According to a bulletin from the Government of Gibraltar, a woman named Ella Draper, “a UK resident currently living in Spain”, was arrested on 26 May 2021 for possession of cannabis resin.

A 48-year-old woman was remanded in custody yesterday after she was arrested by HM Customs for possession of cannabis resin related to two separate incidents. The first dates back to the 29th April 2021, when officers of the Controls Section seized two packages containing a combined weight of 3.607kg of the controlled drug. These were being sent by courier to a UK address, under false names. An investigation continued to determine the true identity of the female concerned. Officers of the Investigation Branch then circulated information regarding the true identity of the suspect. On 26th May 2021, Enforcement Officers of the Outfield and Four Corners stations, in collaboration with the Flexible Anti-Smuggling Team and Dog Section, arrested Ella DRAPER, a UK national resident in Spain. Upon searching the vehicle, a further package was detected weighing 1.05kg for which she was further arrested. 

Enquiries are currently under way to determine whether the woman who was arrested is one of the two people wanted for questioning by the Metropolitan police in connection with the Hampstead case.


      • Absolutely EC – I wish some of Wilfred Woeful’s fans would get that through their stubborn skulls.

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      • By the way, “sub judice” begins before a person is charged – they start once legal proceedings become active, i.e. once a person is arrested, a warrant for arrest has been issued, a summons has been issued or a person has been charged, and they remain active until conviction/acquittal/proceedings are dropped.
        The relevant law – the Contempt of Court Act 1981 – covers material which creates a substantial risk that the course of justice in the relevant proceedings would be seriously impeded or prejudiced. Note those two words – “substantial” and “seriously”. The material must do both, but a wise person will keep schtum to be on the safe side.

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      • Bearing in mind there are children involved in this case albeit not the present drama, there are so many characters on the side who are guilty of promoting a fantasy that has brought so much grief and upset to a lot of innocent people. One day they need to be called to account for their old style vile witch hunt against innocents.

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  1. Innocent until proven guilty disclaimer, however if it is the same Ella Draper, gosh, how low has she sunk!
    Thank you EC for keeping us informed. I know you were sitting on this for awhile to check legalities & such, better that way than spouting off at the drop of a hat.

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  2. Now, I shall make no comment about Ella (as per the usual post-charging rules) but why did I think of Wesley Hall when I saw this post? 😉

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    • You mention Karma (twice) and it’s something I have believed in all my life. Never really pursued those who have done me an unfair wrong and have always seen them come a cropper up against more powerful and active victims.

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  3. Hmmm, one would have thought that IF they are the same person, that entering the country you are already wanted for questioning in (with rather nasty issues involving children being abused, including yourself and your partner), in a case that has literally had someone charged for being involved in, only weeks before, while carrying prohibited drugs- might ‘possibly’ been a rather dumb thing to do….

    One wonders if someone has made sure that the various police departments are fully aware of who they may have in custody, we of course can’t confirm at this time that they are ‘the same person’ but it would be nice for those looking for the one wanted for questioning in a rather nasty bit of child abuse definitely knew about this arrest, and they could then check for themselves if they need to question her themselves…..

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    • As a shortcut between Morocco and Europe, a glance at their news demonstrates that the Gibraltar authorities take drug trafficking seriously.

      But Gibraltar has its own laws. It is not the “same country”. People still have to be extradited. There is usually a threshold.

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        • No. That is not how it works. Gibraltar has its own legal system. With the end of the UK being a signatory to to European Arrest Warrant it has been replaced with the Extradition (Provisional Arrest) Act 2020

          Gibraltar is in the category one list of countries for the new arrangements. Extradition has to be requested, a proportionality test applied and there has to be an existing intention to prosecute (amongst other things).

          As far as I’m aware, in the Hampstead case (so this is not a sub-judice comment about her recent arrest but a factual reporting of the comments from the police in the Daily Mail so we’re covered) she is just a person of interest and the police would like to interview her.

          Happy to stand corrected, but this seems to be the latest information from the Home Office web site.

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            • Perhaps the words you were looking for instead of “also for…” is “for questioning about suspected…”.

              Person of interest, an individual involved in a criminal investigation but not arrested or formally accused. They can only be interviewed voluntarily. It is not grounds for extradition. Now they know where she is they might want to fly out there, but she can still refuse.

              It could be that the police investigation that was started in 2015 for perverting the course of justice, which is indictable, may have progressed to the level that charges could me made, but we don’t know that. The last official statement the police made was after Sabine McNeill’s trial,

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          • Which probably means it will drag on for months and presumably the accused will be on remand and incarcerated.

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  4. In a totally unrelated matter, isn’t there a certain English man, a fugitive who lives on a Moroccan cannabis farm who loves to photograph and video himself surrounded by many kilos of cannabis? I wonder what he’s up to lately.

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    • By an amazing coincidence the traditional route for Moroccan cannabis to enter the UK is into Spain then Gibraltar. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though and a certain fugitive has totally legitimate forms of income. It’s not like he’s running a child torture and drug trafficking racket.

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  5. this confirms the comments are indeed current: ‘6 years’

    The 2 children *are* free. Except that they have to protect their new identities from Christie and Qanon nutters who just keep posting their images, videos and voices online (all of which are criminal offences in the UK).
    The kids were not free for the month they were trapped in Christie’s Moroccan house where, with their mother’s complicity, he beat, hypno-tortured, bullied, cannabis enema’d them until they could recite pat his stupid “baby eating cult” based on their school, their home area, their dad, their teachers, school friends and everyone they knew the name of.
    For his horrific child abuse of these 2 kids Christie has 2 open arrest warrants.
    Christie is “papahemp” that spends his days dealing drugs and attracting conspiracy followers online. 6 years he’s been hiding from justice.
    Followers here should know the truth of the 37 times convicted criminal (including child abuse against his own son) they are following here.
    8w1 likeReply

    papahempstar’s profile picture
    @davideledingue To what degree do you suppose my ‘colorful wayward youth prepared & ‘armed’ me to spot a demon when 👁 see one? …. You may call me N e m E s I s ) {deleted}

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  6. Angie’s take on both the Ella arrest and the Praterson sentence 🍿

    Sample quotes:

    “…33 kilos. Now look at that – that’s a funny number, isn’t it! This might be another freemasonic staged event. 33 kilos – really?”

    “‘All things in moderation,’ the Bible says.”

    “If you keep Karen Irving on a pedestal, you are a paedophile protector, you are a Satanist apologist…”

    Now, she may get some of the details of Ella’s arrest confused and she’s still claiming that Abe Christie “is a doctor – he has an honorary doctorate for his studies in hemp”, but fear not – JournoAngie the intrepid investigator makes it clear that she has checked all her facts… with, er, Guidance 2222 🙄

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      • I read that initially as “It’s Karma Jane”. (There was a Karma Jane who supported ‘Cali’ – S Attwood’s former podcast guest who’s now doing a few months in the pokey). Getting back on track going by the Instagram extract it does seem to be THAT ED.

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        • Lmao. Sounds like a country & western song that.
          Yeah, Cali seems to be down on her luck, she’s a complicated young lady, whatever problems she had before she met Attwood, seem to have doubled if not trebled since her association with him.

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  7. Can’t believe this man PapaHemp has an Instagram account. A lot of ranting on there about rent boys. Seems to be a touchy subject with Abe.

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  8. Whilst “light amusement” is perhaps the wrong terminology, found out today that Neelu has got herself a permanent ban from Wikipedia for posting conspiracies/vandalism on the Swissindo Wikipedia page last October. Or at least I assume that’s who LotusPrincess4U is!

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      • Neelu’s contributions to Wikipedia are still in their archive:


        Signatories of Swissindo International Law:-

        H.E. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon The United Nation Organization

        H.E. Pres. Robert Zoellick The World Bank Group

        H.E. Pres. Hisashi Owada The International Court of Justice

        H.E. Pres. Sang Hyun Song The International Criminal Court

        H.E. Man. Dir. Dominique S. Kahn The International Monetary Funds

        H.E. Sec. Gen. Peter Dittos The Bank of International Settlement

        H.E. Vice Pres. Lars Thunell The International Finance Corporation

        H.E. Pres. Paul Vlaanderens The Financial Action Task Force

        HM, Queen Elizabeth II The British Royal Family

        HH Pope Benedict XVI The Vatican

        H.E. Chairman Ben Bernanke The US Federal Reserve Board

        H.E. Sec. Timothy Geithner The US Department of Treasury”

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  9. “Video has been removed by the uploader”

    I have no idea who is back. This is why a bit more description is always useful!


    • I’m disappointed that there were boats involved. I was imagining Ella doing a frantic doggy paddle around the rock of Gibraltar followed by half a dozen men in trunks marked “HMRC”, blowing whistles.
      (I obviously saw too much Benny Hill at an impressionable age).

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  10. There is no doubt that Desmond & Leah Tutu are the grandparents of the boy I helped in the UK family courts; his father is Trevor Tutu. In May 2015 the Tutus were getting bad press in South Africa over a Family Court case there where the boy’s mother (Dr Auxilia Goromonzi) was claiming 15 years child maintenance arrears (the boy was then 15). In May 2015 the boy was in London on a tourist visa (from the Home Office) stopping over to visit relatives in Sutton in transit from his former home in Switzerland to his home in Zimbabwe via South Africa – but he got put into care instead. Meanwhile Leah Tutu in Cape Town got publicity of her role in getting Trevor Tutu’s daughter arrested by the South African Police. The boy & his mother were trafficked out of the UK, despite a Royal Courts of Justice Recovery Order in place, taking 2 days to reach their home in Harare Zimbabwe on 28.5.2016


  11. Creepy Tommy Dung’s take on the Ella arrest:

    Includes the customary Hampstead ignorance and lies and disgusting attacks on Karen and her family. And apparently, the fact that her husband is an environmentalist is proof that he’s a satanic cult member, or something. No, me neither 🤷‍♂️

    And check out how he keeps saying Ella has been having problems “unrelated to Hampstead” but goes to great pains to avoid saying she’s been arrested for drug trafficking! 🤔

    On the plus side, though, apparently his channel got another strike and a 7-day ban 😆


    • Good to see you’re well, [name redacted]. Is there any way of complaining to YouTube about TD’s channel. I don’t know all the ins and outs but there is a video by Ann D (I know you have reservations about her) saying that although the WIT channel was American based a complaint was made to UK police and then to YouTube. The situation is a bit different because WIT had a number of UK followers whereas TD’s are mostly American. I don’t know about the ban because TTB put something up a couple of hours ago. I know TD is operating from a different time zone. I don’t like to judge people on brain power because it’s an accident of birth (though head injuries can affect it also) but T Dunce’s followers are either thick as mince or really deep in the fog.

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