Video share: The saga of Rupert Quaintance

In today’s video instalment we take a trip down memory lane—it’s been almost two years since Rupert Quaintance was found guilty of stalking Hampstead families, and was sentenced to nine months in Wandworth Prison.

We think it’s time to take a fair and balanced look back at the case which preoccupied us all while it was going on: what happened? Who was involved? What were the implications of Rupert’s trial in the long term? And what’s with that Roger Flutterby fellow, anyway?

Please note: Rupert’s sentence included a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order which prevents him from discussing the Hampstead case, and this means that he has no right of reply to this video. We would therefore ask readers to refrain from comments which could be construed as provocative.

291 thoughts on “Video share: The saga of Rupert Quaintance

    • Frankly, “angry mums” are a force to be reckoned with. Just ask those who’ve been arrested, cautioned, or jailed for spreading the hoax nonsense.


      • Not surprising, these mob are putting their kids in danger… (aka Edgar M. Welch or our friend Rupert ‘is that a knife in my pocket or am I just glad to see you’ Quaintance)

        And you NEVER mix it up with a mother protecting her child…
        (grizzy bears have been known to run away pissing themselves when confronted by an angry mother)

        OK I may have made that last bit up, but yeah, angry mothers are not something you want to tangle with…

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  1. Oh dear, Angie – I don’t think you’re meant to be sharing videos that name and threaten the man the police are investigating you for harassing. Tick tock…

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  2. I see Tom Dunn’s put up a second Hampstead video now. And again he’s pushing the children’s photos and calling for others to share them too, with the help of his creepy lapdog Jared Chrestman. Not sure whether it’s because they’re a pair of pervs or they just want to boost traffic to their mugs ‘n’ t-shirts site. I suspect it’s a little of both.

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  3. The increase in Hampstead videos, as you may have heard, is apparently down to two things:

    1. Q Anon has apparently been promoting the Hampstead case.

    2. President Trump supposedly shared a tweet about it yesterday.

    Not sure whether either of those is true but I reckon they’re both storms in a teacup. Just like with the Pizzagate thing, there’ll be a flurry of interest from a glut of self-projecting, mentally ill pervs for a few weeks and then they’ll move on to some other crap.


    • He should just mix it with the chemtrails and do two for the price of one.

      I should mention that using a helicopter when it isn’t necessary isn’t the nicest thing to do for the planet is it.

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      • Yeah, I don’t think they’ve thought this through propely.

        It’s ok – I know where the door is.


      • Is the helicopter not a clue? Have you not seen Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’? That was not a film*. It was a documentary. It’s a move by the Illuminati to take over the Catholic Church. He’ll fly over the city with anti-matter and parachute out of the helicopter, and be elected Pope. As a good Catholic I will welcome our new lizard overlords.

        Oh, come on. that plot is still not as far fetched as these idiots delusions!

        * Reader’s note. It is a film, A truly dreadful film. The worst waste of a cast until Movie 43.

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    • Yes, he’s been covered here before. He did a few interviews with Angela. He’s a Christian fundamentalist with some rather iffy views on women.


    • The FBI doesn’t have an office in Yorkshire. Most inconvenient.
      Call me old fashioned, call me naive or call me Doris (or even Samantha-my neighbors do) but I reckon the West Yorkshire Police might be the proper port of call.


  4. If folk can just slow down viewing this site for a bit that would be a real help as we are still fine tuning some details for the up coming firework display. Thankyou.

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    • Don’t listen to her. If you are going to add tomato puree, you add it before the spices to caramelise it and cook out the raw flavour. If she can’t be trusted on something as basic as this, what can you trust her on?

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      • Mind you – if the cooking vids keep her away from the conspiracies might be beneficial.

        Could you imagine it “Cooking and conspiracies with Neelu”.

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        • That could be fun.

          “Add the paste we made earlier. Then fry up some lady’s fingers. For all you satanist following this recipe make sure they are freshly picked BABY’S FINGERS! My fellow conspiracy nuts can replace that ingredient with phool gobi.”


  5. I haven’t listened to all (or indeed much of) the video “New Q Post. # 3,420 Link UK Kids “Papa Kills Babies”. Anthony Weiner ‘ Back To Prison’? READ.” by “Red Pill Ken” who is mentioning the hoax. He may be a person who has legitimately been duped (how the heck can anyone believe in Q?). The comments are something else though.


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