Sabine McNeill loses appeal

Early word from the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice is that Sabine McNeill has lost the appeal against her nine-year sentence for four counts of stalking and six counts of violating a restraining order. The sentence, while long, had already been reduced by HHJ Sally Cahill QC on account of Sabine’s age.

The panel of judges—Lord Justice Leggatt, Mr Justice William Davis, and HHJ Michael Chambers QC—refused Sabine’s appeal, meaning she’ll remain incarcerated at HMP Bronzefield for the duration.

Sabine was represented by Tom Stevens, who represented Rupert Quaintance at his 2017 trial.

Stevens cited his client’s advanced age, her health, and her remorse as mitigating factors which ought to be taken into account by the judges. The court made short work of each.

Leggatt LJ pointed out that Sabine’s age had already been accounted for in the original sentence, and noted that in any case, 74 did not seem a terribly advanced age.

As for Sabine’s health, he asked whether she had a terminal illness, and whether her various ailments could be dealt with in prison. Stevens acknowledged that they could.

Turning to Sabine’s alleged remorse, which Stevens said was evidenced by her having removed many of her posts from the internet, Leggatt LJ noted that part of her sentence was a Criminal Behaviour Order which compelled her to do just that. It was not, he said, evidence of remorse.

He pointed out that during Sabine’s trial she had stated unequivocally that she would “believe those children” until she died, and that she has said nothing since then which would contradict that statement.

In their written judgment, the Court called this the most horrific case of stalking they had ever seen, and said that in view of this, her original sentence seemed to be on the lenient side. So saying, they denied Sabine’s appeal.

Updated: 2:15 pm, 30 July 2019

541 thoughts on “Sabine McNeill loses appeal

      • Brees: “We need to do their parenting job for them really, don’t we?”

        Wedger: “Take ownership of children, they’re not just someone else’s, they’re all our children”.


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      • I’d quite like an invisible dark hat: I’ve never felt that hats suit me so it would be nice to keep my head warm without anyone seeing it the hat. Easy to lose though …

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      • I don’t feel charitable towards any of these “advocates”.

        Their fixation on child sex is a type of psychiatric illness. They have some weird deep seated obsession with sex and weave it into their desire for attention so they latch onto child abuse as they believe it will bring them kudos.
        The conviction of Carl Beech has been an enormous blow to their campaigns. To a man / woman the fanatics of the past few years still think Beech was genuine no matter how ludicrous his claims.

        Britain has a terrible history of child poverty and neglect. Sex abuse is in fact a tiny part of abuse. The vast majority of child abuse is via neglect, poverty, physical and mental abuse. In the long run, this can be far more damaging to children as they grow to be adults. For society the problems are manifold.
        The figures will be higher this year but in 2017 over 6 million children under age 15 died from factors associated with poverty. The majority were under 6 years old.

        You never hear a single word about this from these phony “advocates”. Britain has always had a rather distasteful desire for sex scandals as a century of tabloids demonstrate beginning in the late 1800s when the first “campaigning” tabloid built a career on child prostitution. While it was happening it was nowhere near as rampant as claimed at the time but it set the standard for over a 100 years. In an odd British way, the real causes of child prostitution- poverty- were ignored.

        I believe the real danger of these fanatics is they bleed the great public dry of their normal sympathy for things like child poverty and the horrors of children who die in current wars. People have defense mechanisms for good reason: they can only extend sympathy to a certain degree because of their inability to force change. I think you could quite easily go mad if you concentrated on the terrible deaths every day of thousands of children.

        For them the claim Ted Heath raped and murdered boys on a yacht is far more enticing (sexier?) than the boring idea that children die every day in Syria or Asia or 100,000s work in poverty to manufacture goods we buy cheaply in High Street stores.

        I think these phony “advocates ” are sick and they come in such variety from former cops like Wedger to reasonably intelligent “journalists” like Brees to would-be hacks like APD to known nutters like Neelu or a Kiwi grifter like Wanoa who claims to be King of England and actually gets followers who believe it !.
        They have a capacity to weave child sex into every nutcase conspiracy just as Hampstead has become a core belief of the Wanoa mob and that creepy Yank Dunn with his printed t-shirts and mugs for sale.

        They put characters in Hollywood movies that you think are exaggerations such as philandering phony evangelists fleecing their flock (usually the poorest Americans) of $Millions via preaching about Jesus and then buy private jets but who are exposed as hypocrites knocking off porn stars (including even allegedly a president) and depressingly, we find they are real and numerous and increasing in number and are not fictional.
        These “child advocates ” seem to grow like mushrooms.

        And while our media is dominated by events like the Beech case, the other millions of kids who will die this year are simply ignored except by perhaps the helpless workers at the UN or some genuine politicians and aid workers but they also must face the fact they will be accused by these fanatics (they don’t cherry-pick their conspiracies – every new one that pops is joined by dots into the mix) of being part of some imaginary NWO.

        I think they are positively evil in their ignorance and fanaticism.
        They help breed an atmosphere that results in a Carl Beech lunacy getting totally out of hand with all the problems that has caused with policing ( and the majority of coppers are honest and well meaning but can’t avoid getting swept up in this madness) or an IISCA which will cost £100Ms to dredge over the past- money that could alleviate today’s child poverty. It cannot be that bloody hard to work out how to protect children from predators but talk fests are beloved by this mob as they can meet and indulge in fantasy and back slapping for their own perceived goodness.

        The problems they create are myriad from the depressing attacks on innocent families as in Hampstead to the rise of creepy vigilantes and online “campaigners” falsely accusing (the sickening Alex Jones and his attacks on the Sandy Hook parents to that Spivey character demeaning the death in the street of a soldier are all in the mix)
        to more headaches with men now (sensibly) being wary of working anywhere near children (but they’ll eventually start on women child workers as well).

        # Editor: I told you not to binge-watch ‘Manhunt – The Unabomber last night and then try and read his Manifesto.

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  1. It annoys me when people hang their hats on a subject as grave as child abuse to try and make a quick buck. I’m not saying it never happens, unfortunately it does. I think there may be something in the allegations of former then very young pals of a certain deceased pop star in “L________ N_______” though of course in law it is still “allegedly”. A person connected with the Jeepers Creepers franchise was convicted of an abusive crime

    With the bleach cures cancer debacle, I read the comments on one video (I can’t remember which unfortunately and I haven’t perfected the art of taking screen shots). Anyway, somebody had averred that famous people don’t die of cancer. I’m old enough to remember the actor Jack Hawkins dying of cancer and a search online brought up this list

    I mean it’s not rocket science to check something like that. I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account personally so can’t comment on a Twitter or Facebook comment.

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    • The reason they try to make a quick buck from child abuse cases is that most people regard it as so horrific and distasteful that they can’t possibly believe anyone would be so low as to use them as a scam. For normal human beings lying about such subjects would be impossible. People with no human decency will, however, lie about anything at all if they think it is to their own advantage.

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          • Cowboy lawyers aren’t so bad- they don’t let them take their guns into court anymore
            It’s the common ‘common law lawyers’ (and no EWE isn’t the only one sadly) and the ‘Mackenzie friends’ that really seem to be the ones hurting people already in desperate straights

            Got no time for clowns like Tom Crawford or Neelu that lose their houses because of greed (usually they aren’t the full quid either, but it’s usually greed that costs them)- but the many families that were in trouble that Bellender and her ilk latched onto to try and get $$$/fame out of for themselves deserved better


    • 12:04 – “People’s ignorance is so fookin’ cruel it hurts. It really really hurts ya. It makes you wanna fookin’ kill someone or just cry your eyes out” 🙄

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    • 0:46 – “I’m taking my donated PC for a clean-up, because I’m constantly subject to hacking, primarily by Hoaxtead Research.”

      Doesn’t she ever get tired of slandering people?

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      • How is she subject to hacking? If I thought my computer had been hacked, I’d shut it down and get it looked at straight away…I suspect what she means is that she has unwisely clicked on phishing links and allowed her machine to be infested with viruses. Bit of a different proposition.

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        • Has she been “researching” porn sites?. That’s when PCs suddenly get infected with spyware that causes havoc.
          When I first joined GCHQ I was told part of my duties included “sweeping PCs” and I thought what a treat, I’ll be working at the cutting edge of these brand new Amstrad PC thingies and sweeping them for spyware secretly placed in them by KGB operatives but alas, it meant mopping out the corner public convenience.

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          • Interesting observation, Mabel. In fact, you might recall that our old friend Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Ward complained quite bitterly that we had somehow hacked her computer. She had previously admitted to having “researched” child sex abuse images online. Coincidence?

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        • She also says she keeps getting unintentionally added to a Facebook paedophile ring and that she once clicked on their website and saw the names of all the members. I’m sure she’s reported this to the police. Right? 🤔

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        • Another thing that jumped out at me was Angie saying she has her computer “deep-cleaned” twice a year! What going on there, lol?

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        • As a retired Deep State Agency employee, I deeply resent this slur on my professionalism. When we hacked people’s computers we did it without being noticed.

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          • Yes, some of the hack attempts made on this site have been hilariously obvious. I mean, so obvious that even I could tell what they were, and knew they weren’t supposed to look like that.

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      • If she had truly been hacked, then she would/should have reported to the Police under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Did she? Nah. Why? Because most likely the material on there may incriminate her more.

        Blaming a specific person/group for the hacking, as though she could trace it? Well…….no. She’s not that literate at computers (trust me, I know), and I imagine she thinks a RAT is something in the London Sewers, Ports are types of alcoholic beverage (that I do think she knows a lot about) and Trojan is a brand of condom.

        Oh, and I don’t think I’ve accidentally been “added to a group” on Facebook. It involves a positive action on my part (going to the group), followed by another by clicking Follow/Add/whatever and so forth.

        Oh and making a decent income? How about…… a f’king REAL JOB? For some reason “scrubber” jumps to mind.

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        • Of course this “I am regularly being hacked” line may form part of a ill formed cunning plan to exuse her from any responsibility for any damning material forensics discover on her hard drives. Drug dealers caught red handed attempt the “I merely found them and was just about to hand them in when you kicked my door down”. Doesnt wash,never has.

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          • Now here’s a thing. She absolutely believes that whatever she had on her PC in relation to Hoaxtead when it was seized was legitimate, even if for normal people it pointed to her 100% guilt. So what has happened in the last few weeks that has led her to start laying the foundations of a mitigation defence? I suspect there is something so damning that not even her supporters could countenance continuing to back her!

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    • “MKUltra survivor, former involuntary intelligence asset, some call it super-spy”. Yes dear just like Andrea Davison.

      Eat your heart out Angie :
      A thrilling tale that oddly neglects to mention Davison is a wanted fugitive for numerous forging and credit card offenses (apparently she is a superb forger), has around 22 convictions for fraud and shop lifting but escaped conviction in the Great Franking Machine scandal of 1979 when several postal workers were convicted of scamming £Millions from the Post Office, authored false documents for the classic Essex “discount warehouse” frauds of the 70/80s where disused factories were hired and £100Ks of white goods ordered for a month of Closing Down Sales at knock down prices whereby the perps then fled back to Spain with the loot and co-incidentally was a drinking pal with the convicted Olympic Boiler Room gang member Chris Fay who presented expertly forged documents to banks to launder the loot.
      Believed now working in Thailand, the HQ for the booming Boiler Room scams and for one run by a well known Manchester criminal. Life as a Super Spy can be so exciting.


      • I read the excerpt from her book and in a few lines, was asking myself serious questions.

        “The train drew shunting and hissing into Glasgow Central Station.”

        What was it shunting and why exactly? Some sort of emergency? Whole trains really aren’t much good for shunting, they have shunters for that purpose or maybe a locomotive on its own if an entire train or rake needs moved. It’s also very dangerous to shunt with a train (which is a locomotive and carriages) as it risks derailment of one or other rake (set of carriages). Why was it hissing? Were its brakes defective (maybe from all that ill-advised shunting) and that’s why it needed shunting? Or was it being shunted? Or was it one of those (quite rare) tourist/train spotter specials where they run an actual steam engine? – Hissy Steam engines ceased to be in regular service sometime around 1967/69

        Or should Andrea just consider shunting the front-buffer up when it comes to descriptive prose?

        “Stepping through the arched station portal driving rain suddenly hit me, drops splattered angrily on the pavement echoing with menace against the stark dirty grey stone walls. It was the sort of rain which seeps into your bones leaving you struggling ever to be warm again. ”

        The arched station Portal? Portal? Arched? That will probably be the Hope St exit then, opposite Cafe Nero? (The main twin-arched exit, what you might reasonably call a portal doesn’t take you immediately out into the street at all, but is some distance from it, emerging to a pillared canopy that you wouldn’t say was a portico or portal either.) The primary menace there (apart from the prices) is people not using the pedestrian crossing. And the fact that, unless you’re getting a bus somewhere else, it’s really quite uninteresting; mainly just office blocks down that direction.

        And in Glasgow, that type of rain “bone seeping” rain tends to be quite fine (deceptively so) and persistent, not the angry stoatin off the streets stuff that can literally strip loose paint off the cast iron street furniture.

        I hear though that fake Burberry (other brands of super-spy trench-type coat are also available) leaks and is, in any sort of damp climate, a bit like wearing something sewn together from old flannel – much like Andrea’s soggy stories.

        A rite of passage for many a young Glaswegian, once fully grown, is buying a really good quality raincoat from one of the many shops which specialise in that sort of thing; and it is a thing you need in Glasgow! . Robertson’s Rainwear (strategically located just down from the station) used to be handy for visitors to the city started by this sort of aggressive, low-viscosity precipitation!

        Pac-A-Mac madam? You really ought to! Or maybe just get a taxi from the canopied rank outside the main entrance and not get wet at all?

        I might have “read more” as suggested. But somehow the excerpt reminded me of the sort of descriptive writing we did in the last year of primary school. – Essays about sailing the seven seas (and the like) written by children who had never even been on so much as the Arran Ferry!


    • FFS it dominated the media a few years ago when he was supposedly working int he police as a “child protection officer”. Probably too busy formulating his claim that all Britain’s pedos were now living on canal boats for some obscure reason.

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    • It was easy to see what this was about by going to the BBC website! (
      It’s an allegation by a former civil servant (Mr Hubert) who said that about 40 years ago he had been shown an entry in a spreadsheet concerning a payment to “WRVS (PIE)” which he KNEW was to the Paedophile Information Exchange. Subsequent searches for this payment found no evidence of it, despite recovering the records of the VSU and checking with the bank which would have made the payment. The civil servant whom Hubert said showed it to him said he never saw it or reported it.
      Mr Hubert lays claim to a rather singular memory: ‘Questioned about his original statement to officers in which he spoke of having a “hazy recollection” of a spreadsheet detailing PIE as an indirect recipient of WRVS funding, Mr Hulbert said his recollection had “become clearer as time has gone on”.’
      And further evidence of a coverup, NOT: the allegations and the investigation into them are reported on the website:
      In other words the most likely explanation is another fantasist, rather less pernicious than the usual breed.
      Sounds to me more like a scandalous misuse of government funds to buy baked goods from the WRVS, but still, all in a good cause.

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    • “On behalf of the Billion Supporters of Lynda Thyer & Sabine McNeill.”

      For any readers uninitiated into the peculiarisms of Neeluese: “Billion”= somewhere between 1 and 9; “Supporters”= Fellow candidates for the nearest lunatic asylum.


    • Hehe 🤭

      (Nice little rant against tarot by Andy in response to that question too, lol. Poor Matty)


      • Or (here’s a bit of ‘thinking outside the square’)
        You may have indeed possibly lost the plot, and your loved ones are trying to help you before you end up like all the other nutcases you are associating with- in the hospital wearing a trendy white wraparound number- or in jail…
        You must have been at least a halfway decent person at one time, enough to attract your missus and have a son that that probably desperately wants ‘his’ dad back- not this idiot that spends all his time recording utube videos ranting and raving….

        One thing I ‘try’ to remember is that these clowns- no matter how odious they are- do have loved ones that probably are desperate to try and get their lives back to a semblance of sanity

        But jeez… they make it hard to do at times…


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    • The bizarre arrogance of accusing others of being egotistical from a man who regularly films himself rabbiting on for ages while wandering around the streets.
      I can think of so many wonderful things to do in Greece. It’s wasted on Colin.
      # I bet he loves Golden Dawn.


  2. I expect by now people will have heard reports of the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. It’s been covered in the mainstream media (and eight years ago the MSM reported allegations of the late Mr Epstein paying off the Duchess of York’s debts) so I don’t know how the Krusty crew can aver that MSM never report unfavourable stories about the “elite”.

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    • Yes and the conspiracy theories have started already! Some are saying his death were faked (including Malcolm Ogilvy, who’s utterly convinced he’s alive and well and working for Mossad) and others (including Angie, somewhat predictably) saying he was murdered to silence him.


    • “There is no way you can get a remedy with blinkers on”. I dunno, I’ve seen plenty of horses win races with blinkers on. 😏

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    • Of course the British Empire basically looted the colonies before granting them freedom but we can’t undo that and it’s also why Neelu and family were able to live in the UK and become citizens.
      But doesn’t she also benefit from the Greada Treaty?. She’s the one who is visited by Alien flying saucers as evidenced by her video outside the Halls of Justice when the Mother Ship visited her (cunning;y cloaked in a cloud) to lend support in her fight for Remedy?.

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  3. From Paterson at 47:08 in the Chuckle Brothers’ latest whingefest: “I just wanna remind people that that Hoaxtead Research blog, run by paedophile [protected witness] and the Zionist Jewess Karen Irving, was specifically put up, aided by GCHQ, to defame whistleblowers. OK? Now then, what’s important is this: that website is still up. Hoaxtead Research is still up – and as long as it’s up, there’s more and more people are gonna regret the day they went anywhere near that Karen irving and [protected witness].”

    Reported for bullying, harassment, racism, naming a protected witness AND making a veiled death threat!


    • Hard to take it up with God – I imagine that’s a one sided conversation with you on one side and…….. well pretty much nothing on the other.

      And I think “old school justice” is another word for vigilantism.

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      • I think she missed Sunday School the day they did “Thou shalt not kill” and “Turn the other cheek”


  4. From Praterson’s latest crybaby rant:

    He’s claiming that Karen and the Hampstead dad “have either been disappeared or gone into hiding” 🙄


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