The powerless attorney

What’s that tired old saw again? Something like “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome”?

Those who bothered to follow Andrew Devine’s video dribblings in the lead-up to John Paterson’s trial might recall that Devine kept attempting to foist himself onto Paterson’s psychiatric care team, and then his legal team, and pretty much anybody else who’d listen, claiming that he was “John’s power of attorney”.

For some unfathomable reason, nobody seemed to take this assertion terribly seriously. No idea why, especially as Devine actually waved a piece of paper with some scribbling on it, purported to have been signed by Paterson and everything!

And it wasn’t even written in crayon. This was some seriously official shit. [Didn’t he try that load of old cobblers with Carol Woods too?—Ed.]

In any case, poor Devine seemed utterly nonplussed and outraged that his attempts to insert himself into Paterson’s legal affairs kept being so cruelly rebuffed. [‘Ignored’ might be the word you’re searching for here—Ed.]

However, now that Paterson has pleaded guilty to two counts of stalking and one of malicious communications (no, I’m not tired of saying that yet), Devine has decided to muck about with somebody else’s legal affairs. Perhaps he was looking for a change of pace, who knows?

His current victim target: one Jean-Ann Robinson, better known to her Facebook friends as Teddy Dorey.

On Friday morning, Devine alerted his followers that he was on standby at Westminster Magistrates Court:

Suppressing thoughts along the lines of “oh ffs, now what?”, we investigated. Sure enough, Devine was trying to play “power of attorney” again.

“My name Andrew and I am the Power of attorney for Jean-Ann Robinson and require this Vitally Important information to be provide the Clerk of this Alleged Court Case”, eh? Bet the magistrates were duly impressed with that. Not to mention all those nullities and void ab initios and randomly placed colons.

Sure enough, an hour or so later, Devine grudgingly conceded the inevitable: “They are stopping me be her power of attorney!”

You don’t say.

But never mind, Jean-Ann/Teddy seems to have appreciated his efforts, futile though they were: “I know Maria he is AWESOME”.

No accounting for taste, but I’m sure it was a comfort to her to see a friendly face or two in the court.

Maria: “So he did get to talk then!!”

Teddy: “Yes”.

Ah, there you go, then. That’s your problem right there: he got to talk to the court.

Better luck…er, next time!

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    • No need to disturb Baron Dave looking down from the ramparts of his heavily fortified Bailey four berth tourer just make a affidavit of truth under the penalty of perjury with a wet ink signature then post it to …. errrrmmm…. anyone and it cannot be rebutted, oh and it has to be written in a Scouse accent.
      Hope this helps.

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  1. “​​Andrew Devine is the Postmaster for the White Stone Sovereign Charter & Land[Embassy] Greece. Andy bridges the gap for suv’erans and people around the globe. He prides himself on seeking solutions for the betterment of all of mankind. Andrew upholds the mahi of John Wanoa.”

    His titles also include NOW-SPACE-AUTHORITY and PLOYMENT-BACKGROUND *and* Aotearoha Postmaster.

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  2. Typical Divvy, that’s J.P. out of the way. Time to move on quickly for fear of someone recognising that his s#$t does stink, he is a mere mortal & the Royal Commission was a load of bunkum.
    He stayed with Teddy Dorey when he came to London to take over Parliament, issue the King’s Bench crap & make an utter fool out of himself & their thousands if supporters in the Park.
    Slight exaggeration, about 20 supporters I think. He broke a law about flying his hideous flag at the time, but naturally lied about it when safely back in Greece. He was, according to him, the big man facing down the Police in London, he told them this & he told them that, when in fact he tried showing his little badge as id & his little made up card for *the flag*, but the copper was having none of it & asked for proper identification which he promptly handed over without hesitation. 🤭
    His bluster was gone when faced with a real ‘Mr. Policeman’ as he loves saying on his lives, never mind his ‘Mr. Policewoman’ gaffes when he is under the influence.
    Wittering in, oops, sorry, wasn’t in the mood to yesterday so making up for it today.
    Just looked at his FB page & saw all the postings about the dog biting case. The court turned his mike off. Hahahaha, sorry if you said that above E.C. Looking at it on my phone with small screen & I couldn’t read every, had to resort to going on the tablet. My own fault because I would rather use the phone lol.
    I was going to say, poor Andy not succeeding in any of his unlegal actions, but as he was an instigator with J.P. forget it, not to mention his witness intimidation before the court case of J.P.

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  3. No surprises here, it’s what they do. Similar tactic as Belinda McKenzie used by claiming to be a ‘McKenzie friend’ and if he were based in the UK would probably try this also. McKenzie much smarter than Devine as she even managed to infiltrate the offices of Tom Davidson QC, given her potential access to confidential files she was not entitled to see. Some may remember Davidson, he defended McKenzie and Eddieisok in their respective hearings for contempt of court.

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    • Yes, Belinda has a few social graces, though neither she nor Sabine managed to master the art of being a McKenzie friend, despite billing themselves as such. I have to think though that at least Belinda would have understood that you can’t just claim power of attorney via public announcement.

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      • She has, and its held her in good stead and maybe why she’s manage to hoodwink so many over the years, and perhaps even helped her avoid justice for so long. Gaining access to Tom Davidson’s office was quite a coup and no doubt her ‘social graces’ helped her achieve this. Given the length of her ‘career’, the ‘McKenzie friend’ stunt came to her quite late and no doubt she would have used it sooner .

        As confirmed in court, McNeill was absolutely clueless when asked to describe the role of a McKenzie friend. That said, anyone who McKenzie befriends, they’re always much much dumber than she is, they have to be or it wouldn’t work.!

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  4. Andrew Devine believes in magic: he believes if you say something the right way; and puts it in Capitals, like all good Freeman of the Land “legal” experts do; then magical things can happen – charges are dropped; people are let out of prison; a free meal in the best restaurant in the land. Magic.

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  5. Welcome back EC and Hoaxtead.

    On a purely legal point, here’s a question for Andy Devine: why on earth would anyone in their right minds want someone sat thousands of miles away to act as a Power of Attorney for them?

    Andy the Wee Donkey doesn’t seem to realise, that even if they did, such a document now has to be registered with the courts and that there are various forms of Power of Attorney granting different “roles” to the holder. Also it’s not cheap getting Power of Attorney anymore… maybe Andrea Davison has been helping him out with some more … erm … non-original forms?

    In my opinion, the Wee Donkey is heading towards an EU arrest warrant application, or whatever the post-Brexit equivalent is called, for direct contempt of court and potential extradition proceedings if they keep interfering in UK court cases – as is fellow stablemate APD btw – in Devine’s case especially if he is living in Greece on the back of a UK passport.

    On a less serious point. PMSL at their stupidity.

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    • There’s “Power of Attorney” in the usual sense, when you appoint some trusted person the authority to make decisions on your behalf and manage your affairs if you happen to be incapacitated by hospitalisation, or galloping dementia, or a prolonged drinking session, or sequestration in a locked ward. As can happen to anyone. I do not judge.

      But Devine has his own meaning in mind, where he doesn’t have to be *appointed* power of attorney; he can just claim it out of the blue for any court cases he reads about that appeal to him.

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    • I agree with much of what you say but certain parties overseas have been stirring excrement for years now and nothing has been done.

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    • I wish he was extradited, he deserves to be! Would the CPS consider it not serious enough to spend time & funds on a fruitcake to jail him for 6 -12 months or would the legal minds try to put a good case together for incitement to hatred or some such charge which would be detrimental to the public’s lives such as encouraging death threats, etc.

      Our previous legal contributor could help determine if the such a case had merit.
      We have enough evidence, but would it be enough.

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  6. As I tweeted, there is different levels of Power of Attorney (not including the powerless option lol) and so my guess is he wanted the one that took most control of Paterson’s affairs and given he wanted him to plead ‘not guilty’ was he hoping he could enter this plea on his behalf?

    Overwhelming evidence such as 855 emails over several years meant Devine was on a fruitless exercise which would mean his ‘mate’ would just have got a stiffer sentence for entering such a ridicules plea.

    So will Paterson ever realise that Devine is his enemy and not his friend, given the latter continues to enjoy his freedom from the safety of living in sunny Greece?

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    • Agreed. Devine was looking for a stalking horse for his loony FOTL/quantum parsley whatsis theories. I notice that following Paterson’s guilty pleas, Devine had a flaming temper tantrum, but has now moved on to more promising cases. He’ll get the same result, of course, but that won’t stop him.

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