Sabine McNeill on trial: Day 1

The first day of any longish trial often seems to be devoted to procedural matters, and the first day of Sabine McNeill’s trial on 17 counts of violating a restraining order and four counts of harassment causing distress and alarm was no exception. 

The trial, before HHJ Sally Cahill QC, is taking place at Southwark Crown Court and is expected to run for four weeks in total. For the better part of the day, those who wished to watch the proceedings were banished to the hallways, while (we assume) various negotiations took place. 

At one point members of the public were allowed into the gallery briefly, only to be turned out again to make room for extra members of the jury pool. Due to the anticipated length of this case, it was important to ensure that all members of the jury would be available for the duration.

Small turnout

Given the attempts by Sabine’s supporters to rally the troops for the event, we were a bit surprised that only six showed up to cheer their friend on. Belinda McKenzie was there, of course, along with Mary Rooney, and four people unfamiliar to us. All were civil and well behaved. 

After several false starts, during which members of the public were shunted in and out of the court, at 2:45 p.m. court resumed to hear arguments as to whether certain evidence from the August 2017 trial of Rupert Quaintance could be admissible as evidence in the current trial. 

We cannot delve into details of the evidence in question, as the jury was not present during the discussion, but following another recess, Judge Cahill ruled that she would allow certain evidence from Rupert’s trial to be heard in this case.

Court will resume tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., at which time a physician’s report is expected to be presented in support of an attempt to have Sabine released on bail for the duration of the trial. 

As always, we would ask that our readers refrain from any speculation or comments which might prejudice the outcome of this trial. Thanks for your co-operation!

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  1. Why does Southwark Crown Court get all the scammers and grifters?

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  2. The Puritans called the Southwark pubs the nests of Satan, so it is appropriate that all the nice Satan Hunters end up in Southwark, The first day of a Satan Hunter trial can get entertaining when Neelu Berry turns up, so its a shame she could not make a show for her partner in evil.

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  3. The puritans were doing it wrong if they were just worried about the pubs.

    It is a very different place to the den of iniquity and pleasure that it used to be. For a stroll back in time I recommend Bear Gardens for bear baiting, to Rose Alley (prostitutes were called roses), to the site of the Globe Theatre, nearby Maiden Lane (more ladies) and on to Winchester Walk (Winchester Geese were prostitutes) past the Clink (the original), the Cathedral, and to Cross Bones where the badly behaved poor were buried.

    I am actually sad that all the alleys called Pissing Alley are no more, not even in name.

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  4. It looks like he’ll be sentenced this week. Southwark Crown Court is the place to be this week. There’s another interesting trial of ****** ******* ******* and others. It isn’t too hard to find out what it is about from official sites like xhibit and lawpages and then older news, but I won’t link. Possibly linked trials with lots of defendants.

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  5. Amazing how The Mob accuses “big pharma” of trying to keep a monopoly on cancer cures (that do actually work) so they can make big money and suppress these wonder cures which are sold by people who, errr make big money from them.

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  6. Thanks for the update, EC.

    Could one of the four people unfamiliar to our intrepid reporter have been Barbara Edwards, who’s “been waiting with debated breath how things are going for Simone”? 🤔

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  7. Just to remind everyone that “” is the advertising vehicle of Amanda Mary Jewell, a cancer fraudster and bleach-enema advocate who has left a remarkably long trail of bodies behind her.

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  8. Wow, from that article SC, here’s an excerpt from the bottom of it:

    The couple split their time between their £3 million home in Farnham, Surrey, and a hotel in Bulgaria, where she runs a “healing” clinic offering cures for chronic illnesses.

    They distribute products from Bulgaria through a website called mother nature and you.

    Doug Jewell once ran an organisation called Arc Survival. A keep fit enthusiast, Mr Jewell feared the end of the world was coming and offered places in a bunker in Bulgaria for a financial fee.

    Outlining the thinking behind the organisation, his website says ARC members believe in truth, peace and happiness.

    It goes on: “Life without fear, without worry.

    “Unconditional love, the creator of all.

    “We do not believe in politics and do not believe in any government organisation who by their very nature have their ranks will with power hungry, greedy people, the system has been created this way.

    “Religion as a man made creation, has been created to divide.

    “Languages were created by man to dive and confuse.”

    So, was this sold via Multi Level Marketing, online through a network of blogs ? Is this the same stuff being used and promoted by the couple that ‘Screaming To Be Heard’, conference attendees & video watchers, were told had their children stolen, whilst a similar product was promoted, I think. Held in Holloway Rd, N7. Organised by Andy Peacher, including speakers on Belinda McKenzies videos, Ian Josephs, fact was, there were fears that the child was being given the poison, I can’t remember if that was proven but am sure they lived on the south coast.

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  9. Neelu in full Brave Sir Robin mode here. Encouraging others to be arrested for contempt of court whilst being too cowardly to do it herself!

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  10. Sheva, if this is a Portuguese couple with a baby, and the man was part of the Genesis Church scam and promoted MMS, there were fears the baby would be fed bleach. Their baby was removed by social services, they fled to Portugal in the end, baby is safe.

    Ray Savage the ex copper who said he interviewed Ella Draper hosted an event by Genesis Church on his farm and campsite.

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  11. I simply cannot stand these fakers. I’ve met people who say Marijuana oil has been very helpful and some who say smoking it eases pain which is wonderful. But no-one has been fully cured with these fake remedies.
    One annoying aspect- they claim big pharma makes huge profits. Well of course they do and they need plenty of money for research as it often takes $multi-millions to research and develop these remedies.
    Yet desperate people get conned by Quacks who also make a small fortune from something they probably cooked up in their garage overnight.

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  12. I just can’t believe how many of these cult activities are influenced by Hollywood movies (you know the place run by Jewish Satanic Pedos).
    That particular one, nicely sent up in that blog post contains elements of 2012 and a panned movie which I thought was rather good and which I just watched: Downsizing.

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  13. Last I heard, the parents were using the child that used to be theirs as an excuse for a GoFundMe appeal. “We left our baby in the UK when we went to Portugal, because reasons. Please give us money so we can talk to a lawyer, or have a party, or something”.

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  14. According to the BBC today it’s not just supporters who are continuing to campaign for the “troof”!

    “Despite guilty pleas, an ongoing Newton hearing has heard Lorraine Noakes’ defence lawyer dispute facts in the case, including whether she burnt documents. The hearing continues.”

    TBH I’d never heard of a Newton hearing before, but you learn something new every day.


  15. Shhh! Don’t let on that we at GCHQ have implemented Operation “Baby Eater” today to prevent news of Sabine’s trial being posted and have crippled Facebook to prevent this. This is a temporary outage until we have set up the live feed of all user data to the MI5 computers so that we can monitor them all in real time and gather all their personal data and their contacts lists before rounding them all up.

    Still makes me laugh that these idiots trust all their personal information, browsing habits and online actions to Facebook and You Tube yet think it’s the “state” which is the bigger danger to them!

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