Residence hearing: Ella’s legal team walks out




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10 thoughts on “Residence hearing: Ella’s legal team walks out

  1. No not team!!!!!!!!!!

    No, no…..there was only one person there, so you cannot call that a team.

    Mmmmmm….what can …we….calll….that?


    Ahhhh….got it! “t”!

    Mothers “t” walked out.

    Through the grapevine.


  2. Perhaps the nutjobs are trying to pretend they have a huge legal team lol just like they had to let sabine go as they did not have enough evidence…..

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  3. She has a legal team…but her barrister is, like Ella, on holiday (came back today).

    That is why on Tuesday the underling solicitor had to take on the case (who was not versed with family court law but only criminal law, and who was so out of his depth he didn’t even wear any robes. He also turned up late.). Perhaps the solicitor had too much today and walked out…

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  4. Her legal representation was always going to be a shambles. That much was evident from the woeful ‘witness statement’ with its multiple spelling mistakes and mangled grammar. It wouldn’t have passed muster in a GCSE law coursework project. The same firm, Hanson Young also advised Sabine on the charges that could be brought against the ‘cult’ when there was talk of a ‘private prosecution’ which she gleefully listed. Amongst them was ‘cannibalism’ which, as any fule kno with the merest scintilla of legal knowlege – is not a crime in England. R v Dudley & Stephens – a cornerstone criminal case.
    So a criminal lawyer with a poor grasp of criminal law was going to take on a difficult family case….. There was only ever going to be one outcome.

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  5. Hahaha… just let her carry on and mess her life up. All she cares about is that loon, Abe.
    The children are better off as far away as they can be from that pair.

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