Coming in from the cold

When I shuttered this blog in late October 2019, I knew that the time leading up to John Paterson’s trial was going to be challenging in many ways. Granted, back then I thought it would be a couple of months, not a year and a half, but still. I knew it wasn’t going to be fun.

I wasn’t especially bothered by the gloating from the other side. I expected it, and they did not disappoint. In a way I saw it as a tribute to the community that had formed around Hoaxtead Research—the gleeful celebrations were a measure of the impact we’d had.

(Special mention here to HoaxGirl, who was utterly convinced that Jesus of Stoke had actually somehow hacked the blog and made it non-functional. Her delight was quite touching, really.)

But having produced this blog nearly every day for four years solid, I suddenly found myself at a bit of a loss. Reporting on the wacky goings-on amongst the hard-of-thinking had become a habit, and I missed it.

I mourned the loss of the daily chitchat and insights in the comments section, too—this blog’s readers have always been its foundation of strength, and it was hard saying good-bye, even though I knew it wasn’t forever.

Most of all, though, I missed the ability to even mention anything related to Paterson’s arrest, which was shaping up to be one of the biggest stories we’d covered, second only to Sabine McNeill’s arrest(s) and trial.

There was so much to write about: from Andy Devine & Co’s comically desperate attempts to force the police to give them access to Paterson, to Paterson’s own stubborn insistence on adding to the growing pile of evidence against him by speechifying to various enablers friends on the outside, to Devine’s feud with Paterson’s legal team, to…well, videos like this:

Angela Power-Disney attempts to provide a character reference for John Paterson

It seems that Angela Power-Disney offered this cinematic masterpiece to the court last week, as a last-ditch “character reference” for Paterson.

Aside from the fact that she spent about 75% of the video moaning about herself and her hatred of Hoaxtead Research in general and me in particular, the concept of the thing had me in stitches: it was as if Jack the Ripper had kindly offered to write a character reference for Mr Hyde.

The court, I’m pleased to report, told her nothing doing. Can’t think why.

But there it was, and I practically had to sit on my hands to avoid commenting publicly.

I do recommend you watch it, but the management disavows responsibility for any keyboards which may be damaged by flying beverages.


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21 thoughts on “Coming in from the cold

  1. 2021 is turning into a bad year for 2021. You would have had plenty of material to report on these last few months with all the goings on with the Satan Hunters. I raise my glass to the future possibility of the grand and epic fall of Angela Power Disney.

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    • I do hope that the rest of those who continue to promote this hoax are finally dealt with by the police and courts this year. If I had another wish, it would be for social media companies to stand up on their hind legs and take responsibility for the havoc they allow others to wreak.

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    • How on earth has Angie released this whilst being under investigation and not been charged yet?
      This is a copy and I presume that Angie does not have it on her new channel. I am dismayed that this is not taken more seriously and dealt with given the amount of clearly intentional harm, Angie continues to cause.

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      • From what she’s said, it sounds to me as though the problem currently lies with the DPP, who have not determined whether to lay charges yet. I find this astonishing, given the massive amount of evidence we’ve all witnessed over the past six years.

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  2. As usual with Granny Toxic (aka APD) that video is full of lies and hypocrisy. Since she committed serious crimes against me too, i filed a police report regarding her cyberbullying and slander here in germany. The DPP not acting on the overwhelming evidence against her is a disgrace. This vile, narcissistic woman and her scamming shitshow has caused so much harm that her arrest is long overdue.

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    • I’m actually shocked that the DPP have done nothing so far. I’d thought the CPS was slow in dealing with Sabine McNeill, but this is really outrageous for all concerned.

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    • Yes, I was a bit surprised that the blog continued to receive decent traffic during the hiatus—as I’d hoped, it seems to have become a resource for those looking into SRA hoaxes and hoaxers.

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  3. I missed you too, EC, mourned the loss, the laughs, as well…am glad you are back. As for APD….I’m speechless….I’ve seen so much on youtube deleted recently, for so much less. I mean, she’s properly, brazenly, in contempt of a court order here. When she’s been warned, gone to rehab over, already. As for Barbara Collins…??? I know nothing. She really enjoys lying and stirring, straight up. Is she really stupid enough to follow Sabine?

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  4. Kudos to Mel Ve & Biggie Boho for taking down Angela’s main channel.
    It didn’t take her long to recover sadly & con a idiot into helping her open a new channel for all of her insidious videos. Arron, her helper, had a alleged stroke this past week. I wish him well as the people on FMC’s channel did, we are not heartless no matter what the accusers state.

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  5. Oh how fleeting fame is….
    ‘arfur, arfur……. the chap from Australia’
    One day best buds, the next it’s ‘you know… him… that guy….’

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