Official: Charlotte Ward is a racist

We’ve had our suspicions for a while – her xenophobia, homophobia and anti-Semitism are well documented – and she has repeatedly refused to answer our questions regarding her alleged racism, which, in her own words, is “a clear sign of guilt” (except in her case, presumably, LOL). Anyway, here’s the damning proof of her racist tendencies:


Naturally, her creepy followers will be in denial and accuse us of taking her words out of context and say that she was merely drawing our attention to the alleged racism of the post she was citing. Trouble is, that post makes no mention of skin colour whatsoever! Oops!

Here are the exact words from the post in question:

Crime update – card skimming

Re the post on card skimming below, please see the photo taken of one of the alleged perpetrators.

If you see this person lurking around a cash machine, beware and try to go into the bank to use the cash machine instead of the using the one outside.


Unfortunately, however, Charlotte made a bit of a booboo when transferring it to her blog and “accidentally” blanked out the first two lines. D’oh!


Sooo, who’s taking whom out of context, eh? We think this blatant lie in order to draw attention to this man’s skin colour (and to defame yet another innocent Hampstead resident in the process) says more about Charlotte’s attitudes to race than the gentleman she’s pretending to quote, don’t you?



Charlotte Ward, yesterday


18 thoughts on “Official: Charlotte Ward is a racist

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  2. This is hardly surprising, really. She’s shown herself to be a thoroughly despicable person on so many levels, adding “racism” to the list is almost icing on a very nasty cake.

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  3. That is actually disgusting. I’m shocked… The title is erm… Utterly racist. Maybe she should go for some afternoon tea with Pauffley, they have more in common than it first appeared.

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    • Strange attempt at logic there, mate. Hardly surprising, though, considering your rants about Tavistock (yawn) and your slanderous remarks about my good friend Susan. You’re clearly just another boring paranoid conspiritard with too much time on your hands (there are only so many episodes of Jeremy Kyle you can stomach, right?).

      So anyway, Justice Pauffley is not a racist. In fact, the backlash against her was due to her not being racist and for being too understanding of other cultures (which was just her stating facts about sentencing legislation, by the way). So to turn that around and call her a racist has utterly destroyed what little credibility you may have had.

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  4. My thought is that blog was deliberately set up in order to discredit genuine campaigners. Much in the same way Susan B was sent out to initially believe the children and then “change her mind”. It’s typical Tavistock 101. Thank God you are all nearly hitting retirement.


    • You’re wrong about Susan and your desperate attempt to slander her shows us all the kind of person you are. Now run along. Go whine about chemtrails and lizard people on the David Icke forum or something.


        • @ Thoughts: if you’re going to spread cheap rumours about my friends, at least have the decency to back them up with evidence. I won’t hold my breath.


      • In fact judging by her volume of posts, she literally begins posting at 10am and then posts right through to 2am the following day. Bit obsessive no? LOL!!!!!!!

        Slander? It’s a fact and the only reason your back is up, is because it is fact. It wouldn’t surprise me if both this blog and hampsteadresearch were run by Tavistock.

        Try and get a life, you know, away from the computer… LOL


      • Any reason why Susan goes by so many different identities on the internet? LOL

        Isn’t that what you are “criticising” “Jacqui Farmer” for? Tad hypocritical aren’t you? At least you are fun to laugh at.


        • @Thoughts: ‘Divide and conquer’ doesn’t work on me – no deranged troll’s gonna turn me against my friends. Not even you, Sabine 🙂

          By the way, you’ve posted numerous comments on here now. If I’m decent enough to allow them (unlike Hampstead Research, who would have disallowed every one of your slanderous trolling remarks), then at least have the decency not to abuse it. There is only so much abuse against my friends I will allow before you get deleted and blocked.

          Oh and is there any news yet on the proof of all your allegations against my friends? No rush. Yawn.


    • You’re laughing at the concept of logic being mentioned? Well, you are a “truther”, so I can’t say I’m surprised.

      By the way, what’s the weather like in Germany today?


  5. This is the real Susan B. For the record, I was not ‘sent out’ by anyone, and am not working for anyone except myself. as I find it, I comment, that’s all. and I have never worked for the tavistock, which i have been linked with, time and time again. go back to the source of that nonsense, the toothlessgetruthless video which shows a search of me in which tavistock comes up in the metadata under the search returns. why don’t you do the same search and see if i am actually linked to the tavistock, or have ever worked there. prove your assertions. you will never be able to, because it is pure fantasy. in fact i have never even visited or ever had any dealings with them in any shape or form. the search returns were in fact linked to UKCP, which i do have a history with. which may indeed have some links with the tavistock, which has many branches, i gather. i am yet again reminded of something i posted yesterday, and suggest considering it. it was posted on DI forum in response to video ccps video18, made by hampsteadNOresearch:

    These people are mentally unwell

    …and the father, well he flew to the USA, and in the USA they kill people.

    But not only that while in the USA, he might have had a bottle of beer, well the children said that father had given them beer.

    But though we cannot know for sure, it is 100% certain that while he was on the plane, the father sat watching a movie, and because he was sat down, he just may well have had a bottle of beer in the USA.

    What is really interesting, though this is not proven, is that while the father was in the USA, he ate some food.

    This is really interesting, because there was someone else who ate food, but they were in China, and we think they could a connection there.

    You are absolutely cracker jack!

    How can you make this shit up!…ostcount=15281

    Please, if you make suggestions according to belief or opinion, make that clear, don’t use words like ‘was’ as if this is truth. it may be your truth but it is not mine. use words like ‘perhaps’ or ‘i think’ – that way you won’t get replies like this one, ‘thoughts’, although your name does reflect your content. the part about me is just your ‘thoughts’, which is ok, we all have them. but be accurate about it when you write please.

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    • Don’t worry, Susan, He’s getting more and more abusive and can’t seem to back up his allegations with any evidence. Ergo, no one believes a word he has to say about either you or the Tavistock Institute. In fact, the only reason I’ve allowed his comments is to give everyone a laugh at his ineptitude and show the World how abusive a Hoeaxteader gets when he’s asked to back up his allegations. Sound familiar? And his laughter at the mere suggestion that he should use logic in his arguments is very telling, don’t you think?

      Oh and by the way, I know I keep saying “he” but “he” is in Germany. This may be the miserable psycho herself…Sabine!

      PS: she’s moved on to a few other threads too, including ‘Hoaxtead: Episode 25’. Feel free to rip her a new one on there too.


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