Has Sabine completely lost touch with reality?

On Saturday we reported on the video summary of Sabine and Belinda’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event’, which was basically a rehash of the lies, half-truths, and fantasy that they push on an unsuspecting public in the name of ‘child protection’. We won’t say it was boring, but we’ll just note that even some of the panelists…

How Abe’s over-egging ended in disaster

One of Abraham Christie’s recent ‘proofs’ that Ella’s children were indeed in the grip of a ‘cult’ (whether ‘satanic’, ‘masonic’, ‘talmudic’, or ‘masodomitic’ we’re no longer sure, as his stories keep shifting) is his allegation that the children planned to kill Ella. Or him. Or something, he’s not too sure now.

Sabine as you’ve never seen her!

Hello, and a good Saturday morning to you! While rummaging around in our old files, we ran across this gem, from the Asha Centre: “a UK charity working for the empowerment of young people, sustainable development and peace & reconciliation worldwide”. (Now, there’s a mission statement for the ages!) On their list of ‘inspirational women’,…

Abe v Grandpa Hemp: Lubricious, man.

Yesterday we described (in excruciating detail, sorry about that) Abe’s boneheaded attempt to impersonate a lawyer on his blog. It was by turns painful, hilarious, and just plain ridiculous. Still, it did introduce us to the lovely multipurpose word ‘lubricious’, which we note has been picked up with asperity in some circles.