How Abe’s over-egging ended in disaster

One of Abraham Christie’s recent ‘proofs’ that Ella’s children were indeed in the grip of a ‘cult’ (whether ‘satanic’, ‘masonic’, ‘talmudic’, or ‘masodomitic’ we’re no longer sure, as his stories keep shifting) is his allegation that the children planned to kill Ella. Or him. Or something, he’s not too sure now.

Ella’s appeal: How it all came apart

In late July, Ella applied for permission to appeal the findings of Mrs Justice Pauffley on 19 March 2015. She also applied to introduce additional evidence—including the a report she felt would challenge Mrs Pauffley’s assessment of the veracity of the children’s video descriptions, and the content of the BBC interview the children’s father gave…

Some pertinent questions for Abraham Christie

If you’ve hung around any of Abe’s socks’ channels on YouTube lately, you’ll find that one person in particular, Pookster78, has been holding him to account for his various lies and delusional rants. Here’s a small sampling, addressed to Abe’s ‘Dicky Rearman’ sock account: