McKenzie’s ‘£5 million black hole’

Thanks to El Coyote for sending us these links. They’re two reports from 1998 on the mysterious disappearance of $5 million which Belinda McKenzie had raised for her Iran Aid charity.

It’s particularly relevant in light of the Ham & High article about Belinda and Sabine‘s current alleged fraudulent activities relating to illegal fundraising.

This one is a brief outline.


And this is a more detailed report:

As previously discussed, Belinda had apparently embezzled the £5 million and may also have used the charity as a cover to support the former MKO/MEK terrorist organisation. The authorities would have liked to have investigated further but all of Belinda’s documents and records conveniently disappeared in a mysterious house fire which no one else seems to have witnessed.

This is how one of our contacts, a Belinda McKenzie expert, views the affair:

Belinda scammed £75 million from the public in a fraudulent charity scheme. The money was meant to have been for poor orphans in Iran. They never got the money. Indeed, NONE of the Iranian charities or organisations had ever heard of Iran Aid. The money, however, went to a private bank account in Germany and was never seen again. Belinda and a few of her dogsbodies burned the paperwork for the charity when the Charity Commission investigated. Make no bones – Belinda does what she does for nefarious reasons…mainly money.

Further reading courtesy of El Coyote:

“Here, Sabine conveniently lists many of the people whose cases the Association of McKenzie Friends has fucked up.”

“In this one, Belinda’s ‘Association for Charities’ blames the Charities Commission for the deaths of people who were cut off from aid when the Iran Aid scam was shut down. She is such a smooth con artist.”

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  1. She’s had her sticky fingers in a great many pies, hasn’t she? And yet she always comes out smelling of roses, somehow. After a while, one has to wonder why. In part, I’d say it’s because she generally sets others up to take the fall for her, while she stands back and files her nails (and counts her cash).

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