Hoaxtead mobsters strangely silent…for now

Once again, there’s a hush over Hoaxtead-land.

Following a record-breaking deluge of histrionic rants from Deborah Mahmoudieh in September, she’s been utterly silent since 2 October—a whole two weeks, quite unprecedented for her. Not a word on either Facebook or YouTube, leading us to wonder whether she’s come down with an epic case of laryngitis, or is in the grip of the hangover to end all hangovers.

Not, we hasten to add, that we don’t appreciate her silence. Our eardrums have begun to heal, and our jangled nerves are the calmer in her absence.

Still, it’s odd.

And what about Sabine?

Meanwhile, Sabine has been wrapped up in her defence of Maurice Kirk, the Flying Vet, who was convicted last month of violating his restraining order, and is currently awaiting sentencing. As for Sabine’s own interactions with the police, things look a little muddy at the moment, at least from where we sit.

You might recall that in July, she complained quite bitterly that she was due to attend a voluntary interview with the police on the 13th of that month:

I have been invited to attend Holborn Police Station on Thursday July 13th at 10.30 for another ‘voluntary’ interview. These interviews are apparently designed to wind us up. Hence my solicitor and others have always advised not to comment, but make a statement instead. I’ve experienced them after six arrests or ‘re-arrests’ at the Police Station.

We assume that this is to do with her various breaches of the restraining order which was put in place following her 2016 trial, with Neelu Berry, for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation. A year ago she was charged with breaching that order. To everyone’s surprise, since she has vehemently denied the legality of the order in the first place, she pleaded guilty, and received a 12-month conditional discharge. This means that if she were to re-offend within 12 months of that sentence, she could be re-sentenced for the original offence.

In a post on 14 August, Sabine revealed that the police had seized her computers and hard drives, and confirmed that her next appointment with the police was set for 14 October:

The ‘Return to Bail’ date on 14 October will determine whether I am going to be charged with having violated the Restraining Order: the Police are still investigating me as a ‘criminal suspect’, i.e. they are desperately trying to criminalise me and others who support the children. Police have kept 3 laptops and 3 external disks since 04 November 2016 for that purpose and my solicitor has to take them to court to get my property back – pro bono – as Legal Aid does not cover this!

She’s been uncharacteristically silent about the result of last Saturday’s police appointment, except for one brief exchange on her Victims Unite! blog…which we were able to capture: It’s possible to read much into another month’s delay: does it mean that the police plan to lay charges but must complete the evidence-gathering process? Time will tell, and we’re certain that Sabine will have at least one or two enlightening bitch-fests meltdowns between now and next month, so stay tuned.

And then there’s Belinda…

Last March, Belinda left a peculiar message on one of Ella’s interviews with Comrade Sean of the SGT Report:

As the latest of the UK whistle-blowers regarding this case facing prison, having been arrested Thursday 16 March, my computers and phones seized and being due back at the police station 8am probably followed by court 10am Friday 24 March, could I politely ask the rest of the UK & world public please to wake the f. up?!

So far as we’re aware, no further action was taken at that time, except that Belinda’s computer equipment was seized by police. In July she expressed the opinion that she would be standing trial in the autumn, but again, we’ve heard nothing to confirm this. Her concern that the police would “plant something” seems to be the generic conspiraloon trope. It’s the reason, for example, that the Hoaxtead mob claim to feel comfortable consorting with convicted paedophiles such as Peter Hofschröer: the police “planted” those 30,000+ child sex abuse images on his computer, dont’cha know. Belinda’s protestations sound to us like an attempt at pre-emptive damage control.

We’ve heard absolutely nothing further regarding charges against Belinda, but at present it seems possible that Sabine will face charges of one sort or another in the next month. We’ll bring you updates as they happen, but for now…let’s just enjoy the peace and quiet.

78 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mobsters strangely silent…for now

  1. This one’s going out to Hoaxtead hermits everywhere. Come on, guys, don’t be scared – come out and play. Just because your hoax lies in tatters, strewn with the dying embers of your dignity, doesn’t mean you can’t join us in a good old singsong. Awwwtergevva nah…

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  2. Speaking of eery silences, can I throw Krusty Poop’s name into the reckoning? It’s been 10 days since she (or her beloved ‘co-administrator’ Mad Moo) posted anything on her Relieve the Chickens page, several weeks since she posted her last ‘rehashed police interview’ video on her largely unnoticed YouTube channel, nearly a month since she posted anything on her own Farcebook page and over three months since her last Kristie Does Obscurity blog post (and even that was merely a re-posting of a previous ‘article’ about how I must be Ricky Dearman because we have the same colour shoelaces or something – yawn). Lazy cow or dejected nobody who knows she’s lost? You decide…

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  3. And while the hoaxer twunts are all cowering in the corner, crying for their mummies, this blog continues to thrive. Damn, that’s gotta hurt 😀

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  4. I notice that Angela’s stopped bothering with her videos now too. I used to look forward to her comedy rants (though they did use to scare the cat, if I’m honest).

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  5. Do you think a hush might have descended due to a couple of things like visits to Hoaxstead Research having reached the million mark and going far beyond that in a matter of weeks after Ethel Aardvaarks better half (…or was it her brother?) having a contretemps with the lift the veil bloke which seemed to cause a flurry of activity, in particular, visitors who were seemingly questioning once accepted truths re all that sra stuff by researching this site’s own quality research.

    My feeling is that the penny has finally dropped amongst a lot of these hoaxters’ previously passive audience, neither inclined this way or that but resolutely ‘open-minded’…..I think it finally dawned on them (audience) that they’d been subjected to a pile of bull and they’re not interested in supporting it anymore.

    To my mind, it would be difficult as a questioning and curious person to walk away from this site without feeling more informed/well educated and feeling resolved to tell the likes of the hoaxters to go fuck themselves for trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

    However it occurred, a lack of support equals a lack of confidence.

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      • Here’s hoping…you know, one of the major differences between this site and other youtube channels and blogs which are guilty of the promulgation of contemptible lies, the absolute reverse of your telling the truth, is that you all deliver your message in a very generous way by comparison…there’s nothing scant or lacking about how you put forth the information you’ve gleaned, you’re transparent, open and honest…it’s as if this blog is an oasis in a desert dreadful awfulness.

        Of course, the wit and humour is brilliant in the comments section and reaffirms what your amazingly insightful pieces inform…I’m a massive fan of each and every one of you. I really like this site and feel quite creatively inspired by all that I’ve read but also am mindful of the reason for your blog’s existence and should I come across the sort of thing you’ve all dealt with over the years I would like to think I could emulate you all to a positive effect to counteract it.

        I’m currently trying to figure out the wherefore, the what, the how and the why of Bellender….I’m convinced I recognise her from my days as a member of the convoy way back in the 80’s (I lasted for 6 months and it was the year of the battle of the beanfield)…if not her, her type, a trust fund baby and all the rest.

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  6. Belinda’s hopes of enthralling people were abruptly halted last Sat. when she was on her way to a survivor charity lunch. She got lost whilst driving through Bromley,when she did eventually get on the correct road, she found that her mudguard was hanging loose. Poor thing….the mudguard I mean. 😉 Her adventures are on Wesley Hall’s fb.

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    • I had a look on one of Wesley’s fb pages and couldn’t see any comments from Belinda.

      I have a feeling it was an evening dinner rather than a lunch, organised by Chris Tuck.

      I wonder who Belinda’s plus 1 was? Wesley, Robert Green, Sabine???

      I also see that Wesley had put up a London Underground map and Jake Clarke commented re Hampstead!

      I don’t think he’s ever going to give it up…

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      • “As humans, we should be ashamed of how we have allowed society to become an epidemic of self-obsessed cunts who vote to oppress themselves and take pride in cowardly acts to perpetuate their deluded sense of reality.” – Mr W Hall. Hero of the underclass

        Self-Obsessed huh? 860 Followers.

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      • Apologies, it was a launch, not lunch.

        SO SORRY I didn’t make it last evening after all Chris! I got badly lost in Bromley trying to find the road to Hayes, no signs in the town pointing the way, drove round and round but each time ended back up on the London Road going north! Stopped at 3 garages but the youngish Asian guys at the till in each of those didn’t have a clue where Hayes was! Then a kind young woman in 3rd garage got on her phone and pointed me in the right direction – the road to Hayes happened to be the next left-turn up the road from where I was! It was by then just past 8pm but as fate would have it, as I swung round the corner there was suddenly a horrible grinding noise from the front of the car. So of course I pulled up and found the mudguard was hanging loose on one side and was scraping against the front tyre. I pegged it back on but inevitably it came off again a few hundred metres up the road. So there was nothing for it but either to wait for the AA or limp back to north London… Hope evening was a terrific success and SOB well and truly launched! Will send donation to cover ticket + a bit more x

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        • Ah thanks.

          Is it necessary to have a mudguard to drive your car?

          Couldn’t she have pulled the thing completely off and carried on?

          It’s not like she was going across some muddy fields was it?

          Mmm… and she hadn’t even bought her ticket in advance.

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          • Babs wrote:”Couldn’t she have pulled the thing completely off and carried on?”

            Most front mudgaurds are pretty cheap and are effectively moulded plastic held in place by 2 bolts.Presumably a bolt had worked loose and most likely simply required tightening.Failing that,breaking the thing off and replacing it later if you need to get somewhere is definately the way forward.

            She should consider keeping a spare broomstick in the boot for any such future eventualities or simply retire from being a mobile shit stirrer altogether,that way she could save time and cash to put towards getting a half decent hairdo and a fucking life whilst shes at it.

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        • It looks like it was the launch of Survivors of Abuse Reg Charity No 1166712
          Good luck to them – support like this is needed!

          The event was being held at The Warren, Metropolitan Police Sports Club. 🙂

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          • Do you think she got lost and broke down accidentally on purpose? I wouldn’t have thought an evening at the Police Sports Club was an attractive prospect for her atm.

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          • It’s a good job she didn’t make it or she would have started her sra nonsense, I remember someone told her before not to bringing that up at some meeting or something.

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        • Belinda, you know that Bromley is at the opposite end of London from Hayes, right? You’re basically going from Kent to Middlesex. It’s nigh on 60 miles round the M25.

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        • Very troubling if a member of the IICSAUK Survivor Panel is entertaining Belinda McKenzie ! Just as troubling as another one being interviewed by some arsehole !!! Is it the leeches still attempting to pervert our inquiry ? Are these fairly new campaigners still unaware of the dangers ? despite being warned ?
          Recently listening to the live broadcasts @IICSA, a recurring theme is how the SRA Scandal in Rochdale caused such fear to act during real abuse cases, that children were left at risk moreso.

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  7. Brilliant news yes. So very disturbing that things like that can happen in this day & age, has the internet made it less complicated for these abusive groups, it probably was going on before the dawn of the internet though & we were either unaware of it or simply did not believe it was happening. I know I myself used to scoff at hearing things like trafficking and ashamed I am to admit it. It is good to be better informed but I have lost my innocence of the world as a whole now & really know I am not in a position to help in any way, except for reporting FB posts & you tube videos. Other than that it is too dark a world to get into and I am happy that all our law enforcement are highly trained to catch these sub humans.

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    • Daisies said: “So very disturbing that things like that can happen in this day & age, has the internet made it less complicated for these abusive groups, it probably was going on before the dawn of the internet though & we were either unaware of it or simply did not believe it was happening. I know I myself used to scoff at hearing things like trafficking and ashamed I am to admit it. It is good to be better informed but I have lost my innocence of the world as a whole now…”

      I often come across observations like this – where people profess to have been much more ‘innocent’ (or ignorant) of various child sexual abuse & other sex crimes realities in their past. I’m not questioning your word, Daisies, but I sometimes wonder how valid people’s perceptions about that really are.

      Because, one of the things that Meredith Maran and her rad-fem friends were up to in the 1970’s & 1980’s was “re-educating” the population about sexual violence against women and children, and this involved teaching people that everyone was either completely ignorant or in denial about ALL such realities. Well, if no one knew anything about such things…then “I” must have been equally innocent?

      But when I sat down and did a diary-inventory about what I ‘knew’ and when & how I knew it, I was surprised by how much DID understand, and at some pretty tender ages. I can’t say that I’ve lived a normal, typical life (bwaahaahaa! oh, god!), but here’s some of what mine looks like:

      While still in Elementary school, I knew that “hillbillies” sometimes had sex with their daughter or sisters, and had babies with them. This must have come from some media, but I don’t remember what. So, I knew that there was such a thing as incest – and that it was bad, only “barbaric” people did it.
      By age 12 I knew that there were perverts who wanted to pay boys for oral sex, because the older paperboys told us to wary of them in the pinball arcade. From reading the family newspaper, I had some awareness of the Corll tragedy, and Gacy, and poor Emmanuel Jacques gang-raped and murdered in Toronto. So I knew that perverts kidnapped, raped and murdered boys & girls.
      In my later teens, I was aware of the juvenile prostitution trade, because I was hanging around them on their ‘stroll’ and selling them pot and LSD.
      I didn’t know much about sexual violence against adult women, i.e., rape, until I was in college and a volunteer for the Rape Crisis Center. I knew a lot more about CSA at earlier ages.

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      • I really think it has to do with a lot of things: background, upbringing, how observant a child is and what information they have access to.

        When I was very young I knew I shouldn’t go with strangers…but I had no idea why, other than “something bad” will happen. I had no idea how sex worked until I was at least in my mid-teens, in part because my parents only gave me very sketchy ideas (such as that “sleeping with” a person could result in pregnancy…). However, I know that some of my friends had much more sophisticated understandings of the world; I usually had my nose in a book, so I could explain the intricacies of the sewer systems under Paris, but not how a person might get pregnant. Much fell into place once I left home, LOL…but I’m afraid I got off to a bit of a slow start.

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      • We experienced very different upbringings I can see from your post. I grew up longing to have been part of the hippy movement, but it was over before I was old enough to live that life, it was the clothes I was attracted to. I wasn’t aware of drugs until my early twenties but thought it was something bad people did & that it was far away from my life realm. The biggest scandal I was aware of was a girl having a baby & not being married. Incest & child abuse I was completely unaware of until the Church abuse scandals. There was too much of ‘behind closed’ doors going on, I realise that now so I am thankful that all of the abuse is out in the open now, well awareness of it because it is still happening, but now people will report it, even if it is years later.

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    • She’s back on Farcebook too, where she’s put up 7 new posts. She’s once again promoting Hitler’s favourite antisemitic book ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and has also developed a penchant for reincarnation.

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      • I bet she’s on the edge of declaring herself the reincarnation of Nefertiti…..

        Total rubbish, as everyone knows that’s me! Three months in psychotherapy down the Tavistock and the memories of being The Great Royal Wife emerged.

        It says here that I was famous for my bust, hence the name.


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        • Someone needs to break it gently to Mad Moo but she was indeed re-incarnated from ancient Egyptian times where she was one Emma Goldstein whose constant a’moaning & a’groaning of “let my people go” while she sat on her fat backside and recounted tales of devil worshiping baby eaters as others built Pyramids etc convinced the Pharaoh Ramses who proclaimed “for (Sun) God’s sake get that Goldstein woman outta here and while you are at tell Moses to take the whole bloody lot with him”.

          Moses did as ordered and pleaded with God that when he parted the Dead Sea to make sure he sent the waters back on the last charabanc in which Mizz Goldsten (Mizz Mahmoudieh) was traveling still rabbiting on about sacrificing babies, false flags and crisis actors but alas, God forgot and allowed Moo to slip through bringing on the wrath of Moses who cursed God who replied “well Fuck you too, how about you wander in the frigging desert for 40 years with that Goldstein woman?”.

          It’s believed somewhere along the way Mad Moo (Emma Goldstein) was buried in the desert, after a popular vote, still rambling on about eating babies etc which means 2 things:
          1. Mad Moo is the originator of the infamous Jewish Sacrifice meme and
          2. She’s got a hide making racist comments about Jews as she was also a bit of goer and many of today’s Ashkenazi Jews can trace their heritage back to Mad Moo. Not a lot of people know that.
          # there was even a paparazzi photographer around at the time who captured the scene..

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  8. LOL, in his latest video, a certain American arsehole has stated that it’s a “proven fact” that Hitler and Eva Braun faked their deaths and were secretly whisked off to Argentina where they lived out the rest of their lives. He says it’s “not even in dispute”. I must have missed that. LMAO!

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      • I worked on one of the first mini-series Winds of War and some of the research we did was in the London ‘office’ of the Weistentahl Centre which was a flat in Paddington with a very large library simply groaning with documents. The little old gentleman running the place commented on this to the head researcher who asked him about this rumour even right back then.
        His response was basically : “anything is possible and we can never prove the claim he committed suicide. Many of us think the Russians may have got him or he fled to South America”.

        # There were also shelves and shelves of photographic records either seized from the Germans after the war or taken by the allies when they entered the Concentration Camps. Some of the material you can find in books and on the net is a fraction of what was released, The rest is too horrific even for the most hardened people and it was deemed better not to ever release the stuff.
        # Deborah Mahmoudieh and creeps like Araya Soma etc need to be locked in that library for a few days and forced to read every eyewitness account and view every horrific photograph.

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        • Sorry, I don’t believe there to be any credibility in the the Hitler/Argentina conspiracy. I can’t be arsed to dig them out but there are plenty of documentaries out there disproving it and it’s full of logistic holes.


  9. Maybe Little Miss Libel received a certain legal document and is still in shock she involved herself in a Multi-Count Tort Lawsuit? Perhaps she has now bothered to investigate her “sources” Psych, Child Abusing and Armed kidnapping histories? They can spew all they want but it takes time to hold them accountable with NO Quarter. FOIA is time consuming but worth it. The locals think she’s Nuts and Cops are giving up the reports GLADLY!

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      • I must admit that I wasn’t aware of that term until you mentioned it, EC. According to the Wex legal Dictionary, it’s: “A defamatory statement that is communicated in a fixed medium and is considered to be so harmful on its face that the plaintiff need not prove special damages. Examples of libel per se are statements that: (i) relate to the person’s business or profession to the person’s detriment; (ii) falsely claim that the person committed a crime of moral turpitude; (iii) imputes unchastity on the person; or (iv) claim that the person suffers from a loathsome disease.”


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