Let’s count our victories

The other day, one of our friends posted a collage of Hoaxtead Research’s recent victories, and it got us thinking: how much has this small community of hoax-busters accomplished since this blog went public in May 2015? A lot, that’s how much.

McNeill Arrest Update

Ladies and gentlemen, we are reliably informed that Sabine McNeill was not “released due to lack of evidence”, as put about by he fruitcake brigade. She has been released on bail until October 🙂

How Ella scuppered appeal bid

Thanks to our Hampstead contact for sending us this photo of an article from this week’s Ham & High, hot off the press! Mother in satanic abuse case ‘fled because she was scared’ Judge throws out appeal as fugitive pensioner is arrested in High Court A fugitive mother accused by a High Court judge of torturing her own…