UPDATE: Sabine McNeill remanded in custody until 19 March

At a hearing at Highbury Magistrate’s court this morning, Sabine was remanded in custody until her next hearing on 19 March. She is currently being held at Bronzefield Prison, according to Belinda McKenzie.

Today’s hearing was to deal with a second breach of bail conditions in the past three weeks.

Sabine remanded 2018-03-05 4

SABINE BACK IN PRISON – as some of you are already aware, she’s back inside on remand for breaching her bail conditions on 2 consecutive occasions in the last 3 weeks. The magistrates at Highbury this morning (5 March) were not interested in hearing from her solicitor about the underlying case or in any possibly mitigating circumstances regarding the breaches, only in the FACTS of the matter: Did she or did she not talk about the case to 3rd parties on the mentioned 2 occasions? Yes she did. They concluded moreover that the breaches were both deliberate and ‘flagrant’ rather than ‘inadvertent’, she was not naïve and knew exactly what she was doing.

Sabine’s supporters were vocal in their disapproval:

Sabine remanded 2018-03-05 5

We do hope that Sabine’s friends don’t decide to turn on her solicitor, Noam Almaz; we’re certain that he was doing his best for his client, within the bounds of the law. However, apparently Tracey Morris, Noted Legal Expert, appears to think otherwise:

Neelu piped up as well; you can find this (somewhat batty) version of events on her Facebook page:

Update on Sabine McNeill: She was in I think Highbury Magistrate’s court, she was given a tag, ankle tag, on the 28th of March, and apparently she breached her bail conditions, which her friends put up £20,000 bail. Apparently she breached her bail conditions by phoning a charity, you know the Independent Investigation into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), she made a phone call to them and apparently that was a breach of her bail. Because they wanted her to come as a speaker and this is to stop her coming as a speaker.

So this is democracy in the UK, this is terrorism actually against the best people we have. Sabine McNeill has been fighting child rights in the European Parliament or wherever, EU, and basically she’s asked the UK to improve its torturing and sex slave industry of children for years, according to the law, and they haven’t improved at all, right, they’ve just started torturing whistle-blowers and child-right complainers and I’m a baby-right complainer. 

So the update…so Sabine has been put in two weeks in jail. Two weeks in remand, in Bronzefield Prison, as of today. So the people who attended this are the usual supporters of Sabine, I couldn’t go because I was occupied with the paperwork. The paperwork has to be done as well. And the filing and things.

Well sure. Filing and things. Busy, busy, you know how it is.

Neelu’s version has only a passing acquaintance with reality, though we do like the bit where she says Sabine has been “fighting child rights” and asking the UK to “improve its torturing and sex slave industry”. Neelu always did have a way with words.

We’ll continue to follow this story and bring updates as they occur.

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37 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sabine McNeill remanded in custody until 19 March

  1. Wow Sabine is more obsessed with Hampstead than I realised….its like an addiction for her…any sane person would avoid avoid avoid by this stage…well, lets see how good natured and optimistic she remains…two weeks is a long time in prison.

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  2. Happy waiting, Al. Speaking of which, we’re STILL waiting for you to answer to all those questions we repeatedly asked you on your last visit, all of which you accidentally forgot to answer before you accidentally ran away. So whenever you’re ready…

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  3. Less about those with no heart, more about those with no sense and who’ll now have a couple of weeks to ponder on why she didn’t wind her neck in.

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  4. Joking aside the truth is that I take no pleasure in someone being locked up in prison, but I can’t see what choice the authorities have when she keeps breaking the law. Those who comment above and say ‘she just phoned a charity’ don’t know the full facts including who was phoned and what she said. It must be something serious for the Court to remand her in custody. I asked a friend with some legal experience about this and he said it’s not unusual for the Court to remand someone in custody when they’ve breached bail, in fact it happens every day so it’s silly to think she’s being singled out.

    Re Tracey Morris – I know you can appeal a prison sentence but I wasn’t aware you could appeal a remand in custody? Any legal people out there who know about this?

    Re Neelu – you couldn’t get further from the facts that Neelu gets. She can’t even get the dates right. You’d be better off casting runes than listening to Neelu.

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  5. To the contrary if you read this website on a regular basis you would note that most of us continually ponder on why Sabine ends up where she is, or more to the point, why she continues to breach bail conditions which are hardly erroneous and offer her and her fellow agitators advice to obey the law as we all must.

    The sad fact for her is that she has twice been given Injunctions to cease making the lives of innocent North London residents a living hell and promoting the harassment of innocent families and their children who have received numerous death threats.
    And she continually breaches those very important Injunctions and has no-one else to blame for her predicament.
    Those threats stem from the original publication of the children’s videos which to this day keep appearing on Youtube for millions of real pedophiles around the world to download- something that may not concern you (and we should ask why?)

    Her supporters ridiculous claims that she agitates in the EU parliament for child protection – as though she alone is the only one – is predicated on always promoting the Hampstead case.
    Rather than people here gloating, it’s her so-called friends who I now believe get a perverse pleasure from O’Nell’s legal ordeals as exampled by the creepy Tracey Morris who encourages Sabine (as do many others) by their perverted view of the law and the notion she is up against some vast conspiracy that involves 10,000s of police, social workers, innocent London residents and the entire legal system of the UK.

    If you think posters are pleased that the law is being imposed as it should be for the protection of all of us then, yes, that is more accurate.

    You should really be concerned with why the fact 2 innocent children’s videos which involve vile talk about sex are continually published on the internet and ask what effect could this be having on their health and well-being (along with all the other children whose names were published on the internet) and if you had the slightest concern about children you would agitate for them to be removed. But like most of the supporters of this hoax- the real live children involved are the furthermost thought in their minds. And that is troubling.

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  6. Those with no heart? I’m gloating with pleasure and she deserves it after what she’s put an innocent man, his 2 children and the people of Hampstead through for the last three years.

    Thanks for this update, EC. 😀

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  7. Anyone receiving “legal” advice from Tracey Morris would be well advised to do the opposite. After watching her again ranting to police at Sabine’s original arrest outside a court room, screeching about having held a “Grand Jury” and other crack-pot ideas convinces me she is a bloody menace to anyone’s freedom.

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  8. If magistrates refuse bail there is a right of appeal to the Crown Court. It can’t be done instantly though it is quick. and if it were me I wouldn’t go too fast because is just be presenting the judge with the same facts the magistrate had and you’re likely to get the same decision. A pause to point to the salutary experience of prison etc would be the better tactic.
    I suppose a silver lining is that she is due the £20k security back which would be interesting. Will she pay the donors back?

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  9. Belinda said

    I’m sure that nothing bad would happen to anyone dumb enough to actually send her this info would happen…
    I mean she sooooo trustworthy, and having someones full name and dob couldnt be used for anything nefarious at all

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  10. She does realise of course that 999 utilizes call tracking… and is for EMERGENCIES only???
    Making false calls is a chargeable offence so I believe in the UK (it is here) so given sufficient callers on the same thing, they are likely to start charging people for it (assuming that any of the hoaxers are stupid enough to actually get up off their backsides and do it)

    Neelu is another one that they need to have a good serious look at her antics and see she is yet another hand in the various hoaxsters ‘puppets’ antics- always egging those on to higher and greater acts of stupidity….
    (or should that be lower???)

    As I said yesterday
    March 5, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    Has the concept of , oh say, NOT BREAKING THE LAW not crossed their minds?
    I have found it works a treat in not being arrested, not having to attend court, not being on bail, not going to jail- its worked for me for the last half century!!!”

    Apparently not….

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  11. The strange thing about that was that he insisted on us asking him anything we wanted to and vowed to answer us!

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  12. What makes you think we will take pleasure from Sabine’s pain? Speaking for myself, I’m just glad she’s away where she can’t cause others pain, at least for the time being.

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  13. Yesterday, Steved said:
    “Has the concept of , oh say, NOT BREAKING THE LAW not crossed their minds?
    I have found it works a treat in not being arrested, not having to attend court, not being on bail, not going to jail- its worked for me for the last half century!!!”

    And similar sentiments of puzzlement were expressed by others here and continue to be. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

    But we shouldn’t really be puzzled, because we know what they answer is – don’t we?
    Whatever tyhey may or may not call themselves, these Hampstead Hoax mobsters are a UK variant of the American “Sovereign Citizen” attitude to laws and legal judgements: “I don’t have to obey it if I don’t agree with it”. Some carry this even further, and profess to believe it is their DUTY to break and or disobey laws/legal judgements that they don’t agree with. Right? This attitude even lies at the heart of their obsession with the CONCEPT of “whistle-blowing”…”If I don’t agree that something should be private, I have a right (and a duty) to publicize it as fanatically as I am able to”.

    They are themselves the sole rightful “judge” of all these matter, they believe. And so, yes, they are most WILLFULLY belligerent and lawless, and it follows that they must be dealt with HARSHLY by the criminal justice system. They must be stepped on, by legal authorities, private corporations like social media companies and their advertisers, and they must be socially reprimanded in the strongest terms by the law abiding majority in society. There really is no “choice” about this.

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  14. They are a social disease, akin to rabid dogs, and I really don’t care if that ‘dehumanizes’ them. I feel no compassion for them at all. They can hold their deliberately anti-social “beliefs” in a prison cell for the rest of their lives, if that’s what it takes, for all I care.

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  15. It comes down to the meaning of law in our society. In a parliamentary democracy, laws aren’t just invented by some evil cabal and then forced upon the people. They begin in parliament, as ideas put forth by our elected MPs, discussed, and then voted upon by the House of Commons and the House of Lords, at which point they are enshrined as Acts of Parliament. While this seems like a very sterile process, quite remote from the everyday person, keep in mind that our MPs know that if they want to keep getting elected, they must serve the interests of the majority of their constituents. In other words, we get the laws we vote for.

    In addition, Acts of Parliament are restricted by European law (for now) and the Human Rights Act. So while an Act of Parliament can overturn common law (such as the law which used to state that all a woman’s property belonged to her husband), it cannot violate the Human Rights Act or (for now) European law.

    Here endeth the civics lesson.

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  16. As battery Sergeant-Major “Shut Up ” Williams (Windsor Davies ) would have said, “Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind. ”
    Pity Neelu is not in the cell next door tapping out morse code! “Don’t worry, Tracy Morris is on the escape committee.”

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  17. What was Tracey Morris talking about when she claimed if Sabine moved to N.I. and fought for justice from there, she’d have been protected by the Good Friday Agreement?

    How would that work?

    Also what could have possibly possessed Sabine to contact the IICSA having previously been refused an invite to give evidence…?


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  19. Of the 20-plus charges against Sabine, I’m pretty sure “exposing child rape” wasn’t one of them. Fact-checking at its finest 😀


  20. Once they’ve been passed by the House of Lords, I still have to approve all new acts before they officially become law. I always do, though. One glass of Phil’s homemade dandelion wine and I’ll sign anything. Hic


  21. Angie’s in Facebook jail too. Not sure how long for, though. It’s been 3 days so far.


  22. Neelu’s had all the brothels flattened? Well, that explains why Alanson was so bored last night.


  23. lol..I guess Neelu’s crystal planting exercise around the courts didn’t quite work out. Maybe sold a dud bunch of fake crystals. What has she got against brothels?


  24. generally creating as much publicity as possible does help a defendant to some extent. We live in a democracy and Judges are aware of public opinion.

    However everyone should be aware of where certain state sponsored kick backs come from.


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