Mel Ve: Last of the Boers? Indeed!

Our friends at McKenzies Devils have been churning out videos at a fantastic rate, and on Friday we woke up to yet another that we think deserves front-page coverage here at HR. As some of you might be aware, Mel hails from South Africa (or ‘Seth Effrica’ if you will); however, her view of her homeland is a tiny bit skewed, shall we say, in the direction of white supremacy.

Mel’s pro-Boer video, The Last of the Boers, has been dumped from YouTube twice, so the other day she announced that she’d be reuploading it to her Conscious Consumer Network site. mel-ve-last-of-the-boers-2016-11-24“Back by popular demand” might be a bit of an overstatement, given that the original video only garnered about 68,000 views during its time on YouTube. We’re not talking blockbuster material here.

In honour of Mel’s re-re-upload, McKenzies Devils has put together a blockbuster of their own: the history of Mel’s involvement with Kevin Annett, during which she not only signed on to be a pretend juror in an imaginary court, but helped Annett push the Hollie Greig hoax; and her long history of lies, hypocrisy, and general fuckwittery.

So without further ado, please allow us to present Mel Ve: The Last of the Boers Indeed. Enjoy!

Mel Ve waxes vermilion 2016-07-24


57 thoughts on “Mel Ve: Last of the Boers? Indeed!

  1. HI EC. I promise I’ll read your Mel post in a bit but may I just take a moment to say GO FUCK YOURSELF, AARON DOVER!

    Thank you to everyone who reported Dover’s latest disgusting Hampstead harassment travesty ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. I know ‘hate’ is a strong word but in Slurpy Mahmoudieh’s case, it’s hard to find an apt synonym for how I feel. Here’s her fourth illegal Hampstead video in as many days:

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  3. Going over live now to John ‘Hooknose’ Paterson for an on-the-spot report about the still alive Patrick Cullinane, who’s been spotted with Elvis and the Loch Ness monster in a flying saucer in Brigadoon. Or something…

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    • “The family has been put on Notice by the 300 supporters to cease the funeral on Saturday.”

      And Neelu was waving photos of Patrick’s dead body in the faces of his grieving family members at his memorial service and telling them his corpse had been replaced by an actor.

      Two new jaw-dropping lows for the disgusting sociopathic hoaxer twats. I dread to think what they’ve got planned next ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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    • What a prat Paterson is. How would he like it if a load of people started calling him at home and telling him he is talking bullshit. These fruitloops have no respect for anybody not even the family of a friend of theirs that has passed away. Who needs enemies with friends like that?


  4. Isn’t it bleeding obvious?

    Patrick Cullinane has been spirited out of the country by the ‘Flying Vet’ Maurice Kirk and both are currently in hiding in Ethiopia. The pair will be traveling to Moscow where Patrick will join fellow whistleblower Edward Snowden. Mr Cullinane will be personally delivering a Pizza to Snowden and within are contained all the secrets of PizzaGate and the Clinton/ Podesta/Trump/May pedo ring run by Barack Obama out of the Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor next door to the White House.

    Do keep up folks.

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  5. More cuntwaffle from the pig-ignorant, sorry I mean university educated โ€˜journalistโ€™ and former Chanel model Angela Power-Disney.
    Perhaps she missed the lecture where the tutor informed students that psychiatrists are also medical doctors. You can’t be a shrink unless you are an MD.

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    • correction: that’s ‘can’t’ be a shrink unless you are an know..writing out scripts for medicines etc. I’ve just been informed that it wasn’t Chanel Angie modeled for but the Chunnel.

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      • Yes Sam I heard the whispers about Angies early Chunnel modelling career,I am not surprised she kept that quiet.
        It cannot have been easy sprawled out like that for months on end thinking of England and having teams of engineers arguing the toss over her shaftings,sub frame stress ratios and gas retention issues.
        Its no wonder she hit the buffers and has ended up living out her days as a part time bag lady cuntwaffler on a poxy โ€œboringโ€ backwater toy radio station thats going nowhere fast.

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        • When they rang the agency they said we need an experienced model to act like a wall in publicity photos for when we raise the money on GoFundMe to build The Chunnel and the agency said : “we have the perfect model- thick as a load of bricks”

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        • Thing is, psychiatrists are medical doctors before they specialise in psychiatry – so even if the above is true, which I doubt, what’s the big deal.

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          • Well, in fact Neelu said they checked the medical directory and found that something like 14 physicians with that name are currently practicing in the UK; one of them is a psychiatrist. Ergo, that must be the one who declared that Patrick had breathed his last. As with anything Neelu says, we must assume she has no evidence whatsoever to back up her bizarre claims.


  6. Trust me, Angela – there is no chance of any of us “going down”. I’ve seen your profile pic. Kindly keep your sexual fantasies to yourself, thank you.

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    • In the deluded world of Cuntwaffle a little bit of hashtag pray can evoke world shattering cataclysms and summon up “mysterious” forces that can trigger the likes of a super volcano in yellowstone park to wipe out whole continents.

      Meanwhile back in boring old ordinary town it is quite evident that Angie would be far better employed wiping up the results of her own incontinence.

      ” And lo!,spaketh the twat,let there be shit,and there was shit,and shit begat more shit.Nah nah nah na nah so there”. Idiots 16:33 (Arseholes bible 23rd edition).

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    • Neelu is very fortunate that to date no one in Patricks family have knocked 7 bells out of her.I dont advocate physical aggression wherever avoidable but if this was say my brother or father I would have been sorely tempted by now to have done what ever was required to remove her from the equation.Many others who would not stand for her such appalling interferance and ensure she got the message one way or another.

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