Rupert visits Christ Church school…last week

In an act of enormous bravery, Rupert Quaintance visited Christ Church Hampstead and Christ Church Primary School, photographed himself there, then turned tail and fled. And the kicker? He did all of this last week, but posted photos today in an effort to stir up maximum panic and distress amongst the parents and children of…

Rupert threatens psychiatric nurse

Yesterday we reported that Rupert Quaintance and Angela Power-Disney had attempted to visit Jake Clarke in hospital, only to be thwarted by one of the hospital staff, a psychiatric nurse named Ella Baker. Angela had a fuming temper tantrum over the indignity of being turned away (and of course she filmed it, because if no…

Operation Clean-Up

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been considering launching a new project here at Hoaxtead Research. A few of our readers have got in touch to request it, and we think the time has come to start building a comprehensive database of the Hoaxtead mob.

More threats from Rupert…yes, again.

Rupert Quaintance is back on the warpath. Again. In his latest, ahem, ‘radio broadcast’ he’s been blustering and bragging about what he’s planning to do when he finally arrives in London, which will be…er, any day now. Really. He’s not kidding this time. For reals.

False allegations destroy lives

At the heart of the Hampstead hoax is the fact that two children were forced by their mother and her boyfriend to make multiple false allegations: against their father, their school, their teachers, their friends’ parents, and members of their extended community. Even though these people have all been definitively cleared of any wrongdoing, their…