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We’re liking this guy. His name is Tom Secker and he runs the Spy Culture blog. In this podcast – ClandesTime, Episode 055: Crackdown on the Crackpots – Tom gets it spot-on about Sabine McNeill (20:10), Chris Spivey et al, offers some great insights into the minds of the more extreme members of the conspiracy theorist world and isn’t without a wry sense of humour. I personally don’t agree with him on everything (supporting 7/7 conspiracy theories, endorsing that nutjob Thomas Sheridan etc.) but there are some very pertinent observations here…



Like Keelan Balderson (whom he cites at one point and who has vouched for him), Tom an intelligent truther who has his feet on the ground and doesn’t appreciate those who don’t do their research, have their heads permanently in the clouds and give the rest of them a bad name. This is what Tom says about this podcast:

In this show I examine recent events in the alternative media, with the conviction of Chris Spivey and the arrest of an ‘activist’ at the centre of the Hampstead Hoax.  I discuss how conspiracy theorists often live up to the derogatory mainstream media stereotyping and ask how much is cause and how much is effect.  I address the media fakery sect and ask whether most of them are suffering from some kind of mental disorder, before rounding off by reading a recent email exchange.

By the way, we get a mention at 25:59 🙂

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And Keelan’s Wide Shut blog can be found here:


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4 thoughts on “Podcast Share: Crackdown on the Crackpots

  1. Ok. I liked him generally, and of course enjoyed his take on Spivey et.al.
    But he was wrong to deride the idea that Islamism (NOT Islam) and conspiracy theory are the same thing.
    You really ought to read this:


    and in particular watch the video at the end. Recognise that lunatic Islamist “preacher”? Remember the deaths and the suffering he helped to incite? Bet you didn’t know that he also preached SRA conspiracy theory…


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