When facts and theory collide

Yesterday we made a mistake.

Following last week’s post about the vile Dearman Does Hampstead blog, which had published an even worse than usual post featuring RD’s sister, mother, and grandmother, we were eager to find and expose the writer of that blog.

All we know is that she gives her name as Kris Da Costa, she claims to be from La Jolla, California, and she has the moral fibre of a hyena. She often uses an advert for cheap wigs from China as her Facebook avatar, but for a short time earlier this year she used a blurry, dated picture of a young man and woman.

With this as our only real clue, and making use of tips sent us by some of our readers, we pieced together what we thought was the correct profile for Kris Da Costa.

Everything seemed to fit: our suspect had the ‘right’ friends, she shared the standard Hoaxtead posts on Facebook, and most tellingly, when we dropped a strong hint that we knew who she was, she panicked and began tightening her Facebook security.

We were so certain we were right…and yet it turned out we were completely, undeniably wrong.

A kind commenter who shall remain nameless sent us evidence that blew our sure thing out of the water.

We’ll be honest: our first reaction was disbelief. How could we have been so far off-base? Maybe this new info was wrong? Maybe someone was trying to mess with us?

And we were angry: with ourselves for getting it so wrong, and (irrationally) with our commenter for pointing out our error. There had to be something wrong with this new information. Right?


The new evidence was incontrovertible. The post that we’d thought would help put Kris Da Costa behind bars had to be removed from the blog, and we had to start our search again.

The good news: not only did our commenter point out our error, but they gave us some excellent starting points on which to base our new research.

Our team is once again hot on the trail of Da Costa, digging up family links, old usernames, biographical data, addresses…slowly but surely, a picture of Kris Costa  (not a typo) is emerging. We’re not ready to make our findings public just yet, but we can say that we’ve made some fascinating new inroads.

Meanwhile, we can’t help but reflect on yesterday’s erroneous post, and the nature of what is real, versus what we think we know.

One of the things that used to amuse us when Kris’s DDH blog first began to ‘expose the truth’ about RD was her use of flimsy and highly questionable data to draw completely erroneous and unwarranted conclusions. Each time she posted some new revelation that claimed to ‘prove’ that RD was pretty much everyone on the internet including the Easter Bunny, we’d read it aloud to one another, hooting at her hilarious allegations.

She’s always been wrong; so far we haven’t seen her guess correctly once.

But now we’ve discovered to our chagrin that it’s not so funny when we’re the ones making leaps of logic that lead us in very wrong directions.

Yes, it’s humiliating. It’s infuriating. It’s disappointing to find out just how mistaken we can be. It’s sad, too, to have to toss hours and hours of hard work into the bin and start anew.

But when the facts collide with our theories, it’s the theories, not the facts, that must go.

That’s the big difference between us and the Hoaxtead mob: instead of ignoring or downplaying new evidence, or trying to cram it into our theory willy-nilly, or even trying to twist our narrative to make it fit the new facts, we did the grown-up thing. We threw out the theory, and kept the evidence.

Perhaps the Hoaxteaders could try that sometime.If at first you don't succeed quote - Wile E Coyote-8x6


38 thoughts on “When facts and theory collide

  1. EC – what an excellent, frank and honest post. Its admirable.

    Keep up the good work – you will get to the point that you want, it will be with fact that is to an evidentiary standard, and I have no doubt that this blog will help contribute towards successful prosecutions and convictions.

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  2. Well done EC! You’ll gain new readers who will respect you all the more for admitting when you are wrong – it’s called integrity.

    I had to eat humble pie once when I hosted an occasional author who wrote a piece supporting a perfectly legal trader in chemicals that the US wanted to extradite on the grounds that the chemical was used to manufacture crack cocaine…..in the middle of the night I got an e-mail from his daughter pointing out that he was also a fugitive from a prison term for sexually abusing her for many years when they lived in the US – something he had forgotten to mention to my author….and which turned out to be tragically true.

    Eat humble pie fast and copiously is the only answer when something like that happens!

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  3. Wonderful post El Coyote.Top work.

    “The most baleful mischiefs may be expected from the unmanly conduct of not daring to face truth because it is unpleasing.” Thomas Malthus.

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  4. Excellent post. Well done my friend. I’m sure you’ll get to the bottom of this if you persist.

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  5. Great words El Coyote considering how down you may be feeling. It takes a big person to admit when they were wrong. As has already been said your totally open and honest post will give you a lot of respect from people.

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  6. Avoiding the truth can be momentarily helpful, in evading consequences, but in the long run the truth always pays dividends that exceed the short reward of a lie. Yes, integrity is worth preserving, whatever the cost. I am so intrigued by what the proof was that it was not who you thought it could have been, and the new stuff gleaned by that poster…

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  7. There are two differences here in your behaviour compared to the behaviour of the hoaxtead mob. As mentioned, you have admitted that you got something wrong and did so publicly. Also, you carried out hours of research in the first place. The hoaxtead mob carry out little to no research and make their remarks anyway.
    I’m sure the best police investigators and intelligence services have followed a promising lead only to find out it is wrong (the exception being Columbo). The shame does not come from being wrong, the shame comes when you realise you are wrong and continue anyway. Something the hoaxtead crew do all the time.

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    • Thanks so much, Dave. We were aiming for Columbo status, but fell short this time. 🙂

      You’re right, though: the Hoaxtead mob rarely trouble themselves with minor piffling details like research. Hearsay and gossip and presumptions of guilt are just so much more fun.


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  9. Good to hold your hands up to a mistake. Though I don’t feel that sorry if the person named was the author of a piece of filth and a weirdly disturbed piece written with a strange character of a pre verbal child narrating how much they love the author. The whole thing tldr.

    Anyway, now Abraham Christie and drifloud both have accounts, funny the way the tweets from both accounts tie up, in time. That solicitor, Hanson Young, made representations on Ella’s behalf, including drifloud.


  10. Well done on this post, EC. You’ve done what the hoaxers will never do. Admit when you’re incorrect.
    They would never do the same. You can tell from things said that some of the hoaxers now have their doubts about Abraham..but will they ever admit they were wrong about the entire Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax – No!

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    • I confess that this still astonishes me. Painful as it might be to give up a pet theory, how is it possible to continue to deceive one’s self once the evidence shows overwhelmingly that the theory cannot be correct? (I know, if we could answer that question we wouldn’t be here.)


    • Agreed, Selina. I respect anyone who admits they made a mistake and apologises. Say, for instance, a guy spent a year harassing and defaming someone and trying (but failing) to publish details of their name, address, family members and place of work for the delectation of passing psychos…but then changed their mind, realised that their victim didn’t deserve it and switched sides. Fair play to them, I say – but wouldn’t it be nice if they did the decent thing and apologised for what they’d put their victim through. This is, of course, a purely hypothetical proposition.

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