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Below are a few samples of the kind of comments and messages that Hamphoaxer trolls post on a daily basis:

Screenshot (6906)


Hoaxtead Research unequivocally condemns violent threats and we have a very strict ‘house rule’ about not posting them on our comment threads. And to the best of our knowledge, not one person associated with HR has ever issued a death threat or threat of violence to a hoaxer on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere. Despite this, they continue to claim that we do. We can state categorically that this is a lie. Not one of these hoaxers has ever been able to produce one single link or screenshot to back up their allegations. Case in point: Angela Power-Disney stated in a video in November 2017 that she had over 40 screenshots of death threats from us in the notes section of her Facebook page. Feel free to take a look. Good luck finding just one death threat on there, never mind 40+. You’d be better off searching for rocking horse dung 🙂

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  19. Just thought I’d add a little more about Heather. She is also known as Prudence Halliwell. She had her son removed in 2000. He is now 25 and she hasn’t seen him since he was 17 (or thereabouts). She doesn’t appear to have any interest in Hampstead but has been making death threats towards social workers. She claims that her case has been covered on the ‘Victims Unite’ blog which I think was run by Sabine. She has made some comments there. She says she has no interest in Hampstead so perhaps in reality she doesn’t really deserve any attention from this site. Having said that it looks as though she might be another loser that Angie might squeeze a video or two out of.

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    • Very interesting, Midicon. We re currently looking into Heather, as Angie appears to have her in the sights as her next interview ‘victim’ and BFF. She’s claiming to have uploaded a video of said interview but it doesn’t appear to be showing anywhere.

      Thanks for the information.

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