John Paterson sectioned under Mental Health Act

John Paterson, the Hampstead hoax pusher noted for his particularly violent threats, his anti-Semitism, and his alleged connections to “South London gangsters”, was arrested Monday, 1 July, and has been sent to a mental health facility in Sussex. He is currently being held for 28 days under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act: admission for assessment.

Rumours began to circulate earlier this week that Paterson had been apprehended by police, and that he was being held in the custody suite at Eastbourne Police Station. Andy Devine confirmed this Wednesday in a live-feed on YouTube, adding, “The police are looking for Edward Ellis as well”.

HR commenter ‘Naqsej’ summarised a recorded phone call from Devine to the officer on duty at Eastbourne nick:

Yesterday, “Umbrella Grape Solutions”, aka Kaley Einav, one of Devine and Paterson’s acolytes, called the mental health facility where Paterson is currently being treated, and spoke for some time to the psychiatric charge nurse, without notifying him that she was recording the call.

The nurse revealed a great deal of patient information, considering that Einav did not identify herself as a close relative, stating on the contrary that Paterson might not know her by her real name. He told her that Paterson has been sectioned for 28 days, and that blood work and a brain scan have been done to assess potential difficulties from his head injury last year.

Despite this breach of confidentiality, it does seem that the nurse was attempting to build rapport so as to gather as much information about his patient as possible. Einav was only too happy to oblige.

During their conversation, Paterson turned up and the nurse turned the phone over to him. After some brief confusion over exactly who Einav was, Paterson made a number of his usual strange allegations, including a mention of his ability to instantly identify wrong ‘uns by staring into people’s eyes.

He also claimed:

  • “On the Hoaxtead website there’s a hit-list. I’m on it and so is Sgt Ray Savage, they’re gonna petrol bomb his house”.
  • “This Hoaxtead Research is very powerful and I know who’s behind it. Because Karen Irving is a Jewess, my ex-wife was a Jewess. I’m not the anti-Semite they’re making out…”
  • “They sent one of their thugs to assault me. CCTV, interviews and they released him. So these powerful people who have literally destroyed countries with their phoney wars ‘cos they back both sides”.
  • “I tell you where I was expecting the attack to come from. From the ADL”.

He also stated that the victim of Matt Taylor’s stalking campaign was responsible for “at least two murders”.

Paterson’s claims that he is “not anti-Semitic” are belied not only by his frequent public anti-Jewish slurs and his barrage of emails to this blog, many containing statements like, “Poor Irving she can’t boast about taking down another Vidoe (sic), because her tribe can’t get their filthy thieving, smelly gefilte fish fingers on them, here! This is what they do”, but by ugly episodes such as his grief-trolling of the U.S.-based synagogue where 11 congregants were murdered during services last year.

Berry releases details of arrest

In another video released yesterday, Paterson’s ally Neelu Berry filled in some detail regarding the circumstances of Paterson’s arrest.

She claimed,

“Citizen John Paterson was kidnapped on 01 July 2019 at 11 a.m. outside [the Royal Courts of Justice] London by Sussex Police and held hostage at Eastbourne Police Station without charge overnight. He was dragged to A&E Eastbourne General Hospital…by Police for a Mental Health Assessment Fraud MHA 1983 s136 to stop him filing his Appeal in Contempt of the Appeal Court then taken to…Woodlands Hospital for MH Sectioning Fraud”.

In the video, Neelu harasses a telephone receptionist in her usual fashion, attempting to determine Paterson’s location.

She is put through to the Eastbourne Police Station, where she speaks with a person who identifies herself as PC Henry. Despite Neelu’s rudeness to her, PC Henry does pass the phone to Paterson.

He complains,

They’ve taken all my phones again, even though they were returned to me when I was found innocent. They’re not allowing me to use those phones. So I can’t contact anyone. But listen very carefully, and you need to get this out: they served a mental health order on me. I’m in Sussex Hospital….I’ve already told them what this is about, and I have the mental health fraud documents in my bag.

Neelu asks Paterson for the name of his psychiatrist, and he says he hasn’t got one yet, but “I think they’re fake psychiatrists, like the other ones”. He exhorts her to “get in touch with the Lord Bishops and the Archbishops, and get me out of here!”

Neelu has posted notices on Facebook and YouTube encouraging their followers to call and harass the hospital where Paterson is currently being assessed. She is claiming that he was “kidnapped” from the RCJ in order to prevent him from filing an appeal against his recent sentence for contempt of court: a 21-day prison sentence suspended for one year, and a £19,000 fine.

Paterson’s friends urge public to harass hospital staff

In addition to Neelu Berry’s urging people to call the hospital where Paterson is currently being assessed, Andy Devine has posted videos giving out phone numbers and telling his followers to call and demand Paterson’s immediate release.

In one video, Devine claims that Paterson is not insane, but that he is a member of a Royal Commission, and that he is an “innocent agent”. He refers to Paterson’s arrest and sectioning as an “assassination attempt” and claims that if their followers “stand united” they will win.

In another, Kaley Einav makes further attempts to reach Paterson. The charge nurse, Tanya, first hangs up on her, but then tells her that Paterson has been transferred and that she is not allowed to disclose his location. When Einav attempts to press the issue, the nurse first puts her on hold, then informs her that her manager will contact her…and then, when Einav refuses to accept this, hangs up on her again.

Hospital staff, it seems, are beginning to grasp the lay of the land.

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213 thoughts on “John Paterson sectioned under Mental Health Act

  1. Nicely done, EC. Thanks for the update 👍
    (It’s 12:55, Malcolm.)

    Those last two Kaley videos are a hoot and both end with hilarious hissy fits.
    Makes it all worthwhile 😀

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        • It’s the sheer gall of believing that it’s okay to steal precious NHS staff time and energy from others who need it that gets to me. Paterson has a mental health issue (or several) which needs assessment and care. What do idiots like Kaley think they’re achieving, other than making a lot of smoke and noise?

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    • Some of the responses from Youtuber @Justice for John Patinson (sic) need to go into your collection:
      “They have abducticated John and enjailed him through the legal back passage of illicitly applicated Mental Health Legistalutures”

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        • Another one for you. I’m pretty sure the guy’s taking the piss, lol:

          “King John is just the latest person to be jailed for legally attempting to calm his bath rite as king of britsh empire.”



      • Another one was:

        “The Two Johns taken on the same day is only prove their performing the black rights of which craft.”

        I’ll be honest – I’ve held off of adding them for now, as I have a feeling there may be some kind or parody involved here.


        • “The Two Johns taken on the same day is only prove their performing the black rights of which craft.”

          The Two Johnie’s…

          “Well it’s goodnight from me…”
          “And it’s goodnight from him…”
          (man that probably dates me LOL)

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  2. I’ve sent Kaley the link to that disgusting video of Praterson grief-trolling the synagogue. No doubt she’ll still defend him. The saddest part is she claims to be Jewish herself! The word ‘traitor’ springs to mind.

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  3. What a crazy week it’s been!. From the very day of the beginning of the “revolution” their whole world has come tumbling down.
    Of course folk like Devine will say it’s all the work of GCHQ’s puppets at Hoaxtead.
    While I’m often appalled at John Paterson’s claims I’m pleased he’s getting medical help.

    For the mob all psychiatric units are of course painted as fake institutions where “whistle- blowers” are sent to be silenced rather than medical facilities to aid the troubled.
    John Paterson’s increasing anger and death threats are a sign of incredible frustration. While he talks the talk it’s obvious he was getting no-where with his bizarre claims (I often can’t even work out what they are) and never would.
    Add in John Wanoa’s unbelievably complicated gobbeldy-gook about his version of history that is never going to get off the ground and it’s inevitably some of them are going to suffer mentally. I actually don’t believe one single one of then actually understand Wanoa’s claims- they pretend they do. It’s as though they have decided Wanoa is intelligent and they go along with his claims to appear to be intelligent themselves.

    I also think it’s right that any of these hospitals should be kept informed or be given links to their ramblings as I still remember APD & Rupert’s nasty comments about a psychiatric nurse they spoke to when trying to visit Jake. It also involved cruel attacks on her physical appearance and unnecessary naming of her.

    Still mystified by the alleged appalling physical attacks on John Paterson on court steps. I don;t believe for a single minute anyone from this forum would perpetuate them. It indicates to me that he has upset several people along the way who haven’t been able to restrain themselves. There is that recording of someone some time ago attacking him- looked like a council worker.
    All of this of course will keep Andy “Devine” rabbiting for weeks. Grist to the mill.

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    • During Sabine’s trial I was treated to a day of Paterson-watching. He turned up in the morning and seated himself close to me in the hallway as we waited for things to begin. We didn’t speak, and I was not sure he knew who I was.

      Later that day, as one of the parents was giving evidence, they said something about how Charlotte Ward’s “Hampstead Research” blog had targeted her and her family. By this time, Paterson was seated directly ahead of me in the public gallery, and I saw him scribble something on a scrap of paper and try to hand it to a parent next to him in the gallery. It turned out to consist of his name and phone number, and an urgent note to “CALL ME!”

      This seemed odd to me, until I realised from his later discussions with Devine that he had somehow mistaken Charlotte Ward’s “Hampstead Research” blog for this one, and was now convinced that we had been targeting innocent parents! The parent threw away the note, I believe.

      During a break in the proceedings, I was seated with a group of friends of some of the witnesses, while Paterson was downwind of us in the hallway, glowering at us and (as it turns out) eavesdropping. I think the topic was something non-trial-related like garden maintenance, but clearly the gears were turning in Paterson’s head, and this morphed into Sinister Goings-On.

      That was the last I saw of him before he began claiming to have been attacked, and saying that I had somehow orchestrated it. Apparently this was based on his observation that I had been…er…chatting with some people.

      I think it’s fair to say that his brain does not work quite the same as most.

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  4. By the way – this so-called ‘Royal Commission’ is being bandied about by these people but it is of course one of their own imagining and NOT as John Paterson claimed, the current IICSA where he claims they are all “protected witnesses”.

    I believe this is the work of Edward Ellis who seems to have fed them all with his odd claims about the “Royal Bishops” but what on earth would they have to do with anything involving the law?. Poor Paterson was claiming to Katey that Ellis was in contact with The Queen and now claiming they are onside- the same Royals they have been accusing of kidnapping babies and so on and about to “remove from office”.
    It examples how mentally ill people can affect others who are in a precarious state especially when you toss in Neelu and the grand stirrer Andy Colon Devine Colon.
    We have our own real life One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest happening.
    Meanwhile: there has been a Meeting of The Minds (like attracts like, water finds it’s own level etc..”hello peeeps”?)

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  5. All of this was a long time coming but was inevitable. A surrogate King, a wannabe Walter Mitty gangster, a raving ex lawyer, a loopy ex pharmacist, a Brighton based madman and assorted acolytes all being played like a Stradivarius by a Greece based evangelical lunatic. What other possible outcome could there have been? Of course there is the possibility that they are all quite sane and all the rest of us and the world are mad……!
    PS. The lady at the hospital in NZ was very appreciative of my telling her that the goings on from King Johns throne room were being broadcast around the globe although she did say that someone else had already informed them.!!!!

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    • I’m surprised that no NZ journalists have written up the story of the Old Pretender for the amusement of the country. The re-invention of the 1844 flag from colonial history as a magical talisman would have eyes rolling.

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  6. If Abe thinks he has a valid case, then he’s perfectly welcome to pop back to the UK and make his case. There’s no possible reason not to… unless as the Daily Mail put it:

    <i<Her former partner Abraham Christie… also remains on the run.

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told MailOnline today: 'A 45-year-old woman and 61-year-old man are both wanted for questioning in relation to perverting the course of justice and child cruelty. Enquiries continue.’

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  7. I lost a couple of posts previously (my ethernet cable came loose – unless an earlier post has gone for moderation in which case apologies for a double post or even triple post). Presumably I have to hold my horses before letting Handel’s “See the Conquering Hero Comes” resound through my computer to welcome King Crusty.

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  8. Of course, Paterson isn’t the only one who’s been sectioned recently: his colleague and liege John Wanoa has also been hospitalised for mental health issues in New Zealand. As usual, Neelu attempts to harass the staff, but apparently this one saw her coming:

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    • “Our lawyers are aware of all the phone calls we’re getting from England” 😆

      “My name is Ved Chaudhari. I’m a mental health pharmacist” 🙄

      “Before when you called, you gave me a different name” 😂

      Great find, EC 😀

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      • NB “I’m a registered…”
        [cut off]
        NZ “I’m going to end this conversation.”

        Perhaps the General Pharmaceutical Council should be notified that she is still trying to pass herself off as a pharmacist so long after being struck off.

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      • This lady is one of those is she not who accuses anyone – who says they don’t believe the Hoaxtead children were ritually abused – of being Satanists and in the pay of “them” – and yet she (and Kaley) can afford to ring New Zealand, a country right on the other side of the world from the UK. I know I couldn’t afford to ring New Zealand just like that. I do know a lady in real life whose adult daughter lives in New Zealand but I think they use Skype when they communicate directly. I don’t think Mrs B was using Skype when she rang the hospital.

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        • If you’ve only know Neelu from this site, then you have missed out on a whole other side of her. She believes in the Indonesian con known as Swissindo where all the gold reserves are being held illegally and £6m will be returned to every person on the earth. So far, so normal Freeman of the Land nonsense!

          However, she went a step further than most and tried to pay off her mortgage using a Swissindo M1 certificate She videoed herself going to a branch of the Co-op to deposit it and was told to sling her hook. She then stopped paying that mortgage. To cut a long story short, her house was repossessed and she went to live at her sister’s house.

          Now, if you are wondering what this has to do with your wondering about how she can afford calls to NZ, the mortgage company sent her a redemption amount, which would have settled her debt with them. If you subtract that from what her house went for in auction she has, in my estimate, got over £200,000. She is not strapped for cash.

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          • “If you’ve only know Neelu from this site, then you have missed out on a whole other side of her.”

            Actually, to be fair, all the stuff you cite has actually been covered on here many times 🙂


    • Even for Neelu this really takes the biscuit. Not only is she wasting the night nurse’s time (she makes no allowance for the time difference) but tries the “I am Neelu Chaudhuri, psychiatric pharmacist” when she’s initially told them she’s Neelu Berry.

      The good news is that the hospital is alive to this madness and the nurse doesn’t stand for any nonsense, not giving names, telling her to Google the website etc, but the better news is that they’ve put Wanoa in touch with his natural family which is the best thing to try to get him back to good mental health.

      I don’t know why I’m ever surprised by Neelu Berry, this is the woman who was screaming abuse at parishioners, concluded a church was Satanic because she saw Latin words in it, tried to prosecute HM the Queen for treason, arrested judges, imposed £trillion liens, persecuted paediatricians, planned to hang a high court judge, and so on.

      There used to be a game to invent the most unlikely sentence a person could say (e.g. “Mrs Thatcher: I was wrong”). What would it be for Neelu Berry? “I can see your point of view”, “I think I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion” “Sorry.”

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    • “Billion supporters”? “the world is watching”?..I think Andy Devine has peaked at about 20 listeners on his interminable boring ramblings and most of them should be rounded up and sectioned for their own good.

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    • Heart warming to see a member of the Sasquatch community slowly adapting to life in the UK. Obviously it is taking time to get to grips with modern concepts such as primary reasoning,basic linguistic skills and making any sense but he does seems to have mastered basic shaving and keeping his knuckles mostly off the ground so good luck to it.

      Meanwhile across the pond the cultural exchange deal with Matthew Taylor is showing little sign of improvement with locals essentially ignoring the pointless twat.

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    • They really really can’t get this can they? The mainstream press reported AFTER the case was over when the reporting restriction had been lifted. Yaxley-Robinson reported DURING the trial, in breach of the reporting restriction. For the second time. Or to put it another way, the press didn’t risk the trial being aborted, Yaxley-Robinson did. For the second time.

      And most mainstream reporters haven’t been convicted of assault, drug and public order offenses, mortgage fraud, fraudulent use of a travel document (or illegal immigration as it might be called).

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    • That’s a real treat that video – Sands & Neelu wandering in some cave somewhere in the country and Christine finds some graffiti..”Fred was here”..or similar and proclaiming they are Satanist carvings.
      When they go outside the sun comes of the clouds and Neelu thinks the Gods are smiling on her. I think she spots some Chem Trails then so they hightail it out of the area with Lee Cant in pursuit. Can’t imagine why people think they should be sectioned.

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  9. Seems Kris Costa’s finally got bored/disillusioned by the Q Anon crap and has gone back to harassing and slandering innocent Hampstead people.

    This is one of five posts she’s put up this evening (all liked and re-tweeted by some fat sweaty American woman who’s name escapes me):

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  10. Spoilt brat and conspiracy loon Kaley Einav has started attacking Karen now.

    By the way, she seems to have forgotten that she spent several months sucking up to Karen and Scarlet (and Flo Destroyer) last year, saying she was on their side. In fact, she only started throwing her toys out of the pram because they pulled her up on questionable (to say the least) comments such as this one:

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    • Well, she has to earn her stripes in that group somehow. Apparently attacking me is part of their initiation process. 😉No big deal, I’m always fascinated by what they come up with.

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  11. Is it just me or is Kaley like a 6-year-old who stamps her feet and throws a tantrum if Daddy won’t buy her a pony…?

    And since when has this lying bint been “John Wanoa’s business partner”?

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    • Ha ha! She’s bought shares in his fake tidal scheme con hasn’t she!!! Boy you’s have to be a real moron to fall for that scam. Oh. I forgot for a moment. We’re talking Kaley here!

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      • You see, that’s why I am ambivalent about reporting Wanoa to Action Fraud. On the one hand it is a fraud, an obvious fraud and I’d hate to think of foolish pensioners handing over their retirement nest eggs. But on the other hand the ONLY people we know who have given him any money at all are people I won’t cry about getting ripped off!

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      • I don’t know why Kaley is not a judge on the Shark Tank as she mocks critics of Wanoa’s Maoi Water Thingy that “no business has any money until they make a profit”. Perhaps she missed the part where a few $Billions would be needed to build his wave machines but that’s forgivable.

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    • She’s definitely b
      not the brightest of the bunch.
      Can someone explain why this mob who are so intent on believing Wanoa’s absurdities or Andy “Devine’s” tedious monologues about how they are about to take command of the UK and change the world, obsess over the false Hampstetad accusations (found to be false in the courts)?.
      I mean there are 1000’s of terrible real scandals and horrific things happening in th he world..the terrible bombing of Yemen or the 3 million UK kids claimed to be living in Banks etc etc..why do they include attacks upon innocent North London parents and kids and try and make their lives a misery ? What in the hell has Hampstead got to do with Wanoa’s King William claims and why does it always feature?

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      • I often cite the example of the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014. I’m yet to hear any of the hoaxer fruitloops express concern about that, even though 214 of the girls are still in captivity. And all the celebrities who campaigned at the time moved on as soon as the bandwagon rolled out of town.

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        • I wonder whether the fruitloops would be more riled up about that if it involved white British girls rather than black Nigerian ones. Just a thought

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          • Their silence about a certain someone who is literally stealing kids from their parents and disappearing them; holding others in filthy conditions in cages; and responsible for actual deaths of children tells all you really need to know about their motivations.

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      • call it “slacktivism”. Curing real problems is difficult and requires you to go out into the real world and start at the bottom, working for charities, local government etc. This sort of stuff can be done by anyone from the comfort of their keyboard and with the satisfaction that they have knowledge most people don’t have

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  12. Quote of the week:

    “When do ANY of us leave comments for you lot? Especially abusive or defamatory ones??”

    ~ Kaley Einav

    No, seriously – she actually said that.

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    • This is one of the more extreme posts about Hoaxtead but all the sentiments are repeated ad infinitum by the fans / business partners of John Wanoa. E.C is being attacked in Paterson’s mind because he perceives that she is Jewish. Doesn’t matter whether she is or not all his ire directed at her because of her perceived ethnicity which he repeatedly claims governs the person’s actions. It’s nasty antisemitism yet they all deny it.

      Yet any attempt to counteract this type of stuff is called “trolling”. It typifies some of the mindset behind those who are in Wanoa and Devine’s “cult”. I think it’s a cult because it has all the elements including a type of evangelical Christianity (especially Devine) and a worship of the “surrogate King” who asks for money from his followers / “investors”. Devine continually proclaims Wanoa as a surrogate king or a king whilst denying he calls Wanoa a king yet..obvious a surrogate is basically the same thing.
      I reckon they are pretty scary and only their ineffectual bumbling is what saves us from them. Everyone of Wanoa’s followers demand dictatorial powers for their Kiwi leader and will brook no opposition.


  13. Please Explain ! (wacky Aussie politician Pauline Hanson).

    Andy Devine is currently explaining how John Paterson was arrested / detained. According to Mr. “Devine” Paterson was nabbed by 5 police officers from Sussex when he went to the Royal Courts of (In) Justice to file appeal papers for a conviction but Andy says John Paterson was found “Not Guilty” of all allegations.

    There is a flaw in the logic here but I just can’t put my finger on it.

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      • To me Romford will always be in Essex. I know it hasn’t been for over a century but when I think of everything that’s wrong with the county (which as a Man of Kent is of course everything) no place typifies it better than that god forsaken one-eyed dump.


        • Fair enough, though my point was about where it actually is rather than where it should/shouldn’t be.

          To bust a few other myths, Bromley isn’t in Kent, Purley isn’t in Surrey.and the NEC isn’t in Birmingham.


  14. Pagga news – Ogilvy’s fallen out with Angie 😂
    (Over something he’s only just discovered even though we’ve been saying it for some time, I hasten to add 😆)

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  15. The Hoaxtead Book of Fruitcake Quotes has been updated with the following recent quotes:

    “All John’s honey traps must be returned”
    “All charges have been dropped on him”
    “John’s just an escape goat”
    “A sleeping dog will never lie”
    “Just remember that door will come knocking”
    “We were joint at the hips”
    “I’m just poising the question”
    “I just want to say we’re on top of John Wanoa”
    “I stood by my ground at that time”

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  16. Down the rabbit hole..
    I’ve often wondered what new scams / schemes this mob will come up with as each one eventually fizzles out. You only have to click on the ‘friends’ list of the fruitloop mob whose antics we follow but it becomes tiresome reading very quickly.

    And so alas I foolishly clicked on some of Lee Cant’s pals (has he been sectioned ?). It’s also why I think the Andy Devines, Paterson, Neelu etc are very dangerous people as they do cause serious harm to innocent people. The Hampstead case is one instance. Neelu has been pushing it from the beginning and escaped any serious censure. She has a unique ability to spin webs that draw others in and set them on the Freeman path. Most have similar traits: a “more Christian than thou” attitude, invariably they are extreme right-wingers with very authoritarian beliefs yet portray themselves as the opposite. Most see Donald Trump sent by God to “drain the swamp” when he couldn’t give a stuff about either and certainly not his rusted-on fans, golfing today as fears spread today of another California earthquake which he hasn’t even mentioned. And Hilary eats babies etc.

    Lee Cant advocates for a particularly nasty scammer who is “selling” affidavits to desperate parents who have had their children taken by US social services which he claims will get them returned. Full of FoTL woo. He in turn is backed up by some Yank who reckons he’s John Wanoa’s US Ambassador and is “in communication” with Trump about Wanoa and has issued threats to any New Zealanders who interfere with Wanoa (by the way one video John Wanoa looks as Happy as Larry in his hospital ward..drugs must be kicking in). Most are also sociopath low level scam merchants. They talk of huge amounts of money that are soon to come via Swissindo Cheese or something Cant advocates, “Cryptoxygen” where you can get a free $50 credit by paying $100 and so on. With Wanoa all the complicated waffle just comes down to a hope someone will send a few £25 donations.

    This caught my eye. When an irresponsible news website unleashed the awful Fiona Barnett on the world as others jumped on the bandwagon Barnett became even more fanatical about her abusers who ranged from Walt Disney and Richard Nixon to any Australian politician (nearly all ex-prime ministers) to high profile aged public figures who are accused shortly after they die, in a desperate attempt to be “more MKUltra -ed than you”.
    I’ve found a new one: a person who was also part of MKUltra experiments BEFORE they were born ! .
    Angie Power Disney- eat your heart out.


        • RUMOUR has it Angie has established a nice little earner in the Underground Straight Jacket industry. Her kids began to demand minimum wage for working 24/7 in her basement sweat shop so she sacked them and forced to outsource production and distribution to a couple of desperate ex pats in Greece.Part of the terms of contract is a requirement to inflate demand by grooming stray,weak willed numpties into lunatic asylums across every continent(Antarctica pending).

          Angies efforts to expand her empire include the all new junior range which market particularly well during the latter stages of school holidays to be fair.

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    • I can’t help noticing that three out of Devine’s last four video titles have contained spelling mistakes. Is that a quantum thing…?

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  17. The sooner these dangerous loonies are sectioned the better. But what is Yolande Kenward talking about on Ramola D Reports YouTube video were she ia interviewing Neelu that Neelu and Co working for Freemasons protecting paedos? YK seems unhinged too. I can’t seem to upload screenshots so can someone please see link below and add it and try and explain Yolande’s rant. Thanks

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    • Neelu on Ramola D. (yes-she’s annoying) claiming the copper came to her house with a yellow taser with the “intention of tasering everyone in the house”..copper is let in and looks about and leaves having not tasered everyone in the house.
      How do these things get jumbled up in her mind?


      • Some incident happens when the copper says something but Neelu’s phone doesn’t record it- she thinks the taser interfered with her signal !.
        Where IS that bloody Scotty..he’s supposed to have beamed me up ages ago?.


    • Oh God, that poor hospital worker, having to put up with him droning on at her like that.

      Oh wait – she’s just hung up on him 😂


    • “John’s never even had a parking ticket.”

      Er… yeah – but he’s done time for malicious communications. Andy forgot to mention that 🤦‍♂️

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    • I think it’s really important that when you phone a facility you engage the receptionist in conversation for as long as possible so they can’t take any more calls, because anyone else who’s phoning up is a sheeple anyway and we’re obviously more important.

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      • Given what he’s saying to her, I guess she thinks he’s an outpatient or expatient of the psychiatric unit and therefore should be listened to considerately but even so she breaks and cuts him off.
        He ditched the colon this time.
        “This is now exposing the bishops.”


  18. I don’t know how to screenshot but, crumbs, the comments under that Ramola D video are certainly weird and unwonderful. (I know u—l isn’t a word). Does anyone know why JW stopped being an estate agent – I mean he might have just got fed up of it but if he was chucked out of estate agency I wonder why (but he might not have been and just because I disagree with his scam I don’t want to accuse him falsely). Did his daughter get worried about him and have him committed for treatment? (I.e. regarding his current stay in hospital).

    I’m not a mental health worker and never was but this harassment of the hospitals where both John P and John W are staying isn’t going to bring about their release and I would think one didn’t have to be a genius to realise that – just exercise a modicum of common sense. I hadn’t heard of Ramola D before. How many bizarre channels are there on YouTube now?


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