In-Fight Entertainment

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When rats are trapped, it’s natural for them to all turn on each other. And when the “rats” in question are a bunch of evil criminals who have tried so hard to rip a community apart, it’s a joy to watch 🙂

Some amusing examples of Hoaxtead Fruitcakes turning on each other:


23 thoughts on “In-Fight Entertainment

  1. Araya Soma is a Holocaust-denier and a Nazi supporter – just take a look at her facebook page. It pains me to live in the same town as her. She is an attention-seeking nutter and a deeply unpleasant anti-semite.

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  8. So you like popcorn too. I asked about your pineal gland your abusers and have heard nothing. Is this bringing back memories Scarlet. You can get help. Contact Pappa Hemp. Do yourself a favour. I can imagine your going out of your mind right now. Fancy a weekend in Switzerland? The mountains are mystical.


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