Peripheral Perps

And here we have the hoaxer perps’ rag-tag band of sycophants, clingers-on and cheerleaders, several of whom are implicated in criminal activity themselves, whilst several have simply given up and run away crying:


10 thoughts on “Peripheral Perps

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  6. I hope that the following links might offer you some further avenues to explore in relation to Belinda McKenzie and associates:

    Public information sources such as Company House give the address of Belinda McKenzie as
    83 Priory Gardens, London, United Kingdom, N6 5QU
    Searches on this address give associated names, probably on the electoral roll over various years:
    A more generalized search of the names associated with “odds” side of the postcode in Priory Gardens gives the following names:

    Company Check reveals a director history, and fellow directors, including family members of various incorporated companies in the UK McKenzie has been involved in.

    The company called Cognoscence, Ltd of which Mckenzie had a directorship contributed financially and was involved in a filming project connected to the so-called Starchild Project, an attempt to convince the world that some discovered skeletal remains were those of a space alien. The Starchild Project site is:

    One of many sources that continue to flag up McKenzie as having a deeper agenda that merely being a truther nutjob is as follows:

    Click to access Larry%20O’Hara.pdf

    McKenzie has her fingers in a lot of pies, but it is interesting what her overall purpose or design is behind all these activities.

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  7. Further investigations on McKenzie, her skills, her biographical background, her associations, her modus operandi flags up she is working with British Intelligence. The witchfinders can be broken into three categories:

    Ella Draper / Abraham Christie and various allies under their direct control.
    Various Truthers who are fragmented into various smaller factions.
    Belinda McKenzie and various allies under her direct control.

    All UK government bodies, institutions and departments are dogmatic, systematic and predictable. It is simple knowing some basic information on how British Intelligence works to reliably differentiate one of their operatives from a group of non-operatives such as truthers. As an example, Belinda has a skill base of languages such as Japanese and Iranian (Farsi) something that is in demand by SIS (British Intelligence.) Belinda has academic qualifications such as MA Sussex in International Relations, useful for a British Agent. Belinda has worked with the British Council such as in Tokyo, which is one of the useful fronts SIS use for their operatives. Belinda’s foray into various truther campaigns started on her retirement in 1998.

    SIS often launches its campaigns, for instance against Iran, on multiple levels, with agents allocated to specific operations. The Iran Charity that Belinda was involved with worked with a specific group of opponents that worked for regime change, and was extensively involved in a disinformation campaign against the regime in Iran.

    Within the Truth Movement are legitimate, dangerous and highly damaging individuals such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. It is in the interests of British Intelligence to infiltrate, discredit or focus truthers upon harmless activities such as 9-11 and UFO’s rather than something such as attempts to assassinate a foreign head of government or start a war with view to regime change. The extensive involvement of Belinda in a variety of campaigns achieves various objectives for SIS to infiltrate, discredit and refocus truthers minds away from important issues.

    With regards to Hampstead and child rights campaigning I think Belinda is using such issues to discredit or refocus public and truther minds away from some highly damaging and politically sensitive real child abuse involving political or influential figures in the British Establishment such as the case of Janner, who is desperately trying to avoid standing trial for allegations of child abuse.

    SIS and its agents deploy themselves through multiple front organizations, the sort of behavior that I see with Belinda with many of her “charities”, companies, campaign groups.

    With regards to basic motives:
    1. Money and scamming. Belinda is wealthy, she has no need to indulge in such activities. She is intelligent and sophisticated, if she was really wanting to make money out of her various schemes, she would have created or employed people to run more sophisticated sites and strategies than what I have seen.

    2. Notability and Fame. Belinda often orchestrates, then stands back, retreats. If she was seeking fame and notability, she would be more involved in the front line. This is the sort of strategy SIS might do.

    3. Passion and Involvement. She is calculating, standoffish and showing no sort of passion and emotional connection in anything she is involved in. Regardless of how demented, irrational and harassing truthers can be, they all share a common pattern of being involved and passionate in their causes, Belinda does not show this.

    Belinda is careless, disconnnected and associating or working with a certain type of individual who is not really an effective campaigner, one which is often emotionally unstable, incompetent or mentally vulnerable. Her involvement and relationship with former British Intelligence agents David Shayler and Annie Machon is too neat and tidy. Belinda’s modus operandi including hijacking causes, predatory approach towards vulnerable individuals and infiltration, orchestration, and underwriting of multiple causes, is all traits of a British Intelligence agent. Despite being involved in so many situations that should have had her arrested and jailed, she seems to have come away only with damage to her reputation, but without any legal consequences; either she is lucky or she has some official protection,

    Overall conclusion : Belinda McKenzie is working for British Intelligence.

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