Neelu Watch: Charge dismissed!

First, the good news: it looks like Neelu actually managed to drag her sorry mad arse to court today. Can we hear ‘amen’! The bad news: it looks as though the original charge of ‘vexing a priest’ has been thrown out. Hmm.

Neelu Watch: Missive from the Planet Zod

Yesterday we noted that Neelu might or might not have a court date scheduled for tomorrow, 7 October. Her most recent despatch from the Planet Zod, far from clarifying matters, leaves us scratching our collective heads in puzzled  amazement…and wondering what terrible karmic sins her solicitors at Hanson Young must have committed in past lives,…

Araya’s Brave New Sex Clinic

We were browsing through some old video discussion threads the other day, and happened upon this tiny treasure trove of delight: freakish Araya Soma’s ideas about how sex works, and her plans for ‘rehab clinics’ for anyone she or her deranged cronies suspect of being a paedophile.