ACTION UPDATE: Charlotte Ward Crime Report

Yesterday, the child abusing cyber-bully Charlotte Ward once again slandered me by making false allegations of child pornography distribution, again without providing any evidence or rationale to support her claims:

We at Hoaxtead Research are used to this slander and harassment by Charlotte, which are intensifying now that she is panicking over our impending Operation Bombshell post. However, on this occasion, she boasted about having gone one step further by reporting me to the National Crime Agency. We’ve now looked into this and can confirm that Charlotte was, as usual, lying. As you can see from the screenshot and link below, the NCA has no such reporting facility:


As you can see, the site stipulates that crimes can, however, be reported on the Crimestoppers website:

Accordingly, we have reported Charlotte (and understand that a number our members have also previously reported her):




The content of Box 6 above:


We will keep you posted of any developments.

Also, stay tuned for our upcoming Operation Bombshell post, which is due within the next few days.

Thank you for all your support, everyone

Scarlet 🙂



10 thoughts on “ACTION UPDATE: Charlotte Ward Crime Report

  1. Caught out again eh? Haha…trouble is she has been used to dealing with her lot over there.
    They are not the shiniest button in the box


  2. I wonder if she believes her own lies? I think some of the people controlling her, given their work with very dubious “charities” in the past don’t believe this rot at all. They are dreadful, cynical creatures, profiting from exploiting the emotions of the gullible.

    The kids have been exploited and abused, dozens of people in Hampstead have been abused, Ella Draper has been abused and exploited – and ultimately Charlotte Ward and her fellow mentally unstable “campaigners” have been exploited. All this so a couple of old hags can make some easy money.

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    • I think that just about sums it up, Fairly. Except for the part where Charlotte avidly jumps into the role of Inquisitor in Chief. It suits her natural proclivities to a T, I think.

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    • There are commentators on the HR site wondering if Christ Church Primary is a “money laundering scam”, I told them to contact an expert on such thing, like Belinda McKenzie. (I bet that Charlotte doesn’t let that past moderation!).

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  3. That’s a very well written crime report there Scarlet.
    From the drafts of the Operation Bombshell documentation that I have been privy to it is coming along very well indeed.

    I really hope that the operational managers of the hoax operation decide to cut their losses and throw Charlotte Ward/Alton under the bus and permit her arrest & prosecution. Now her cover is irredemably blown she will soon be of no use to them at all, a liability in fact. I think a two year stretch and the consequent financial ruin would be about right.

    Maybe one day a drug-addled Charlotte will be seen outside a McDonalds some where: “got any spare change mate? Sorry, got any spare change mate? Any spare change mate?” — and then sauntering off to score her fix, limping slightly from the ulcerated veins. Perhaps she will lose it totally, get herself to Holland and throw herself from her beloved Texel lighthouse… What a wasted existence Charlotte Ward’s life has become.

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