A Reminder of Hampstead Research’s Disgusting Law-Breaking Activities

Yep. They’re still illegally posting the names, addresses, phone numbers, photos, itineraries and descriptions of innocent men, women and children, to enable their creepy associates to threaten, intimidate, harass and attack them, while they themselves sit back in their hideouts and piss themselves laughing at the ensuing trauma. Oh well, they’ll have plenty of time to laugh in between slopping out their poop in their jail cells.

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Sorry, I refuse to link the posts in question. But if you’d like to complain about this decision, please contact any of the following:

Sabine McNeill

21a Goldhurst Terrace

London NW6 3HB

Tel: (020) 7328 3701

(Currently in exile in Berlin)

Belinda Margaret McKenzie

83 Priory Gardens Highgate

London N6 5QU

Tel: (020) 8340 6779

Neelu Berry

3 Peel Drive



Greater London IG5 0JR


13 thoughts on “A Reminder of Hampstead Research’s Disgusting Law-Breaking Activities

  1. They think they are so clever, how many times have they got it wrong Hahaha!! Nothing more satisfying than watching idiots make idiots of each other.

    I would wager, if you helped them out, by sending them your name address and telephone number, they would still get it wrong, they have their heads firmly stuck down a rabbit warren, one that is far too big for their miniscule brains.

    I hope they find me, I will feel very left out and upset if I don’t get a mention…and my pussy cat called Jess.!!!

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  2. I live in Ireland and pray (constantly) no-one ever finds my address.
    I would just be so embarrassed I have not as yet got around to polish the skulls on the gables.
    The Lord God Almighty ..(another fictitious character) .Amen

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    • I was in two minds as to whether to include Yolande but then I checked out her Facebook page and she’s still posting Hampstead crap, as recently as 6 hours ago.


  3. Anyone condoning the despicable actions of the perpetrators in this ridiculous hoax scandal are FAIR GAME!!! Post away Scarlett!!

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  4. Will be passing you some more addresses, is there somewhere I can put them for you.?
    Very interesting too some of them!

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  5. We have one under obs at the moment. Have managed to acquire some good photos. It is getting dark now but we have night vision goggles, generously supplied by you know who 😉

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  6. Remember all of you evil whore and bastards are moving to the same address when you die (which hopefully will be today or asap): 666 Evil Dead Street, Burning-in-hellshire, HELL.


    • Hell? Yeah, I think I’ve heard of it. Near Newport Pagnell, isn’t it? I’ll get it up on AA Routeplanner. See you there – I’ll buy you a pint.


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