ACTION: Keep sending those emails

Calling all sane and rational people

Please continue to email all of Jacqui’s victims with her real name – Charlotte Ward – and contact details – – and invite them to contact Barnet Police. We saw earlier how she has no moral compunctions about posting the photos of her victims’ children, presumably so that her fellow sociopaths can attack them and to hand the bullies at their schools a field day on a plate. That poor boy’s father has been contacted accordingly.

Now she has posted the name of a little girl and made some disgraceful remarks about her and her family. She must know that this will cause sever distress and anxiety for this poor little child, as well as significant bullying. This is child abuse, pure and simple, and it cannot be permitted to continue.

Here is an email template that you are all welcome to use:

Dear XXX

Re. the harassment of you and your familiy by the Hampstead Research campaign

I hope you’re well.

You may find this information useful:

The woman who has been harassing you, sending you threatening emails, slandering you on the Hampstead Research site and posting the names and pictures of your children to enable her associates to target them too is called Charlotte St. Aubyn Ward. Should you wish to make a formal complaint about her, you can report her to Barnet Police, who have been compiling a file of evidence against her and are close to arresting her. Alternatively, should you wish to take legal action against her for her disgraceful antics and child abuse, your lawyer can contact her via or

Above all, please remember that you have done nothing wrong and neither have your children.

Please let me know if you require any further information or feel free to peruse our counter-blog which has been set up to defend the victims of the Hampstead hoax:

Kind regards



Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward, you are a child abuser and you will be brought to justice.

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  1. Hopefully with the information we received the other day, every email, every post will go down as evidence against her.

    I will visit her in prison…..

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