post, Mel did seem to want to help her, but eventually was pushed to her limit. It was likely at this point that she made the unfortunate comment about Sandy killing herself. We agree, that was a truly dreadful thing to say, but it seems to have been born of frustration rather than malice.

Sandy’s mental health issues are very evident, and as with others we’ve discussed on this blog, we hope she’ll ultimately receive the help she needs to overcome her problems. the-sandy-papers-2



125 thoughts on “The Sandy Papers 2: How it all came crashing down

      • So El Coyate, this is where your home is. I have seen you comment on my bases with Miles Johnston. Anyway, Mel Ve zipped and copied a Skype file with ALL the messages between her and I from the beginning, the end of October 2016 until end of January 2017 when we officially parted ways. This will put a whole new perspective on Mel Ve and Angie. I stand behind what I said and yes you can laugh at me all you want…say I am cazy because I see energy orbs in the sky all the time. Your loss. They are amazing. Anyway, back on track. I have nothing to lose at this point and only the satisfaction to prove that Mel is indeed a liar and definitely blew out of proportion my complaints at Biggi’s production and post of my shows. If you tell me how, I will zip file all my Skype message history with Biggi as well. I have absolutely nothing to hide. If you promise to tear these messages apart as you did the messages Mel sent you and compare what Mel was saying to me and what Mel was saying to Angie. Mel also out in out lied about how much I pay a month and about contacting a guest of mine. I have email confirmation from that guest that Mel never spoke to her about my claim that “my guests were mad” about the tagging problem with my videos. That guest has also allowed me to share the emails between her and I that ask her if Mel ever contacted her as Mel claimed to have. Yet another proof of Mel’s psychopathic lying abilities. But if you are not going to do a detailed analysis as you did in your others, I will not send it to you. Looking forward to your response. Thanks, Sandy


    • As a consolation, though, she also admits that her own marriage to Biggi was an immigration sham (though she does point out that they’re still happy together, to be fair).

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  1. So Mel charges 700 euros for “journalism” classes (despite knowing nothing about journalism), 200-300 a month to their broadcasters and God knows how much to set up “websites” (which never seem to materialise but I digress) and to “publish” its broadcasters’ books. I trust that she declares that income to the Dutch tax authorities.

    Does anyone know what company name CCN is registered as in the Netherlands, by the way?

    “In the Netherlands registration in the Business Register is compulsory for every company and almost every legal entity.”

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  2. Interesting to hear a woman who believes that the World is run by shape-shifting subterranean dragons refer to someone as “a space cadet”.

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  3. My mum used to say ‘those who’ve got nothing to say, sing it’. Nowadays it looks like those who’ve got nothing to say get a You Tube channel.

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  4. “And having married myself for a visa, I totally know how this works…Look at Biggi and I, very happy years later.”

    Wow. they say confession is good for the soul!

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  5. “Don’t throw unnecessary allegories our way”

    Hahaha! Another one for the ‘Hoaxtead Book of Fruitcake Quotes’!

    Other gems, for those who missed them:

    “The emperor’s got no clothes”
    “Impolitically correct”
    “You’ve worked your fingernails to the bone”
    “The police were so futile to themselves”
    “Our intentions are ignoble”
    “Those who despitefully use you”
    “He speaks with folk tongue”
    “I can’t work with this level of idiocity”
    “We need to put aside our indifferences”


      • In the good ol’ U.S. of A., I believe “swap” is an acronym for “straight white American Protestant”. I’m sure that draining one of those could get quite messy, and would require assistance.


      • Angie attempting to incite others into taking direct action, whilst she herself hides away safely, in her sunny bolthole in Lanzarote. You just couldn’t make this shit up. Perhaps Angie should follow her own suggestion, and hop on a cheap Ryanair flight, and partake in a spot of stepping up herself, back in the UK and Ireland.

        Come and show em’ how it’s done properly Angie, as everyone else who has ever attempted to follow your suggestion’s, has ended up either been Arrested, or Sectioned, They obviously didn’t have your expertise in handling such matters. It’s just so difficult to find highly skilled employee’s these day’s. Even through an Internship.

        Hey! Now that I think about it, you could even confront Garda McCabe “face to face”, whilst your in Ireland, and also then detain him, and hand him over to MI6 or whoever, by using one of the Kevin Annett’s homemade Arrest Warrant’s. Remember, you did say fairly recently, that you were going to start using them. Now’s your chance. Step up to the mark dear Angie. Your countries need you! 🙂

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  6. “She’s angry that Mel didn’t respond to her text.”

    Is that correct? It’s probably me misinterpreting that conversation but wasn’t Sandy angry about Mel not having posted any comments during her live show (when ‘Barbara’ failed to show)? If so, then that’s quite a worrying level of need for attention (and for validation, as Mel suggests).

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  7. “…she made the unfortunate comment about Sandy killing herself. We agree, that was a truly dreadful thing to say, but it seems to have been born of frustration rather than malice.”

    …Yet Mel still won’t confirm that she regrets saying it. I think it was four times she’d been asked at last count.

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    • Mel was probably ashamed at having said it. I know I would have been.

      All she had to do was reply that she does indeed regret it, should never had said it but unfortunately her statement was borne of frustration.

      Most people would have been satisfied with that, I think.

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  8. It seems to me like Mel has got a long fuse but once she gets to the end of it there’s a big bang.
    Something I learned years ago (and I’m a lot older than Mel) is that if there are ‘drama queen’ signs you walk away fast and don’t look back. You don’t hang on till you lose your rag.

    The conversations between Mel and Sandy are a good example of what happens when:
    1. You make friends with someone who should be kept at a professional arms length till you know them better
    2. You profess to love someone who you don’t really love – it’s just words. Don’t say it unless you mean it, because once said, it does put you under a bit of an obligation to put up with the person’s crap and help them with it. And they’ll expect this because, after all, you’ve said you love them.
    3. Writing long emotionally charged text to each other isn’t a good idea. You can’t hear the tone in which things are said and you don’t know where the person is really coming from. I’ve found that voice is best if you want to avoid misunderstandings.
    4. When you’ve dug yourself in deep and realise the person you’re dealing with has a mental health problem, keep calm and deal with the problem. Be firm, kind and all that other good stuff and encourage them to get help, rather than kill themselves. If they run out and do something drastic you’ll feel awful (especially if you’re a compassionate person) and you’ll have the rest of your life to think about it.

    I have some sympathy with Mel in terms of her not ‘picking up’ on Sandy’s mental health issues. It took me a long time to fully understand that the hoaxtenders include a lot of people with mental illness ranging from psychosis to personality disorders. We noticed a few of them early on (who could forget Roger, the eight foot butterfly!) but with the rest it took time to understand who they were and what motivated them. I’m not saying that all the hoaxtenders are mentally ill – but a good proportion of them seem to be and despite, or perhaps because of their problems they are more than able to spread lies and malicious information about innocent people and have no conscience about it.

    Nobody comes out of this looking particularly good or ‘right’ and I hope at least Mel learns from it. I hold no such hope for the other two people involved.

    That’s my threepence worth. Take it or leave it.

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    • Some genuine pearls of wisdom there Fnord.I trust you declare that 3p to the tax authorities unlike certain dodgy characters on plastic thrones who creatively utilize “anonymous charity donations” to circumvent declaring their earners to make “their” world a better place.No names mentioned.

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    • Wise words.
      These people are amateurs but more importantly they are indulging & encouraging people with serious mental health issues.
      Mel Ve and APD are fairly similar. They prey on people who are really quite sick and indulge them in their illness. Sandy/Sandra is clearly in need of psychiatric help although I’m not sure she can be helped at this stage.
      And then there is the crew who are just straight out con merchants and fabulists like the dreadful “HopeGirl” Naima Feagin with one of the oldest cons, a perpetual motion machine.
      Con artists like Feagin are devoid of all empathy and are amoral. It;s why they can rip people off and then move on to the next scam.
      While I applaud Mel for being brave enough to publish the records of her interactions with these scam artists I hope she realises she is assisting them in relieving innocents of their hard earned cash.

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    • Very sage advice, Fnord. I think most of us could learn from it. And yes, it can be hard to understand the depth of someone else’s mental health issues. Most of us tend to assume that those we interact with are more or less on a par with ourselves, and it can come as a shock to learn just how thought disordered or emotionally unbalanced a person really is.

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  9. Lizzy, have you heard anyone discussing our alleged baby-eating shenanigans in Tesco, as Jason claims? I’ve just come back from the Skipton branch – I must admit I queued for ages and it never came up.

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  10. I did see Lizzy coming out of Tesco this afternoon and she didn’t mention anything at the time but she did mention some creepy bloke called Jason who is constantly making threats and trash talking online.

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  11. Ok, so let me see if I’ve got this right…. Mel Ve, who runs CCN, a “business” that charges people money to handle their information and also charges for “securing” other people’s information, websites, and computers….
    Just handed over multiple files of private skype messages that she had with two of her paying customers to a group of people who run a blog that Mel herself has called a bunch of trolls (amongst other things) so that they could all be published, and then spent days doling out even more information in the comments section of said blog…
    Is that correct? I mean, how do you stay in business when you give away all your customers private information like that? I’m sure the other shows on CCN are pretty nervous right about now. Oh to be a fly on that wall…

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  12. I’m losing count of how many Farcebook posts and comments Angela has put up since she announced she was taking a break for a few days. #jusayin

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  13. Yeah, Angela – we aaaaaalll believe you. *Cough cough*



    In the extremely unlikely event that Arthur would be able to text someone whilst being carted off into a police van or mental hospital, what you’re saying is that you – someone he is on record as saying he can’t stand – would be the person he’d text?

    And on a related point, he’d text someone on the other side of the World, would he, rather than someone in Sydney?

    And he’d…er…conveniently slag off your two sworn enemies – whom he adores – and who just happen, by amazing coincidence, to be accusing YOU of being the one who got him sectioned?

    Oookay, lol.

    Angie, one question – are there any depths to which you won’t stoop to get back at people? 😮


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    • “apprehended nefariously” So Angela Power-Disney does support people who make a massive amount of death threats and gives out addresses of police officers homes. What a lying sack of dung this woman is, she really has no limits to how low she will go. The ends justify the means in her eyes. Sad thing is Angela never could tolerate Arthur, he was an embarrassment to her, made a scapegoat for her losing the CCN spot although that was entirely her own doing, and put her at risk as she said in her own turds/words/.

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    • If he’s been sectioned, it’s likely that his family fully support it. Wasn’t he saying that his relatives were “freaking out” because he was showing signs of serious mental breakdown? Angela needs to back out and mind her own damn business.

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    • Interesting that the first thread there – the one starting with ‘Where is he?” – has now gone from Angie’s page. I’ll let you all to draw your own conclusions on that.

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    • Power Disney either needs to be locked up or issued with a Restraining Order to leave every human on this Planet alone.

      She just keeps going lower and lower with her behaviour.

      F..king hell when is she going to stop trying to ruin everyone’s life?

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