Parents of Hampstead finally have their say

As the implications of yesterday’s verdict against Rupert Quaintance ripple through the community of Hoaxtead mobsters, we’d like to offer our congratulations and admiration to all the parents who stood as witnesses in court, knowing full well that they’d be leaving themselves vulnerable to further attacks by speaking out. Over the past two and a… removes Kane Slater’s illegal video collection

Was it only Saturday that we were discussing what to do about Kane Slater having moved his illegal collection of Hampstead SRA hoax videos to, after they’d been taken off YouTube a few months back? We asked for volunteers to send emails to to let them know exactly what they were hosting, and…

BREAKING: Belinda McKenzie arrested

Belinda McKenzie, one of the masterminds behind the Hampstead SRA hoax, has admitted publicly that she was arrested last week, and had her computers and phones seized by police. In a comment she published on Ella’s most recent video, Belinda states: Well done SGT & Ella. As the latest of UK whistle-blowers regarding this case…

A Christmas pressie from YouTube

…Aaaaaaand we’re back! All right, we’ll be honest: our original plan was to slack off for the entire week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day, but then a juicy bit of news fell out of the sky, and next thing you know there we were, pounding away at the keyboard again.

Rupert Quaintance to face 7 charges

As regular readers here know, on 13th September 2016, Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV was arrested at the home in Erith where he’d been staying since his arrival in London the previous month. At that time, he was not charged but was placed on bail pending charges. His bail return date at that time was 22…

Yesterday’s arrests: So. Much. Win.

Phew, wasn’t yesterday a day! The news started early and just kept coming: first Rupert’s arrest, then Lee Cant’s, and finally Neelu’s. For hours, the comments were flying so thick and fast on the blog that we couldn’t keep track, no matter how often we hit the refresh button.