We are clearly hitting a nerve 😀

Here are Jacqui the Troll’s words of (ahem) “wisdom”:

It amazes me (and others) how much effort is going into anti-Jacqui Farmer sites. We are clearly hitting a nerve. Scarlet Scoop is following the blog and nearly every time I make a post it is twisted and posted elsewhere. S/he is posting the c-word in the comments. Dirty, vicious, nasty stuff; abusive. So someone could either an obsessed cult member. Or a paid up member of the security services? My email has been – illegally – hacked. So, to those people: Just in case you did not get it the first time, allow me to reiterate: Hampstead Research are not scared of you. We have committed to this work. This work needs to be done. We are doing it for the children you are harming. Not just Ella’s children and the other Christ Church but children everywhere. We are doing it for the decent, loving parents and grandparents you are harming. Everywhere. Including the ones in the cult, who want to come out but are too scared. The moment one piece of evidence emerges to settle this case we will desist. But until then you will have to watch yourselves being scrutinised in public. By everybody. Jacqui


Points of information and clarification:

1. At no point in any one of our posts have we used the ‘C’ word:


2. Dishing it out is, it appears, far easier than taking it. We bit back. And we defended ourselves. They’re just going to have to deal with that. And they’d better get used to it too, as we’re not going away 🙂

3. We acknowledge that you, our wonderful supportive members, are not, to the best of our knowledge, members of any cult. Moreover, Jacqui Farmer has presented no evidence to the contrary.

4. We at Hoaxtead Research have not indulged in any illegal activity. However, as has frequently been demonstrated (and indeed admitted) by Jacqui Farmer and her creepy associates, they have. How many of our team have been arrested, fled abroad to avoid arrest, been deported, shouted death threats at innocent old ladies in the street or threatened to hang a judge? How many of us have restraining orders imposed on us or have been struck off by the Charity Commission or the Medical Council? How many of us have previous convictions for fraud, violence or drug offences? How man of us are on the run from the Police? How many of us have links with dodgy Satanist vicars, convicted paedophiles or known terrorist organisations? See below for the answer:


5. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, Jacqui Farmer and her creepy associates are absolutely not “doing this for the children”. They have all been proven to have their own hidden (but exposed) agendas and ulterior motives. And who are the real child abusers here? Did any of us illegally leak the children’s confidential testimonies all over the internet? Nope. Did we post videos, photos and links containing illegal child porn images? Nope. Did we post the names, addresses, photos, descriptions and itineraries of the children of the accused, leading to untold amounts of stress, fear and anxiety for said children and placing them in significant danger? Nope. Did we hit any children with spoons, kick them in the privates, throw them against walls, shout abuse at them, force them to lie to the Police, subject them to naked water torture or threaten to drown them or bury them alive in the Moroccan desert? Er…nope.

6. In response to another jaw-dropping slice of hypocrisy expressed by Jacqui the troll, let’s remember that actually, we are doing this for all the “decent, loving parents and grandparents” that she is harming.

7. We are happy to be “scrutinised in public”. We have nothing to hide (though I know her comment was intended to intimidate us). And the endless stream of abuse, slander and death threats that the Hoaxteaders have meted out to us has not deterred us. And it never will.

So none of you have anything to be ashamed of. In fact, you should feel immensely proud of your efforts. You have shown resolve, defiance and determination in the face of unbelievable levels of adversity and harassment. You have stood up to the bullies and criminals who have perpetuated this wanton – but failed – attempt to destroy the Hampstead community.

Oh, what the Hell – I always knew this windbag would have his uses one day:


Great work, guys! Keep all those wonderful links, revelations and contributions coming 🙂

Scarlet x

Now who would like to join me in a victory dance?



4 thoughts on “Testimonial

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    We are clearly hitting a nerve 😀 Here are Jacqui the Troll’s words of (ahem) “wisdom”: — It amazes me (and others) how much effort is going into anti-Jacqui Farmer sites. We are clearly hitting…
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    • on about the fourth group i sent it to, i will proceed, it has happened many times, only on some groups, not sure how THEY do this / funnily enough, it always happens, on the Hampstead Truth Group. i rarely spam post these days, but i used to 😉


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