What happened to today’s post?

Our original post for today was an exposé of the author of the Dearman Does Hampstead blog. However, we have received important and credible new information that indicates that we might have been on the wrong track, so we have taken that post down while we investigate new evidence.

where did you go



7 thoughts on “What happened to today’s post?

  1. I was wondering about that. I logged on at lunchtime at work and could see people had commented on it but couldn’t find the post. You did the correct thing in removing it, EC.

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    • Thanks, Jake. Frustrating to get so far and discover we’d made the error, but we’re on the right track now. I’ll be posting more on this soon.


  2. it shows integrity to admit you may have made a mistake and then act quickly to correct it. Re-enforces how utterly devoid of feeling the hoaxers are when facts are shown to them and they reject them.


  3. Cue 2 new dramas for Hoaxers:
    1. horrible claims Orlando a ‘false flag’
    2. Outrage re Freud tale proof of Illuminati control of UK.
    Who will be the first out of starting blocks..APD..Eva Braun Soma..Lou Lotus ?

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